Top Ten Ways for the English to Annoy the Welsh

I hold nothing against our loopy neighbours. I'm part Welsh myself, and proud. But we love to make jokes about each other. Observe.
The Top Ten
1 Walk Down the Streets of Wales In a Chinese Dragon Suit

If you feel that you have to, go ahead. But you have been warned.

2 Constantly Refer to Them As "Boyo"

I love the Welsh! But they seem to lose their sense of humour whenever people say this to them. Can't think why...

One time, my family stayed at a hotel in St. David's, and as we left, my brother casually said, "thank you, boyo", as we left. We then had to run.

3 Give Them a Sheep As a Present
4 Ask Them "T'a Way T'a Carriff"
5 Write Them a Letter In English With the Individual Letters Printed Backwards

An Englishman would do this with the pleasure of knowing that there is no compatible comeback.

6 Offer to Use Leeks As Currency
7 Refer to Them As Sheep-shaggers
8 Leave a Model 15th Century Castle On the Porch
9 Eat Nothing But Lamb Stew
10 Build a Town In Wales With a Really Long Name
The Contenders
11 Bring a Swedish Chef Puppet With You and Use It for Primary Conversation

On second thoughts, don't. Ever. Try. That.

12 Mock Their Language
13 Mock the Name of the Town Called Llanfairpwllgwyngyllgogerychwyrndrobwllllantysiliogogogoch
14 Insult Tom Jones
15 Insult Rob Brydon
16 Tell them that Wales is smaller than England
17 Make Jokes About Rain in the North
18 Put Another Letter Like "I" "E" or "A" in One of the Welsh Words
19 Sing Baa Baa Black Sheep
20 Say that cats invented their language.
21 Call Welsh gibberish
22 Make fun of every place without an "I" "E" or "A"
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