Top Ten Best Pitch Perfect 2 Characters

The Top Ten

1 Fat Amy Fat Amy

Funny 10
Singing 10

20/20 A+

2 Beca

Super funny but not enthusiastic 7.7/10

Definitely my favorite character. She's a perfect buffer for the other, more immature Bella's (like Chloe and Amy). She's very funny and I'm so glad that she's in the movie. She should be #1. 9.8/10 - Leotroy

3 Flo

Chloe: What are we gonna do?
Flo: We can fake our deaths and flee the country. Lol

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4 Bumper

He is so funny when he asks Fat Amy out on a date

5 Emily
6 Jesse
7 Jon Higgins
8 Gail
9 Commissar

Definitely my favorite. She was so cool! I loved the German characters in this movie. They kicked ass! - MontyPython

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10 Stacy

She is still a great character but I still liked her better in the first one

The Contenders

11 Chloe

What why is Chloe here - pitch_perfect_lovers

12 Cynthia Rose
13 Snoop Dog
14 Lily
15 Benji
16 Aubrey
17 Jessica

I think she and Ashley are funny when Beca says she doesn't know which one of them is which. Then they both say I'M JESSICA!

18 Ashley
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