Top 10 Reasons Ash Should End with Misty Instead of Serena

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1 She and Ash Have Better Chemistry

I think their relation is really great and more real.
- Ok, sometimes she is not cool with ash, but : she's ten, Ash was really dumb at this time, sometimes she wanted Ash attention too. PLUS he wasn't really gentle with her every time...
- they like to tease each other
- If she had the same evolution as Ash had, she probably won't be so much like that.
- She was really really sweet and awesome lot of time too, and not only towards Ash.
- When Ash get trouble, she knew what to do and always protected him.
- She became jealous sometime
- When they battle together or one againt the other, it's always a good moment.
- She teached a lot of thing to Ash.
- They keep appreciate each other event if they sometimes they quarrel.

And the fact is that we can take every of these points, and say that Ash felt/made the same towards Misty.

I think being friends, lovers and rivals as the same time is the better chemistry that a couple could find. In my life, I ...more

I’m not a Pokemon fan at all but these are just different Pokemon series. You can’t compare female companions to others when it’s just a different series. I know a cartoon that has more than one series and has a different girlfriend for the protagonist in one of them.

They actually have the worst chemistry. I am no boreshipper, but realistically ash & Misty would never survive a romantic relationship with each other. They always needed someone else to break up their fights (Brock), never apologized to the mean things they did/said to each other, & rarely cared about each other’s feelings.

Well all the reasons here except for she is a gym leader. I mean, how does her being a gym leader like contribute to this?

2 She's Saved Ash Life

I kind of like movie! pokeshipping as Misty seems less temperamental in general & has a lot of cute moments in them. But yea Serena is so stupid & useless she put everyone in danger just to save her pretty face! Great job!

Misty saved Ash from almost drowing in Pokemon 2000, in the same situation Serena would be just as usless as Aquaman on land.

So? Ash saved many people too, should he end with them? Misty also saved rudy’s sister. Saving someone doesn't mean that person should be forced to be in a romantic relationship with their savior. This item is just like when boreshipper s say “ash loves Serena as he saved her from falling down a cliff! ”

Yeah, she saved ash too many time to count.

3 She Was Ash's Longest Female Companion

Misty stayed with Ash all the way from Kanto, The Orange Islands and Johto and returns several times she even shows up at Ash's house when he returned from Hoenn.

Ash love misty because misty is stronger than serena a stupid girl and other girls and she was first girl to travel with ash. she is cute

That is write Serena only like ash because he saved her life In childhood

Misty is Ash's true childhood friend, not crappy Serena.

4 She Was the First to Travel with Ash

More like stalk Ash lol. Pikachu is the first (Pokemons still count as parts of the group) and Brock is the first proper human companion that Ash was ok travelling with while Misty stalked him against his will. In the movies AU Verity is the first to travel with Ash and it doesn't mean much now, does it? Gary knew him before anyone else, but it doesn't mean anything either. You say "Serena was the first to know him" is a weak argument, and it is, but this one isn't any better.

Even if Serena met ash in the childhood , he never remembered her because he helps everyone who is in trouble , but misty was the first ever girl he traveled with

Not a boreshipper (amourshipper), but this is as stupid as when boreshippers say Serena should end up with ash, because Serena is the first girl ash knew. Bad item, & awful #1

5 She Became Really Jealous When Other Girls Got Too Close to Ash

She was morbidly possessive. Not saying Serena wasn't but without comparing them Misty's still a terrible potential girlfriend for Ash and in general, she was downright aggressive and didn't like Ash interacting with other girls like Macy or Melody yet it was fine for her to flirt with Danny and Rudy...

There's a difference between jealosy and possessiveness. Serena does become a little jealous, but Misty literally pushes out any girl that gets in Ash's way (ex. Macy). And you say that Serena is the yandere?

I don't hate Misty. She has a realistic personality, which is rather unique. It's just some things that I don't like about her.

Actually serena gets extremely jealous too. See tried to force ash not to go with that teacher due to it. Anyways, jealousy is a horrible foundation to base a relationship on, anyways.

At one point she got so jealous when Macy got to close to Ash and threw her arm right between them, while in XY Serena mostly just stands there in shock doing nothing.

6 She Always Calls Ash Out Whenever He Does Something Stupid

May, Dawn, Iris, Max, Bonnie, call him out while Misty abuses him and treats him like a slave most of the time. Misty is by far the one who "calls him out" (abuses him) in the least heathy manner.

So what? Every girl does! She is not the unique one who only does this.

Which is something Serena rarely ever does.

7 She's the Strongest Out of All of Ash's Female Companions

Weakest*. She only wins when a Pokemon she abuses uses its DEM psychic powers to save her weak behind. Uses Pikachu's kindness to avoid battle and loses most of the other battles she's been in (aside from TR, not an achievement). Mega Gyarados might be a little improvement but she still easily loses to some Pikachu. Other Mega Pokemons were way harder to beat.

If by 'strongest' u mean she can kick the other pikegirl's butts without her Pokemon... then I can see that more than she has stronger Pokemon (though I think Iris is pretty strong too she took on a Pokemon with her bare hands & constantly swings on vines, having to continuously have her arms hold her weight).

Because she can mega evolve her gyradose and no one stood any chance against her

I think May is more stronger than Misty.

8 She Gave Up Staying with Rudy to Continue Traveling with Ash

She hesitated staying with another guy, and before that openly flirted with Danny and put Ash down in favor of him. I'm not saying she shouldn't keep her options open and should stalk Ash and force herself of him when he doesn't want to like Serena, (and even so she was creepy with Danny, he didn't want a 10 years old stranger and yet she insisted and insisted and insisted... what a creep). But it just shows she doesn't love him nearly as much as Pokeshippers pretend she does.

This isn't a good item at all. You're basically saying Misty had some conflicting feelings for someone else sometime & almost thought about leaving ash to be with another guy.

And the big problem with that, is Serena never crushed on another guy or had any thoughts about staying with anyone else during her journey with ash. Not an amourshipper by any means, but this item isn't helpful to what your saying at all

Rudy was completly in love with Misty but he asks her to stay with him she becomes conflicted but makes her choice pretty clear when she cheers against Rudy for Ash and Rudy clearly says "She Wants Him" then trys to hint to Ash by telling him his a very lucky guy.

I think this is the best as if she doesn't like ash or want to stay with him she wouldn't turn down ruby's offer as he can make her happy too

9 She's a Gym Leader

Actually, this hurts Misty’s chance with ash. She has to stay close by the gym for challengers. But ash is a guy who likes to meet new Pokemon, travel, take on new challenges, & can’t stay in one place. So their relationship can’t work out.

However, Serena faces the same problem. Her goal is to be KALOS queen. So she has to mainly focus in kalos, & if she becomes queen, she has to stay their to promote, keep popularity in kalos, & defend her title. So unless Misty quits being a gym leader or Serena gives up her goal (which would make what her mom said true so she shouldn’t do that), then a relationship with ash won’t work.

I think the same she is better than that so called Serena

Iris is also a gym leader in games. She is not unique.

I hope Serena will end up with Clemont

10 She Didn't Become a Trainer Just to Travel with Ash

As much as I like Serena the whole reason she even became a trainer and went on her journey in the first place was to see Ash again hoping that he'll remember her and instantly fall for her only to be extremely disappointed to find out he didn't even remember her not a great sign, while Misty who was already a trainer when she first meet Ash and traveled with him after he accidently destroyed her bike which she tells him the reason she follows him is so he'll repay her for her bike which he never does but in actuality she really wanted to travel with him.

Hey Guys This point is something which in my view is only half true ( by the way I don't ship Ash with Serena.) but I don't think that she started her journey because of Ash, I think that she was planning on Lea
Ving to aviod Ryhorn Racing and then seeing Ash became a goal point to her than ahe had to meet up with him bevause Serena is apeople person and disliked yhe ifea of travelling alone.)

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11 Ash's Showed More Affection Towards Misty Than Serena

He called the Alolan people his family, had an extremely supportive best friends relationship with Dawn and Brock... but nothing of the sort with Misty or Serena, with Misty all he did was insulting her which he never did for any other Pokegirl (and it didn't feel like teasing), tolerating her abuse because he's kind hearted and sometimes worrying for her because he does the same for literally anyone else... Again, Pokeshippers are grasping at straws.

Haha! What a joke. He called Misty ugly and was constantly roasting her dumb@$$. He was always looking out for Serena's safety and giving her compliments.

“Don't you remember that ash cried on that time when she left him?”
Nope. But I do remember him actually crying (& not just look down with a frown like in GCYL) when butterfree left him, & when he thought pikachu was gonna leave him.

If Amourshipping is canon
Ash might feel like he missed Serena in Alola
But no.

I think Ash definitely think Misty is better than Serena

12 She Showed Up at Ash's House to Welcome Him Home When He Returned from Hoenn.
13 Her and Ash's Relationship Wasnt Forced

It was. They rarely cared about each other and the sole reason they stuck together was for the sake of having her in the main cast while focusing on Ash, they didn't have reason to stick together for the first season (maybe she mellowed out a bit later, but sticking around for one region while despising someone... Get a life you tsuntsun brat lmao) and the "shipping" hints were mostly added by the dub. They have even less reason to like each other than they had to stick together in Kanto. They only ever just fight and get on each other's nerves, only getting along when something bad happens like Ash getting injured or an injured Pokemon. I know love isn't always logical, but they literally don't have a reason to like each other and, based on their attitude to each other, they wouldn't last one week realistically speaking.

the grew together, they matured, they had a great time and she wasn't just following him around to like her. I get mad when I hear that serena and ash had a history when he just took care of her hurt leg and then didn't even remember her at all.

Yeah! Misty met Ash and grew to love him. Serena literally fell in love with him after ONE SECOND! False, very very false.

Onece again no offense to Amourshippers everywhere but Ash and Serena's whole relationship was completly forced Serena dispretly wanted Ash to lover her back while Ash and Misty's relarionship just felt very natural and not forced.

14 Ash Only Shows Jealousy for Misty

If you were challenging someone to win a reward and progress toward a goal that is important to you and your "friend" (they're just a d really, but you see them as friend, not a crush just a friend) cheered against you, wouldn't you be irritated?

Similarly, if you were challenging someone to win a reward and progress toward a goal that is important to you (and that you tended to be immature and self centered at ten years old) and the judge cared more about some girl than taking his job seriously and judging your performance properly, wouldn't you be irritated? Even if you don't even fricking KNOW the girl he's flirting with?

Quit grasping at straws. Ash reacted accordingly to his friend or the judge having a questionable attitude.

Not only jealousy, but the only girl he blushes for. Like that time when Jessie called them a couple and they both denied it by blushing.

I hate Amourshipping! It's a bunch of baloney!

Yes, Ash Only Shows Jealousy for Misty Ash not Jealousy for Serena

15 Celebi Showed Up When Misty Kissed Him

A. Misty never kissed ash, not even on the cheek.

B. Even if that bit about celebi was true, the 'bright future' bit is too vauge & can actually mean they'll individually b successful (not as a couple).

When Celebi appears, it means there will be a bright future. He appeared right at that moment. That's PROOF that Misty is Ash's true love.

I want misty to marry ash

It’s in a pokemon movie stop saying it isn’t canon

16 Ash Showed Signs of Liking Misty and Not Serena.

This is extremely false. Even in the English dub, if you pay close attention without shipping goggles, you’ll see ash is a regular self absorbed kid who liked to think he’s the best & knows everything & gets angry at regular things that makes 100% sense for him to be angry at, & actually has no interest in misty beyond friendship. & this is true for not just misty, but Serena & all girls.

ash blushed a couple of times for misty, but I can't say the same about serena

17 She Becomes Really Considerate Whenever Something Bad Happens to Ash

All other PokeGirls besides Serena are way more considerate and it doesn't require Ash dying for them to act like decent freaking human beings.

Only when something really bad happens to him? Wow, so for ash to get any kindness from Misty, your saying he must do something that gets him saverly injured? At least Serena is mostly kind & considerate to ash & without the need for ash to get harmed for her to be that way for him (not an boreshipper by means, but...)

Every girl does!

I love seeing clips of early Pokémon lol.

18 She More Badass

Serena is probably the least badass Pokegirl, that doesn't mean abusing your friends and Pokemon whom you know won't fight back, using baby Pokémon to avoid fight, and losing almost every battle you've taken part in is badass. Misty is more pathetic and "all bark no bite" than anything else.

Yeah, she pretty much is, In opinion, Misty is much better than Serena in every way

NaruhinaBlaze1 shut up you pathetic Misty hater.
Hate Misty with such shallow reasons, you jerk

Everyone is more badass than Serena...

I love badass characters

19 Misty is the Only One of His Female Companions Who He Has Ever Talked About After She Left

No, she isn't. Please actually watch the other seasons and pay attention properly. He also mentioned Dawn in XY episode 18 when a bunch of Piplup appear. Now waiting for abuseshippers to get pissed because someone who clearly sees Ash as nothing else than a best friend (Dawn) is suuuch a huge treat to their baseless ship. OH! And he mentions Charizard in almost every season and calls him back often too lol.

So true. And she's the only one who comes back often. After seeing May in contests and then meeting Dawn, he could have said something about May and given advice to Dawn, but he didn't. Now as for Serena, if he loved her after all the signs she showed and kissed him at the end, he would have thought or mentioned her at least once.

Yesss, he talked about her in hoenn, sinnoh, Unova ( when iris says oh, you had many friends and Pokemon ... something like that, ) and in Alola , she was mentioned in almost every season except Kalos

Its kind of funny that Ash despite traveling with May, Dawn and Iris has never really talked about them after they left and in Alola he has not once mentioned Serena's name, while after Misty left he talked about her a lot even stating that he really missis her.

20 She Cares More About Her Pokémon Than Serena

Well even if I love Serena more than Misty, I think this is somehow true

Serena treats her Pokemon like those pets carried around in purses

Serena cares about her Pokémon. I've never seen Misty do that.

NaruhinaBlaze1 Serena does shout at her Pokémon.
The two who cares most about her Pokémon is Dawn and May, not bratty Serena

21 She is Prettier Than Serena

Such a shallow reason... She's also abusive, and how pretty she may be does not excuse her.

Yeah with that crop too she’s more hot

Yeah , her blueish / greenish eyes look the most beautiful and her orange hair , her clothing style was also cool

22 Ash Was More Sad After She Left

After both Misty and Brock had left Ash actually cries as he runs home to Pallet Town yet when May, Dawn and Serena all left he doesn't even shed a tear he kind just goes like "yeah see ya".

That was obvious. He cried even though Misty left with a smile. It was the other way with Serena though. I guess she expected Ash to react to that kiss but he just left untouched.

I think it’s because it’s the first time since episode 1 where he’s aware that he’s going to be traveling away from home without any human companion for help & company & he believes he’s going to hoenn completely alone (besides pikachu) while the other pokegirls he was just heading back home. And also he’s used to saying goodbye to friends by May, & when Misty leaves other times like with her cameos, he seems completely fine with it like when the other pokegirls.

23 Misty Isn't Clingy Like Serena

Unlike Serena, Misty knows when to leave Ash alone. That's proof enough that Misty would be a better match for him.

Yeah, and she treated Clemont and bonnie like crap

Why is this so true though- poor ash

24 Misty Has More in Common with Ash

Nope May has more in common with Ash

Yes , they both like many things because misty is a tomboy kinda girl and Serena is girly kind of girl ,

25 She Helped Ash to Become a Better Trainer

She may have in some very very rare instances, but he would have learned and bettered himself even without her. She mostly added unecessary drama. Brock, and his experiences were much better help... He improved himself even after she left. He was still a bit immature and selfish in Hoenn and continued to become better afterwards. The show did not need her period.

While a lot of people think she was being mean by constantly yelling at him and even slapped him twice in the japanese version she really wasn't being mean in her own way she was actually trying to help Ash by teaching him about using common sense in battles at that point Ash was completly arragont, carless and stupid, at one point after Ash loses to Ritchi she tries cheering him up but when he contiues acting like a child for losing she blatenly tells him the cold hard truth that the way he was training he was lucky he got as far as he did again not really trying to put him down but making him face the harsh reality that the reason he lost was because of his overconfidence and she really cared enough about Ash to tell him the cold hard truth.

yeah and she helps him correct his flaws while serena just threw snowballs at his face just because he's not the perfect ash she always imagined.

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