Top 10 Reasons People Think Americans are Stupid

There are a great many wonderful inventions coming from the United States and many, many brilliant people behind them. Odds are, you found this site after performing a search on an American search engine, powered by American servers, created by students who attended an American University. You're also likely viewing the site using a web browser created by Americans running on an operating system produced by an American company. Even this site is hosted using a US created server operating system in a server room offered by an American company.

But all of that seems inconsequential compared to the growing sentiment around the world that all American are idiots. Just watch a single episode of Top Gear and you're bound to find at least one example of the hosts going out of their way to insult American intelligence.

In all fairness, sentiments like this rarely appear out of nowhere. There are definitely characteristics of the United States that paint Americans in a bad light that are listed below. But before you start spouting off about how "all Americans" are this or do that, bear in mind that the United States is a country of over 300 million people stretching across 6 time zones. For every racist, inbred, obese, Bible-thumpin' nitwit, there is and educated, rational, enlightened, well-meaning citizen to balance them out. Now if we could just get Americans to stop voting the former into office.
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1 A clown like Donald Trump is in the race for president

I am dumbfounded by how well Donald Trump is doing in the polls. I have only met a couple of people who actually want Trump for president, yet he is still the front-runner on the Republican side. There is no way he believes half of the things he says, but he is acting like an idiot for the attention and ego boost. Many Americans are eating up that garbage like candy. This is what leads me to believe that many of my fellow Americans are stupid. The government is not a business, and most entrepreneurs only look out for themselves rather than the greater good. Trump has no experience with what it takes to run a country and makes us look like bigoted, self-absorbed, arrogant fools without compassion for suffering refugees.

Perhaps Americans are smarter than we look, though. People could be propping him up because we want a crazy fool running against who we really want to elect (while also highlighting what is wrong with the Tea Party Republicans we did elect), but then I can't explain George W. Bush.

2 American arrogance

The world hates hearing from Americans how great America is. Many Americans tout the United States as the greatest country on Earth and expect everyone else to agree, but everyone else is asking themselves, "Best at what?" Sure, there are still areas where the United States is a world leader, such as in military strength, but are those really enough to make the claim of greatest country? Especially when the US is lagging behind in life expectancy, infant mortality, education, and overall happiness.

You could argue that it is this arrogance that engenders the most hate around the world, but it is also the thing that is holding the United States back. Many Americans are so thoroughly convinced the American way is the best way that they refuse to look at the world around them. It takes true arrogance and stupidity to see someone else get better results than you are getting but refuse to try to adopt their methods.

3 The United States is the only first world nation without universal health care

The biggest monopolies in this country are the corporations, and they are conspiring with the government for power and money. That's why the middle class has melted down in this country, and many people are suffering from the inhumanity of the wealthy's rules.

America's corporate media and the right wing are only barking that Bernie is a horrible socialist, and it is laughable in other developed countries. Other developed (NOT COMMUNIST) countries provide universal health care for all their citizens and people living in their countries legally. Even undeveloped countries are trying to adopt this system.

So, why not? Many American billionaires do not show their true income and are hiding their income in tax havens in the Caribbean or other countries. Also, their tax rates are very low. Why shouldn't the wealthy pay fair taxes to fund universal health care in America?

Additionally, politicians can address other wasteful spending in the budget to make room for universal health care if they want to, and it is their job. Health insurance companies, pharmaceutical companies, and most of all, American hospitals are extremely overcharging patients. Politicians in this country are receiving money from these industries, and the "cartel" is working for them. The U.S. government can rectify their inhumanity by implementing universal health care like other countries. That is, if the U.S. government is not a jerk.

America can also increase the number of qualified doctors, which will create a virtuous cycle for running efficient, busy hospitals under universal health care.

4 A higher percentage of Americans do not believe in evolution than almost all other first world nations

Evolution is not the same as Pokémon. It's not turning into another thing. (That's more like reincarnation.) Why is God an invisible man? Why doesn't he come to Earth? No, Jesus cannot be God when he doesn't know when the rapture is. Another thing: the Rapture, extreme bad weather, war - it's been happening before you were born. Why would Jesus and the Devil come to Earth and destroy it? Then, all the Christians that believe go to Heaven while everyone else is tortured forever.

I believe in evolution, and I even have two books on it in my room! The people who think evolution is not real are conservative religious people who believe in God to a very different level than the average person. Like my great grandparents on my father's side would only read the Bible to him, his sister, and to themselves! They definitely did not believe in evolution!

5 Americans elected George W. Bush, TWICE!

Finally! A political list that I can agree with (one that is not biased)! After all, the 2003 invasion of Iraq that George W. Bush commanded only served to lead to ethnic conflict in the Middle East and the rise of ISIS. Not to mention, he caused an economic recession. And he left this whole mess for Barack Obama to clean up, with him acting as the scapegoat for America's current problems. If George W. Bush can't be number 1 on the Top 10 Worst United States Presidents, then he can be number 1 on this list. Congratulations, George W. Bush. Let's hope the next president we elect will continue from where Barack Obama left off with the choices he made to fix the problems George W. Bush caused. P.S. George W. Bush ruined this country FIRST, not Barack Obama. This is me exercising my right to freedom of speech.

6 Americans don't know much about countries outside of America

I'm African, and I've been asked by Americans if I spoke African. They did not realize that Africa is a continent where about 2000 different languages are spoken.
They think that in Africa, we keep tigers and monkeys as pets. They also asked me if we had cars in Africa.
They also think that the Middle East is a complete war zone, even though only three of the countries are.
This guy even tried to claim that America invented the first bomb, forgetting that the Chinese invented the first bomb and gun with black powder.

Americans are so full of themselves that it makes them the most ignorant people on the planet. Their stupidity is absolutely overwhelming.

7 Americans shoot each other at an alarming rate

I got myself a gun when I was fourteen, but I don't think that was a good idea. As much as I really love it, I don't want gun ownership rights to be abused by people. I wish gun ownership was only for professional purposes, not for random civilians who just want to look cool.

Look what happened. A few years ago, about 20 kids in our school got shot. Everyone used to tease me and this one kid at school because everyone else had their own gun. Even if my finger lands on the trigger for the first time, I still think gun ownership isn't really necessary.

8 America thinks they have the right to solve the world's problems, all while they can't even solve their own.

I don't think Americans even know how much their country is messing with everyone else's business. And this is coming from Serbia, so I guess you might be able to tell why I have such an opinion. Unless you are from America.

So true. We stick our nose into every country's business, yet our country is a joke. Our government fails badly at everything it tries except starting wars.

Very true, and I wish they'd stop getting involved in the world's problems. Keep the stupidity over in the U.S.. We don't want to catch it here.

9 Americans don't understand what Socialism means

Socialism doesn't mean government involvement. Socialism is a political movement that strives for equality in social issues or problems. For instance, consider social healthcare as opposed to the unfair "Healthcare Insurance". This means that everybody should pay an equal contribution (every month or every three months, depending) and the contributions will go to a social fund afterwards. Whoever is sick, goes to a doctor, needs an operation or medications, it's the fund that will take charge of the bill without affecting your contribution that you have to pay anyway. Because of the equality of the system, the contribution is the same for everybody (poor people can afford to pay it). Most Americans think that socialism is related to communism. It was related for a moment (in the past) until they separated from communism due to political disagreement, and thus socialism became democratic socialism.

10 Haven't switched to the metric system

When the metric system was introduced in France during the French Revolution, the mathematician Condorcet said, "It's for all people for all time." Many countries followed at the end of the 19th century and beginning of the 20th century (Holland, Germany, Italy, Portugal, Spain...). Even Latin America adopted the metric system! The United States did not follow, based on the following grounds: the cost (typical American) and the inconvenience of the changeover. But American science had to adapt since important scientific discoveries were made. One of them is the atomic weight based on the metric system (the mole). So, in this era of modern science, it's almost becoming retarded to stick and to still learn the imperial system at schools. Every country had followed at the time, but because of their "money and time" issue, the United States is still using the old (and now almost obsolete) system.

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11 Americans brag a lot about their country

We brag so much about how great our own country is, we don't even look at other countries. For instance, Japan is experiencing, and has been experiencing, very little inflation and corruption. Meanwhile, in America... I think everyone and their mother knows what's going on.

As tourists, Americans are seen in other countries as visiting brats, expecting to be treated as royalty because they are spending money while putting down the customs and traditions of the countries they visit.

They brag because they're so unaware that there are other countries on Earth. What do they even brag about anyway? Having the largest military in the world? That's all they basically have. Seriously, America needs to wake up.

12 Americans are obsessed with social media

This here is the most underrated choice, and the reason why the first option is voted. Why is Trump an "idiot?" Because Americans are ignorant people who do nothing but look at social media when you would have a much better time understanding by actually paying attention to all the speeches. The average American shouldn't be trusted with politics if we keep going down this path.

You mean brainwashed by and with social media. The powerful of the world couldn't ask for a better way to control each and every one of us.

13 50% of the population thinks the earth is 6,000 years old

It's funny but sad because it's true. That's because we ignore facts that go against what we believe or were told as kids. For instance, most of us will say Christopher Columbus "discovered" America even though he never stepped foot on North American soil and, if he did, there were millions of people living there at the time anyway. We are told many ridiculous lies as kids and in school and never apply any thought to whether they make even basic sense.

In spite of objective facts and reality, there are many Americans that honestly believe that the Earth is 6,000 years old. This is astounding given that we have the evidence right in front of us, and they still deny it!

14 Americans elected Barack Obama, TWICE!

I admire Obama because of his stance on gun control, even though it has had little result. John Howard took a tough stance in the 1990s in Australia, and the result is that no mass shooting has occurred since. Why would people be opposed to that? Whilst Howard did many questionable things during his prime ministership, the legacy left by his stance on gun control will be a long-lasting and positive one, and bloody Americans should take note. Crush your guns in a compactor, and the stress will disappear.

15 American’s scores on standardized tests are falling when compared to the rest of the world

This isn't because Americans are stupid. It's due to the lack of funding for public schools, nationwide. Technically, this goes back to the government. Instead of screaming at kids and calling them stupid, elect someone who will actually give more funding to public schools. Next, nobody is stupid. Just because a child gets a C, D, or F on a test doesn't mean they can't succeed in life. The people who succeed in life are those who are smart in their own way. I very much doubt that Ludwig van Beethoven got all A's. But does that mean he was homeless all his adult life? Well, you know the answer to that. He was smart in music.

Another thing to point out is that children with F's in classes are often the same kids who have bad lives at home, lazy teachers, and bad schools. Should children be shamed for something out of their control? Of course not. Maybe, instead of poking fun at them for that one F they got, we should help enrich the children so they can help save the world tomorrow.

16 Americans are greedy towards petroleum products

Americans are the ones who don't want to invest in hybrid or electric cars and vehicles for the future. They are the ones who don't want to do anything about global warming and who want to continue polluting the planet. So, yes, they are greedy because progressive ideas or plans about new energy economics don't interest them.

Oh, and then there is Donald Trump, who came up with the idea to build a wall on the Mexican border (only if the Mexicans are paying for it) with solar panels (but only for the benefit of Americans), so that they can show the world that they care about alternative energies. Talking about a stupid American "progressive," arrogant, and racist idea. It's all about the mighty dollar for greedy billionaires who want more "here and now in MY lifetime" dollars.

Greedy billionaires and rulers don't care about long-term actions and are trying to convince the less fortunate Americans that their plans are the best for the economy and the future. And most Americans believe their lies. The future of America? If they want to run the country like they run their greedy businesses, it won't be long before America will be declared bankrupt. The state of Illinois is already bankrupt.

It would be better to spend American money to save American states first from social decline instead of spending American money on already high military spendings. North Korea, dangerous? Don't make me laugh. If you leave them alone, a little country like that will leave the rest of the world alone. America would be better off focusing on their internal problems than on the problems that surround them and changing their greedy lifestyles to make the planet a better place. It's not always the other one's fault!

17 A higher percentage of American population is incarcerated than in any other first world nation

True. And our war on drugs has made it exponentially worse, too. Nonviolent people who commit no crimes other than doing what some say is bad get their lives ruined. Half our presidents have had substance abuse issues, yet we toss our otherwise harmless folks in prison for it. If only harming oneself, I don't care if you smoke, inject, or snort. Rapists and murderers commonly do less jail time than many nonviolent people.

It's a staggering problem and even though no one really knows how to fix it, the fact that it got so out of hand in the first place must be indicative of some level of incompetence.

18 Poor and middle class families vote for Republicans

That's because Republicans are pro-gun, pro-war, anti-Muslims, anti-abortion, anti-children, so what if they cater to wealth, think poverty is a choice and have no problem destroying this country for the "root of all evil," and then call themselves Christians. I have yet to find one Republican who can come up with a logical reason on why they vote and support the Republicans. The only answers they can come up with are trash talk, name-calling, blame gaming, hate stating, and lies that don't make any sense about the Democrats, Obama, and now Hillary Clinton. Republicans would vote themselves into cardboard boxes to protect their take from the poor, give to the rich political party. It is the strangest thing I have ever seen.

19 Americans discriminate against immigrants applying for jobs

Okay, for those who do not discriminate, can you please give me a chance? I have corporate management experience from Europe. I was a Sales District Manager, Business Development Manager, and I did wholesale financing. I worked my way up. I was trained by an American corporation in Europe in several countries. I have a business degree from Europe (Masters in Business, International Business) and started to work on a PhD in Management before I came here.

I am fluent in English. I sent hundreds of resumes and, after 16 years here, nobody was interested in hiring me except for low-paid administrative jobs offered to me. I live in Palm Beach County, Florida. I learn quickly, and I have no problem switching to other areas of expertise. Since I came to this country, I have been working two jobs, got my Broker's real estate license (studying here is extremely easy for me), and I have no problems with math or anything else people struggle with.

But so far, even when I mentioned that I would export cars (in the days when the dollar was low), my American friends looked at me with comments that I could not be serious. I actually exported cars then, in spite of them looking down at me, on my own, without their help, thanks to the Small Business Administration center here and my experience with exporting from Europe.

It is very hard to start over here. Even relatives of my American husband look down at me, not considering my education "equal", despite the fact that my education is the highest in their family. And I forgot to mention that I am a woman, if that makes it more challenging for anyone. Maybe I should have changed my name like generations before me...

20 Americans take drugs

The problem with this is that we have access to almost anything we want. This would be better if our correctional facilities were more effective. There was a study done on rats that determined one of the best ways not to become addicted to something is to have more human interaction. Humans want to be attached to something, whether it be people... or drugs. When the study was done the first time, the scientist put the rats in solitary cages with water laced with cocaine and some plain water. The rats soon became addicted to the laced water and eventually overdosed. When another scientist repeated the experiment, he placed the rats in a cage with other rats, slides, food, and allowed the rats to mate as much as they wanted. Essentially, a rat resort. He introduced the two types of water into this environment, and almost all of the rats never became addicted, and a very small percentage ever overdosed. Our correctional facilities are like the solitary cages, so we need to create a correction system that is more like the rat resort and less like the solitary cages.

21 Americans don't know about their own country

You think current events are all that matters, and everything else is meaningless? How can you understand current events if you don't know anything about the social events of the past, popular knowledge of culture that changed the country on a social scale (music, art, literature...)? Knowing about your own country is not only about knowing what is happening now. I agree with the first comment: when a music group (even if you don't care about the group) says that, oddly enough, Europeans know more about America than Americans do. They mean (I saw the interview on YouTube) that Europeans understand the background of what they are doing now. In other words, they understand current events because they know the history behind them.

22 Americans elected Donald Trump as president

Donald Trump displayed all the skills and talents of a brilliant con man during the primaries and campaign. Anyone ever exposed to one, or who just saw one in the movies, could spot that a mile away. He also displayed clear signs of a serious personality disorder, believed by many medical professionals to be narcissistic personality disorder. As such, he is clearly a fraud and a fake, a professed racist and misogynist, a bully and a braggart. He has a clear resemblance to the personality of Mussolini, with strong authoritarian and fascist tendencies. He has a filthy mouth and displays disgusting, insulting behavior time and again. Most American parents agree they don't want their children to hear him or to emulate him. He has zero knowledge of anything related to government, foreign affairs, science, history...just about anything (he does not read books). He has displayed no empathy for others, yet holds the fate of all 7 billion humans on earth in his sick, greedy little hands.

And we elected him anyway. That's why Americans are stupid. This is not the only reason, but it might be the biggest and the last...

23 Americans are falling more and more away from God

Americans want to say there's no God, but if they'd read the Bible, they'd realize how great of a lifestyle it expresses to be. There is a God, Jesus Christ! Whether you believe or not, it's the truth. God doesn't bless a country out of nowhere. People pray for it! America was founded upon Christianity. Since Americans have freedom of religion, some were brainwashed, with all due respect, with other religions. The Devil created religion. You can judge my opinion all you want, but it's the truth. People believe all they hear nowadays. Too easily confused and manipulated. Read the Holy Bible, and you'll realize a lot. Read it spiritually, not in the flesh. Pray and wait for something to happen. We aren't God's children by nature. He chooses us to be by our actions. Hence the free will.

24 Americans cannot see difference in cultural or religious groups

Americans think that all cultures in an area are the same, such as thinking that all of Europe has one culture, the same with Asia. They also cannot see that Christianity is divided into multiple branches such as Protestantism, Catholicism, Orthodoxy, and Reformed, the same with other beliefs. This shows their ignorance and stupidity in cultural affairs.

Not even people in the same areas are the same. Everyone has different ways of thinking.

A guy in my school asked if I speak Asian, and I was puzzled at first, then he said that all Asians speak the same language called "Asian". Jeez, can't you see the difference between different Asian countries?

25 Americans believe a corporately controlled federal government doesn't hurt them

The lobbyists' influence on Washington is insane. The amount of unchecked money that pours into super PACs undermines, to an extent, some of the founding principles of the US. It gives more power to the elite, not to the people, and in the case of people such as the Koch brothers, it promotes their interests and manipulates the public into buying into these irrational ideas. With rulings like corporations are people and super PACs, the amount of influence that large corporations have on the US will only increase, and then the real people's influence will decrease. It's a shame.

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