Hardest Super Training Regimens in Pokemon XY

Every Super Training Regimen in Pokémon X & Y that I think are tough. The list goes from Hardest Balloon Bots to Easiest Balloon Bots
The Top Ten
1 Drag Down Hydreigon! Drag Down Hydreigon!

If you get hit by the Deino, Zweillous and Hydreigon Balloon Bots' soccer balls in this regimen, your score will instantly be set to 0

2 An Opening of Lightning-Quick Attacks!

Avoiding the Roserade Balloon Bot's homing soccer balls can be a little bit tricky

3 Shake Off that Uncanny Magnezone!

The hardest Normal Super Training Regimen. Experts in Super Training like AbdallahSmash026 can beat it though. That Magnezone Balloon Bot will defeat you

4 Watch Out! That's One Tricky Second Half!

You can imagine the Aegislash Balloon Bot wrecking you after all that hard work you done to beat it

5 The Battle for the Best!

I don't think it can be possible if you are a newbie to Secret Super Training to beat this regimen but if you try hard enough to beat the Mega Tyranitar/Aggron Balloon Bot part, you might beat the final regimen

6 Kick Out! Get the Dragalage Corps!

You can get destroyed by the Draglage Balloon Bot easily but it isn't hard compared to Drag Down Hydreigon! and Watch Out! That's One Tricky Second Half! because of the Aegislash Balloon Bot going faster and stronger each time you gain more points and the Deino, Zweillous and Hydreigon Balloon Bots' soccer balls setting your score to 0 when you get hit but you can get the hang of the Dragalage Balloon Bot in no time

7 Those Long Shots are No Long Shot!
8 Hammer Aerodactyl with High-Speed Shots!

Some people say that Aerodactyl is faster than Noivern but not much like Sonic the Hedgehog. I was looking at a GameFAQ's question and he asked Why is Noivern stage 3 super training while Aerodactyl is stage 2? And he says that Aerodactyl is faster than Noivern. But they both have the same base speed (130)

Why is this Number 9?! I thought it was Number 21!

9 Follow Those Fleeing Goals

Announcer:Welcome to another round of Large Soccer Balls! Our 43rd contestant is a Stunfisk Balloon Bot! What is your special other than firing Large Soccer Balls Stunfisk Balloon Bot?
Stunfisk Balloon Bot:My goals can get away very fast!

10 Scatterbug Lugs Back!

The Scatterbug and Spewpa Balloon Bots' revenge! They have gotten the hang of you and made a partner! That is a Vivillon Balloon Bot, Yes! It will pay you for what you did to it's friends!

The Contenders
11 The Troubles Keep on Coming?!
12 Break It! Golem's Defensive Line!
13 A Barrage of Bitbots!

Announcer:Welcome to the Guinness Book Of World Records Probopass Balloon Bot! Your world record is for having the most points in any Super Training Regimen (7200)!
Probopass Balloon Bot:I also made the challengers very hard for me to be beaten since I put up defensive balloons!

14 Shoot Back! Get the Giant Wailord!
15 The Water Stone Cup Begins!
16 The Fire Stone Cup Begins!
17 The Leaf Stone Cup Begins!
18 Catch 'em! Haxorus's Furious Attacks!
19 Catch It! Noivern's Wild Wind!
20 Home in on Magneton!
21 Watch Out for Tentacruel's Bitbots!

Defensive balloons. Oh what sweet victory for Tentacruel Balloon Bot

22 Hit Relicanth's Weak Points!

The Relicanth Balloon Bot's got 2500 points like Magnezone, Haxorus and Golem. Magnezone is the hardest out of the three of them.

23 Break Down Graveler's Barrier!

The Graveler Balloon Bot is the first to use a barrier in any Super Training Regimen

24 Let Loose to Get Fraxure!

And all that glitters is gold! Only the Axew Evolution Balloon Bots, Break The Mold!

25 Hone Sp. Attack with Magnemite!

Easier than the Magneton and Magnezone one. The Magnemite Balloon Bot can be a little bit hard

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