Things that Would Improve Storyfire

For those that don’t know, StoryFire is an app where you can read and write stories. I think it’s great for the most part. However, there’s definitely room for improvement so I’m gonna go over things that would make the next update awesome.
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1 If you could pick the characters’ colours
2 If you could put audio in your stories

Being able to listen to the story be read or even just having music or sound effects play on certain parts could make the reader more engaged to the story.

3 If you could rename your characters instead of having to delete and rename them
4 If you could put as many characters as you want in a forum post or a comment

Especially since mine sometimes tend to be kind of long if I’m explaining something, so it would definitely make the app better if they at least increased the limit of characters on a forum post or a comment.

5 If you could write stories offline

This app is a great way to pass time, so it would be nice if you could use some features of the app offline like writing stories in case your internet goes out or something.

6 If you could put pictures in a story

This would be a pretty good way to get the reader more informed on things that are going on in the story as they can picture the situation better.

7 If you could direct message
8 If you could put a quiz at the end of your story

They should make it so that after you’re done reading a story, you get the choice if you want to be quizzed on it.

9 If you could do polls

It would be cool to have a poll system where you could give your followers about a week to vote on what kind of stories they’d want to see or something.

10 If you could sort your stories into playlists

If you make a series, it would be easier for the reader to find them and read them all in order.

UPDATE: You can now put your stories into series using the web version.

UPDATE #2: You can now do it with the app as well.

The Contenders
11 If you could post videos
12 Banning the porn bots
13 If you could have more than 16 characters
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