Best Plants vs Zombies Garden Warfare Characters

Choose any plant/zombie that you think is the best. Remember to add supportive comments! Please remember to add the type of plant/zombie category he's in.
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Plasma Pea (Peashooter)

This plant is stupidly overpowered and does NOT deserve first place.

Firerate isn't that good but a charged-up pea from this plant and it will deal a lott of damage

I'm number 1 on this list? Golly!

It's very powerful and cool

Painter (Engineer)

can do 45 damage for a direct hit and you upgrade the damage he's strong and overpowered with the sonic grenade how come it says he has a paint CROSSBOW when it says he is good for just short range aren't crossbows for mid/long range?

It's very powerful at Long range like the cactus. It does up to 40 damage in a direct hit.

Very good damage and range but at the cost of an reduced rate of fire

Toxic Pea (Peashooter)

It's great for medium distances,it's very to defend gardens(in suburbination and gardens and graveyards)since he does damage if a zombie approaches him.

So good love the peas

Very strong and fast

My favorite one!

Count Chompula (Chomper)

Amazing chomper looks amazing it is powerful

he gets health when he swallows enemys

Gladiator (Foot Soldier)

A flaming, fast-firing gladiator crossbow makes this variant relentless at any distance.

isn't it the centurion when you said the gladiator I thought that's what the fire foot soldier was called XD

Wrestling Star (All Star)
Agent Pea (Peashooter)

Best dps in the game but you loose 25 health

It is very rapid and does good damage

I feel it should be high because of the fact that his shots can be so much more accurate and prestige great use for long and short ranged combat I LOVE HIM

I hate him.

Jade Cactus (Cactus)

Most health but speed does not matter

Marine Biologist (Scientist)

With his upgrades he can wipe out anything, even a torchwood!

Dropping quad kills all the time with this guy

very strong and powerful at close range , does 22 damage at mid range, and 11 damage at long range :[ HOW COME IT SAYS IT HAS FAST RELOAD EVEN WITH THE UPGRADE IT SEEMS SO SLOW

TROLLER. Gets insane streaks!

Electrician (Engineer)
The Contenders
Fire Chomper (Chomper)

They can't see when I destroy them all fire characters are good in my opinion

His fire deals lots of damage and can blur the enemies vision!

Archeologist (Scientist)
Commando Pea (Peashooter)

Even though his bullets are weak, he's fast, effective, and awesome!

Citrus Cactus (Cactus)
Berry Shooter (Peashooter)
Dr. Toxic (Scientist)

The poison effect is a good idea. It can kill chomps easily and gas a good range

He's so awesome! He shoots toxic like the toxic pea!

Astronaut (Scientist)

Good damage and shooting speed.
Definitely 1 of the best scientists.

The arstronaut can shoot very fast and does 30 damage for close range and far range and it’s rapid fire and doesn’t take long to reload and can get so many kills with

Fire Flower (Sunflower)

This is the flower I was playing non-stop and I won most of the games.

Continuous damage and healing abilities. Amazing!

Vampire Flower

Can steel life from zombies and stays alive a long time
It is insane
Best ever

The flower is a vampire!

Wow a sunflower that won’t instantly die!

It cool dude

Mystic Flower (Sunflower)

I like her. she does good damage


He is disgusting up close

Best character up close

Strong in pvz garden warfare 1.good for close range like shotgun.

Regular Pea Shooter

Defaults are cool and all but what about the other players?

He's just beast

Super Commando

Good at all ranges and reloads right after you shoot, but has a three round burst.

You can deal so much damage with just one shot and get probably over 40 vanquishes

it's the best it can do like 88 dps

Ice Pea (Peashooter)

Literally counters any character even the plants (team swap glitch)

Lots of health
Op leaf shield
Z mech of the plants

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