Top Ten Best Pieces of Art Held by Paris' Musée Du Louvre

The Louvre started as a place to save what Napoleon stole to other countries, and now it has become the first center of global occidental culture. And its quality is such a bliss beyond words.

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1 Madamme Vigée Le Brun et Sa File - Élizabeth Vigée Le Brun

My personal Favourite. This painting has something that melts my heart each time I see it. - keyson

2 La Libertée En Guidant Le Peuple - Eugène Delacroix

Coldplay's Viva La Vida cover, this painting has so many secrets, and it is imponent to the sight. A simbol to France. - keyson

3 La Joconde - Leonardo Da Vinci

Mona Lisa, the most famour painting of the world, yet comes in a humble real size. - keyson

4 The Wedding At Cana - Paolo Veronese

Placed opposite to Mona Lisa, it is really huge and amazing painting. I could see it for hours without being tired, but the Louvre is SO HUGE, it wouls take years to get tired of it! - keyson

5 Aphrodite (Venus de Milo) - Unknown

One of the most famous sculptures in history. - keyson

6 Hammurabi's Code - Hammurabi

The importance of this document is that it is the first written law we carry nowadays. - keyson

7 The Young Martyr - Delaroche

Beautiful painting which impacts in many ways. - keyson

8 The Coronation Of Napoleon - Jacques-Louis David

Huge painting, Napoleon crowned himself because he considered that no one was above him - keyson

9 Le Radeau De La Méduse - Théodore Géricault
10 La Nuit; Un Port De Mer Au Clair De Lune - Claude Joseph Vernet
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1. Madamme Vigée Le Brun et Sa File - Élizabeth Vigée Le Brun
2. La Libertée En Guidant Le Peuple - Eugène Delacroix
3. La Joconde - Leonardo Da Vinci



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