Top 10 Best Pixel Gun 3D Maps

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1 Mafia Mansion

Mafia Mansion is the best! I don't get why they removed it! It was my favorite map and I love the secret camera area. I hate RiliSoft

This AWESOME place I got massacre twice and a fury in here, love it.

Nice for katana killing... What? I got mad butcher 2 times..

A lot of people played family here for some reason

2 Sky Island

I come to this map most often now. It's not filled with a ton of ruby armoured people all the time. Arabian Dust used to be my absolute favorite map. It's not the best anymore.

It is a good map for people with good sniper guns

I hate the new version.
I used to have a sniper spot. Once I t was me against seven people.I one because of that spot.

3 Atlantis (Paid)

I love the environment!

4 Nuke Town

This is my favorite map in the world copyright from call of duty

East to see people

I'm a god 3 cat spammer on nuke town

how is this not at least 3rd best

I like the nuklear bom and music too

5 Block-Mart (New)

Good place to run and hide

6 Heaven's Garden

There are flowers and even clouds this is an awesome map I kill easily people here with my guns

This should be at top and mafia mansion? Oh please yeah right why is that at top its horrible

It should be at a higher place it's awesome and why is mafia mansion at the top it's lame

This is so popular, everyone goes here. In my game that's the only map, people play in

7 Sniper Forts

Awesome map for snipers but I do hope rilisoft makes another bigger sniper weapon only map though

I love it cause I've got the prototype up2

Its amazing! Go on it u can get lots of killz

Its great for me becuase I have a maxed anti-champion rifle, and it's a garantee one shot.

8 Pool Party

If u have Storm Hammer or fire orb UP2, go here or knife party

Easy for killing. I killed 25 people here

It is my favorite map. Y

Small and easy to kill.

9 Ant's Life

This is awesome! Its good to use sniper weapons with a scope. Tactical Bow is a Bow and Arrow and it has a scope (Cool! )

The map is cool, you are like an ant, the two sides make it fun.

I love this map so much! I love to play death matches there.

Best sniping map ever in pixel gun history

10 School

This is so popular when u watch pixel gun youtube especially Losgaming

The most scary map, feels like Silent Hill.

You will always see Losgaming here, if your advanced.

The Contenders
11 Paradise Beach

Air balloon is good for people firing from there they can fire at people on the ground but people from the ground can't fire at them.

This is popular in Deathmatch
And its called Paradise Resort

It should be at a higher place and mafia mansion should not be at top its sooo lam

I love the air balloon.

12 Space Station

I use to like using my Prototype UP1 here. But I figured I can't get anyone. So I decided to stick to ants life

The map is great and the less gravity makes it fun!

Should Be fun

This is my favorite map the jump height the movment and I once dropped 67 kills I was rly happy

This is good for double jump and gravity

13 Parkour City

It's awesome for point capture, use double jumping boots (berserk boots, ninja tabi)

The best map on Pixel Gun for Flag Capture! Try it out!

One of pixel guns greatest maps ever

Best map.It should be better than mafia mansion but I respect everyone's decision.I'm a God of sniping here.Best map ever if they remove this I'm gonna take over rillisoft

14 Walking Fortresses

I always play on it with team match. I can play with walking forteresses all day and I like the cool Star Wars theme I usually use melle

Best map ever

15 Village
16 Infested Prison
17 Dab
18 Cargo Ship

They never should have gotten rid of this map.

19 Deadly Bride

Great for coop survival

20 Arabian Dust
21 Inside the Code

Great map as you bounce up when you fall, and dodging shots is easy.

I cannon shoot people while I'm bouncing
I hate this. but I won here against 2 opponents who is higher level than me

22 Train Depot

This sucks. So small

23 Two Castles

Awesome Place for capturing flags.
There are at least 2 hidden ways and 1 way you'll get caught by the opponents

I love the hidden path

24 D Day

You can easily snip people who are trying to snip u!

My favorite map

25 Mining Camp

This is a great map for Point Capture. Good for special weapons.

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