Top 10 Things that Most Need to Happen in Pokemon Diamond and Pearl Remakes

I think the generation 4 Pokemon games get a bit too much hate. For all their faults, they did bring a lot of changes that have shaped the series into what it is today. The changes it brought to the battle system, as well as how it made these mechanics easily accessible to the player, completely revolutionized competitive play (though the advent of wifi definitely helped).

That said... These games have issues. Some were minor flaws that were annoying at worst, but others completely killed the experience for some people. If these games were to be remade, here are some things that need to be fixed.
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1 Fix the game's speed

Wait, so the slow pace doesn't just apply to Gen IV's story? Hopefully, if it were to be released on the Nintendo 3DS (I'm not sure my parents are going to let me buy a Nintendo Switch), data processing speed won't be a problem.

2 Base the story on Platinum, not Diamond and Pearl

We don't need another Delta Episode treatment. We want the full package.

I agree. The story of Platinum was superior.

3 Expand the Battle Frontier
4 Make the Event Legendaries part of the main game

Finding Arceus the way it was originally intended, as a non-event, would be badass.

5 Add more evolutions to old Pokemon
6 Add more Mega evolutions

The Z-Moves had their spotlight, so now it's time for what we really want: more Mega Evolutions. Game Freak, I need a Mega Flygon (and maybe a Mega Milotic?) ASAP.

7 Upgrade the online capabilities

Didn't Gen 5 have voice chat? I swear I was talking to a friend and his wife through trading in BW2.

8 Overhaul the Great Marsh
9 Expand the Underground
10 Bring back walking Pokemon

As a trainer, you should get to have your Pokemon traveling alongside you. You should get to choose which ones will follow you on your journey at any given time and in any place.

The Contenders
11 Bring back the Game Corner

They can't. Game Freak doesn't want to lose the E for Everyone rating, and in other countries, having some kind of "gambling" goes against that rating. We lost game corners literally because of controversy with parents not wanting "their children influenced by gambling."

12 More fire types available during the story
13 Make contests less luck-based

I don't see why you say that contests are luck-based. I worked on strategies, making Pokeblocks, and working on perfect movesets for a short amount of time, and I now find that Master Rank is too easy. Even beating Lisia, Wallace, and Chaz, sometimes all in one contest, is way too easy. So, I say make contests more fun and challenging by making them more like the contests in the anime. Contests require strategy, not luck.

I hated Gen 4 contests, especially the part with making Poffins to give Pokemon certain contest stats. Making those made my hand ache so bad.

14 Give Arceus a "1000 arms" form

This sounds hilarious when picturing it.

15 Add more Z-Moves
16 Make Sinnoh open world on the Switch
17 Give Cheren a boss battle
18 Bring back Lillie

Is this assuming that we won't have a follow-up game for Pokemon Sun and Moon? Can we chill and wait before we yell stuff like "BRING BACK LILLIE"? She still has a chance of coming back to Alola.

19 Bring back Guzma
20 Make Regigigas usable
21 Make the game playable on both 3DS and Switch
22 Nerf the EXP Share until after the completion of the main story

Why don't people turn it off when they feel like they are getting too overleveled? I did this with XY/SM so I don't accidentally overlevel. There isn't anything wrong with temporarily shutting it off.

23 Allow players to add Palkia or Dialga to their team for free, without the need to catch them
24 Remove the EXP Share feature
25 Remove the restriction on nicknaming traded Pokemon
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