Strongest New Pokemon of Gen 9 Competitively

With a new generation of Pokemon, we get new Pokemons to play competitively, and something that we like to ask ourselves is, "what are the strongest of these new Pokemons to use in competitive battling?" Here, we will try to answer that question. This list should only talk about the new Pokemon of generation 9 (Scarlet and Violet), and should only take battles with other players into account and not against NPCs during an in-game playthrough.
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1 Koraidon

In generation 8, Game Freak created Zacian. One of if not the strongest Pokemon ever created in competitive battling. Now, it seemed like Game Freak wants to take a step back, because datamining indicated that Zacian's ability would be nerfed. Whatever if this datamining ends up being true though, it seems like they don't care about balance that much when it comes to legendaries, because Koraidon could make a case for being even more broken than Zacian! So to start somewhat slowly, the dragon/fighting typing is extremely solid. Sure you have a double weakness to fairy and other annoying weaknesses, but to compensate you have many very useful resistances to multiple types. Now for the stats, they are incredible. It's one thing to have a 670 base stat total, but those 670 best were spread to near perfection. 135 physical attack and speed, so it will outspeed and kill most opposing threats, and a great bulk of 100 hp, 115 physical defense, and 100 special defense. Sure it has only 85 ...more

2 Miraidon

Basically, you could just take what I said about Koraidon and apply it to Miraidon with a few differences. Dragon/Electric has less resistances, but less annoying weaknesses than Dragon/Fighting. It hits on the special side rather than the physical side. It has all the dragon and electric moves you could wish for and more with its signature move Electro Drift, which is basically stronger thunderbolt with less PP and no other drawbacks, it can pivot in two different ways with volt switch and u-turn, and overheat is all it really needs for coverage moves. But the key difference between Miraidon and Koraidon is their ability. Hadron Engine is basically like Orichalcum Pulse, except it raises the special attack (which makes sense due to Miraidon being a special attacker), and it summons the electric terrain instead of the sun. On one hand, there are less pokemon that benefits from the sun than pokemon that benefits from the electric terrain, so it doesn't help his teammate as well. On the ...more

It is just Koraidon but better, because electric terrain, increased special attack and stab make this things electric type attacks scary.

3 Flutter Mane

All you need to know for why this pokemon is so strong is that it's a fairy/ghost type, meaning that it is resisted by only two pokemon species in the entire game, and it has 135 speed, and 135 special attack. In case that doesn't convince you, you can boost one of its stats under the sun or with booster energy thanks to protosynthesis. It is just really fast, and it's really hard to not die when facing this pokemon, especially if you let it set up with calm mind or something.

4 Houndstone

Houndstone is broken simply for having probably the strongest move in pokemon history. Its stats and general movepool is overall eh, but he has ONE MOVE that is absolutely insane. Last Respects is a 50 base power ghot move that gets stronger for each pokemon KO by another 50 power. This means it can reach 300 base power if all the other 5 pokemon of your team are KO. This is already insane for damage, especially since there are no drawbacks once you reach that point, but then you take into consideration the ability sand rush of Houndstone, which makes that pokemon very hard to outspeed in the sandstorm, and you have a pokemon that is extremely hard to get rid off if you let it do its stuff.

Last Respects. Need I say more.

5 Palafin

Palafin has the unique gimmick of getting extremely strong stats once it switches out once during the battle. It gets a very good bulk of 100 hp, and 97 and 87 on the defenses, and more importantly, it gets a massive 160 physical attack stat, all on top of its already high 100 speed. It seems balance until you know how often you switch out pokemon in competitive singles. Like you do it all the time. It also has some very good moves. Flip turn allows it to switch out while making damage on top of other utility, jet punch is basically stronger aqua jet, wave crash is a water type flare blitz, and in case you don't think that's enough, it has coverage moves like close combat at its disposal. Definitely really strong.

Most insane stats I've ever seen. Need I say more?

Flip turn into Iron bundle, Flip turn back into palafin, and you may as well surrender

6 Iron Bundle

Iron Bundle is a slightly less insane, but still insane version of flutter mane. Almost no pokemon can resist it when it has freeze dry and a water move at its disposal, and with 124 special attack, 136 speed, it's all it needs to create some devastation.

7 Roaring Moon

Roaring Moon is definitely very scary. A Dragon/Dark type, which is excellent offensively. 139 attack, and 119 speed. A very solid movepool, and the ability to set up with dragon dance. Even its bulk isn't terrible at all with 105 hp, 101 special defense, and 71 defense.

8 Gholdengo

At the moment I am writing this, Gholdengo is the most used pokemon in overused, the main competitive format for Pokemon Singles, and there are good reasons for that. Myself, I have used it, and it's very good on my team! Ghost/Steel is an excellent defensive typing. 87 hp, 95 defense, and 91 special defense is an extremely solid bulk. 84 speed is more than enough to outspeed most defensive threats even if it's not the greatest. 133 special attack is simply excellent. It has a movepool with all it really needs. You can trick your choice item, set up with nasty plot and other stuff. Make it rain is a 120 base power steel special move that only drops your special attack to one stage, which is far from the worst drawback ever. On top of that, Good as Gold is a REALLY good ability. With this ability, every status moves used on Gholdengo simply doesn't work. Only attacking moves works on that guy. So yeah, this pokemon is very solid all around.

Make it rain is insane(and has the best name) and good as gold is overpowered.

9 Chi-Yu

Chi-Yu is surprisingly really scary. Dark Fire is a very good offensive type, 100 speed, and 135 special attack makes it a very good offensive threat, and beads of ruin lowers the special defense of every other pokemon on the field, which does have its drawback in doubles, but in singles, it basically means your opponent always takes more damage than they should. One set I really like to use is a choice scarf set, to allow it to outspeed everything, with its high damaging moves.

Powerful as heck. Don't let your guard down.

10 Chien Pao

Incredible Attack and Speed, lots of Physical Moves, and an Ability to lower everyone's Defenses makes this a nightmare to face!

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11 Maushold

Population bomb is more than OP and hits more than any other move.

What the heck..?

12 Skeledirge

The only good starter

13 Dondozo

I have been using Dondozo for a little while in OU, and I loved using that thing, so I wanted to mention it. With 150 hp, and 115 physical defense, this thing is near unkillable on the physical side, and even 65 special defense isn't the worst thing in the world. He also has unaware, which is an amazing that ignores stat changes from the opponent. Especially great in gen 9 where there are many strong set up sweepers. The set I love to use is a curse set with liquidation and body press. It's biggest flaws is that it doesn't have a healing move other than rest, but as someone who loves protect leftovers strats, I can easily adapt to that flaw.

14 Cyclizar

The main reason why Cyclizar is so good is because of shed tail. It's a move that makes cyclizar switch out, and leave a substitute on the pokemon that replaces it on the field in exchange of half hp. It is a completely safe switch at worst, and it creates free opportunities to set up at best. This already pretty good, but then you consider Cyclizar can use other moves like knock off, u turn, taunt and rapid spin to be a good support mon. And then you consider the fact it has regenerator, which allows that pokemon to get hp back by switching, which it will love to do a lot of the time, and it will essentially means that the 50% of its health that it loses when using shed tail, isn't ACTUALLY 50%, since it heals 1/3 of its full health when switching, including when it uses that move. We haven't seen the full capability of this pokemon yet, so perhaps it can be really scary and broken. Who knows?

15 Meowscarada

Protean + An Attack that doesn't miss and lands a Critical Hit and you have a really dangerous threat!

16 Tinkaton
17 Quaquaval

Quaquaval has an amazing move pool and has always been good on my team.

18 Great Tusk

Its very versatile

19 Annihilape

Rage Fist is so OP and with such high physical attack. It's a dominant threat in Uber.

20 Kingambit
21 Daschbun
22 Mabosstiff
23 Revaroom
24 Lokix
25 Flamigo
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