Best Pokemon Generations

Pokemon is a legendary Nintendo gaming franchise. There are 8 Pokemon generations. Some are better than others. We want your opinion on which one's the best.
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1 Generation IV (Sinnoh)

Generation IV brought us so many differences that it was ridiculous. We got the Physical/Special split, which made so many useless Pokemon usable (except Flareon, who still didn't get Flare Blitz until X and Y). We got wi-fi, which is enough said right there. Cynthia is still regarded as the greatest champion in all of Pokemon. Cyrus is an amazing evil team leader, and more than makes up for the goofiness of his grunts. Generation IV saw the return of the Day/Night feature, which was oddly cut from Generation III. And there is even more on top of that, and Diamond and Pearl are considered the weakest games of Generation IV! Heart Gold and Soul Silver are AMAZING remakes of Gold and Silver. It adds many things and even lets you have your favorite Pokemon follow you around in the overworld. Pokemon Platinum is by far the best Pokemon game, fixing most of the things wrong with Diamond and Pearl.

2 Generation III (Hoenn)

I am 20 years old. I still remember the moment my parents just took me to the store out of the blue and got me a gameboy and Pokemon Saphire, after I kept complaining that my friends wouldn't let me play. My mom chose Treecko for me cause it looked more aggressive than the other cute ones :) Haha, she wouldn' believe me when I said that they evolve :D. Anyway, it was one of the happiest moments of my life.
Best game of all time for me. The graphics, the music, the story, the pokemon, the characters...
So many secrets like chasing latias, catching the regis, rayquaza...or pokemon like Bagon.

3 Generation II (Johto)

After this, it all became a rerun, a complete returning set of gags and I had to buy a GBA, while I just bought a GBC the year before. This was the best gen!

Took everything wrong with Gen 1, and improved it. More balanced, more variety, 2 regions to explore. Honestly, this Gen was the true foundation of what a Pokémon game should be. I don't care what any Gen 4 or 5 person says, you can't deny this really made the franchise grow. Honestly those who call this game bad have probably never played it. Just play the remake if you want a more updated version.

4 Generation V (Unova)

I don't know why, but many people underrate this generation so much nowadays that this generation became overrated because of hardcore Pokemon fans. I, however, adore Gen 5 because of what it is and not because of what the fans say. The Unova region itself is based off of the United States, primarily the New York-New Jersey-Pennsylvania area of the country. That's kind of surprising, considering that I come from that area of the US. It really captures the spirit of American culture, as well. And I also enjoy the story-heavy plot and challenging battles, with my favorite Gym Leaders being (obviously), Elesa and Clay. And I love the towns in this gen, as they can range from quiet rural towns to the big city, kind of like travelling through the state of New York. This gen is easily in my top 5, and it's a shame because it's talked about way too much.

5 Generation I (Kanto)

I, by no means, am a genwunner. I do appreciate other generations and I love them (except you, gen 5), but Generation 1 is by far my favourite.

It was glitchy? NOPE. I never encountered a single glitch unless I had intended to do it. And whilst there are a lot of glitches, I think that they play such a small part in this great generation.

It had a fantastic story. Listen here,I love all the other evil teams, but there was always something special about Team Rocket. I don't know if it was their design, their name or anything, I've just always liked them. The gym leaders were pretty weird at times, but they were easy to get to unlike what it is in generation 6. I love how you have to get to Celadon City before you can get to Saffron City so you can get water. There are lots of secret areas and the legendaries are great. I love how that at times, it can be so difficult because Snorlax is in the road but then you realise you've got to go to Lavender Tower to get the PokeFlute. The Elite Four were pretty sweet when you think about it. And then, when you think you've done it, Lance tells you there is one more. Your rival. That was such a tough and rewarding battle for me. I had worked so hard for months when finally, his Venusaur's health was 0. I had defeated him, and boy did it feel good. When Oak came in and put me in the Hall of Fame I was really proud of all my hard work.

The music was legendary. The battle music was great, the gym leader music was amazing, but your final rival battle music was incredible. The route 4 music was amazing and I love how every city, town, or village had a different theme. The title theme on Yellow version is great and that opening battle between Gengar and Nidorino is so iconic. The music for that's great as well.

And finally, the rival. Blue. He was the bane of your existence for the whole game. He was constantly putting you down, trying to stop you. He was his biggest fan, and you were his slave. A battle... more

6 Generation VI (Kalos)

Gen 6 should at least beat out Gen I. Lets look at what Gen 6 did. It brought us the first main-series Pokemon games on the 3DS, and the LARGEST upgrade in visuals in any of the games yet. It brought us Mega Evolutions, which made irrelevant or competitively useless Pokemon suddenly worthy of Uber tier (Looking at you Kangaskhan and Mawile). And that isn't even it. We next got the Gen III (*cough*number1onthislist*cough*), which are arguably some of the best games (story-wise) so far.

Far superior to gen 2 and 3, alola too. I just adore the design and the mechanics of this region's pokemon. The only flaw this generation had was the fact that it needed to be longer.

7 Generation VII (Alola)

Why is this so underrated? Probably the best generation in my opinion. It had some weird Pokemon, yes, but mostly great Pokemon. The music I can listen for days, and the story line is full of twists and gags. Also, these games have some powerful Pokemon for competitive battling, like Mimikyu, Tapu Koko, and Tapu Lele. That is why I got this gam eon day one.

Best Pokemon game in a LONG time, and has the best story out of any. Certainly gets my vote.

Alola as a whole is extremely underrated.

8 Generation VIII (Galar)

While I do know that Sword and Shield have a ton of flaws, this generation is alright, in my opinion. You wanted a UK-based Pokemon region? You got one. I just like how many of the Pokemon represent British culture in a great way, such as Scorbunny being based on football players, Yamper being based on Welsh corgis, the two main legendaries being based on the legends of King Arthur, and Nickit... he/she basically screams "Stand and deliver, your money or your life!" It's my least favorite generation as a whole, but at least it is a massive celebration of British culture.

9 Generation IX (Paldea)

Hopefully, this will be better than Gen VIII, because if I'm being honest, LGPE, SwSh, and BDSP were all disappointing, and the only game from Gen 8 that shows any hope for the franchise is Legends Arceus, but even that game looks average to say the least. If Scarlet and Violet get just a few more fixes, then I might just consider them as being decent games.

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