Top 10 Worst Things About Pokemon

These are just a few things about Pokemon that tend to irritate people. PLEASE vote AND share your opinion!
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1 Ash never ages

Pokemon writers please age ash to the age of at least 13, by the end of his journey , let him be the champion and make him marry misty or Serena and have kids who will follow his footsteps

Neither do Bart Simpson or SpongeBob Squarepants. Ash is a timeless character, designed to appeal to children. Because he is one. Why change him and make him older when the target audience is kids?

Yet in the X & Y series, is it just me, or... Does he look older? He has teeth, he's taller... I don't know, just a thought.

People need to quit whining about this. Pokemon is a children's anime. At least in xy we had Alain as a more mature side character in the specials. He's even showed up in the main series as a nice contrast with Ash. I look forward to seeing them go up against each other in the Team Flare arc.

There is a reason why Ash never ages. When he started his journey he wished on a Jirachi to go on his journey forever until he catches all the Pokemon. So in conclusion, Ash and his friends earned the ability to never age.

2 The fanbase

Haters of people who have been fans since the 90s when it started.

I am so sick of fans that treat anyone who doesn’t like all of the same things they do like they’re not human. Grow the F up already.

Competitive freaks,genwunners and rule 34 (porn) = pokémon fanbase

you guys are so mean

3 The TPCi voice actors

Their voices don't fit the ages of the characters, their acting is monotone and flat consistently, and they generally have egos large enough that gravity can't bring them down.

They suck so much I can't even fathom it. Like do they actually think this is a realistic voice? Nobody would talk like these whiny 5 year olds in real life.

Horrible for 7+ years and counting: ruined Ash, Brock, TR, and everyone else in the English dub!

Yeah...yeah 'll side with this. god that new cast is terrible

4 Too many episodes

This is such a weak reason

5 Annoying voices

Really? This is the worst reason ever AND so is the one above.

6 Ash changes his friends

He doesn't change his friends.. His friends have got their own dreams and jobs. Misty has to run the Cerulean Gym, Brock has his dream of being a Pokemon breeder, both May and Dawn want to be a good coordinaters, Iris wants to be a dragon master, Cilan wants to be a good Connoisseur, Clemont has to run the Lumoise City gym with Clembot, Serena wants to become as good as Aria, Mallow wants her family restaurant to be number 1 in Alola, Kiawe needs to help his family out on the farm, Sophocles wants to be a astronaut, Lana wants to be a good water type trainer, and Lillie wants to find her father. His friends can't travel with Ash forever. They have their own dreams like how Ash wants to be a Pokemon master. So no Ash does not change his friends.

Welcome to the real world. Sometimes you have to move on to new friends. Like when you move or something. And anyway, they usually return.

Why do his friends always change from region to region? You get attached to them and them poof they're gone.

Brock and misty was way better than those other people!

7 The show repeats itself

This is a PROBLEM. THIS IS AN ACTUAL PROBLEM TO PEOPLE, I can name over 10 shows that repeat, but I won't because I'm lazy - Stakamakataka

I can almost guarantee that these things will happen next in the show over time. Pignite is going to evolve into Emboar and not listen to Ash until Ash breaks down and cries and blames himself, somehow they're going to say that the Toxic badge is not an official Unova Gym Badge and make Ash go get the Legend Badge, They'll find out that Iris is related to that Gym and Ash will have to battle her, and later on Cilan will go and become a chef. The End.

Not recognising TR (team rocket) is getting pretty repetitive and battling with them too

Dude who said that he or she can guarantee what happened all of those didn't happen

8 You want to evolve? Trade!

I know this makes no sense. Pokemon existed before people so how would they be able to evolve ONLY through trading. It makes no sense because the wild Pokemon can't evolve!

I spent some time leveling up my Swirlix, only to find out about trade evolution. Big waste of my time, and it's a stupid concept right from the beginning. Goodbye, Slurpuff-- I'll never catch them all.

If you trade a pokemon, it's basically never coming back, so I just wouldn't bother with trade evolution.

This is especially annoying if no one near your home pays it.

9 Bad voice acting
10 Elite four and full restores

The Elite four isn't really that annoying I love a good challenge (even though My Mega Charizard X) In lets go almost one shots the entire of Lances team the full restores are annoying.

This is so annoying! I can't believe that they use full restores in the games, but you can consider yourself lucky if you ever see someone use a full restore (or anything as a matter of fact) in the anime.

Okay everyone who thinks this is annoying is full of crap. First off, we use full restores and revives all the time and lots of it. The elite four only use 2-3 full restores a battle while we use like 5 calm down you people we heal our Pokémon a lot Mores

Just be lucky the Elite Four doesn't use reviving items to revive their Pokemon.

The Contenders
11 Overrated Pokemon

Yes, Charizard is just too overrated. People who say the he isn't overrated is just proving even more that Charizard is overrated, by saying that. See? Plus, now Charizard has TWO megas. That is REALLY unfair. Charizard already had annoyingly enough attention, and now Charizard fans are going nuts. Bulbasaur needs more attention, Bulbasaur is more helpful than Charmander in the gyms. Ugh, it's just grinding my gears even more than Klink! Just ONE stone edge, and it's goodbye Charizard.

Charizard, Greninja, Lucario, Pikachu, CHARIZARD, Eevee, Mewtwo, Bidoof, Corviknight, CHARIZARD! The list can go ON AND ON AND ON! - Stakamakataka

Yes, Charizard is barely overrated, I never tried one. But I tried ONLY once. Also pikachu, it's annoying. His voice, it's hard to evolve overrated pokemon. But not lucario, lucario's already evolved from an underrated pokemon. So I think Lucario is only the good Overrated pokemon.

Charizard is NOT overrated. People who call charizard overrated probably never had one. I have defeated every legendary with a charizard. (Having same level as the legendaries.) His movepool has some many different types of moves that he can defeat any Pokemon. He can even defeat Pokemon of types Water, Electric and rock.

12 Ash never catches a legendary Pokemon

(read this to the tune " But if you close your eyes") But if you watch Netflix, you'll see that Ash owned a legendary - Stakamakataka

Well It isn't annoying but he should've at least caught that one legendary in that movie...

Why , that’s why I hate ashhh

13 Serena's obsession with ash

Serena you should get a better boyfriend , because ash will never age , when you will be 100 years , ash would be like your grandson , a grandson of 10 years

I would shake my head opposingly, but really think about this. If Ash was aware that he had a love-struck stalker traveling with him, how would he react? What would he feel? The idea, at least to me, would be to ask them to talk. Even if he didn't know, Ash should've been uneasy to be around her. She's not well mentally!

This should be higher. I've never wanted to slap anyone like I want to slap her! She is so stupid and just downright pathetic. Too bad she's not smart enough to figure out Ash cares more about Pikachu than anyone else. I'd love to see her crushed by that revelation. I'm a non-shipper but I'd love to see Ash get with any other girl just so I could see Serena make a fool out of herself out of jealousy. Stupid, shallow bitch!

Why is this such a bad thing? Quite a few girls in the past liked ash, but no one minded.

14 Pikachu loses to wild Pokemon and weak Pokemon

My theory for this happening is that Pikachu's levels reset after every region. Think about it. It was around the end of DP when Pikachu defeated Regice, and around the beginning of the Unova anime when Pikachu lost to Snivy. That's why I think that Pikachu's levels reset after every region.

Yeah. He wins against the strongest pokemon in like everything, and when it's absolutely nothing, like a Popplio or something he LOSES.

Another annoying thing is that Pikachu keeps beating over powered Pokemon, but loses to people who have never battled before. Either that's being kind or something's wrong.

Shouldn't Pikachu be at level 100 after 10+ years? But then we watch it lose to Water-Type Pokemon in the first gym. HOW DUMB IS THAT?

15 Day-Care Man doesn't know where the Egg came from

It is annoying and when I post this, I'm 9. The day care man is an idiot. Well of course it came from the Pokemon, the day care man really is stupid.

Day Care Man: While we were taking care of your poke'mon we found an egg. We have no idea where it came from, but please take good care of it. Me: IDIOT!

Really guys, Pokemon is a KIDS game, The Man can't just say "Hey an Egg came from the vagina"

I'll let you figure this one out.

16 Ash's rivals are jerks

Well he's lucky, The last time WE had a douchebag rival was back in GOLD AND SILVER AKA 1999! Gladion and Bede don't count! - Stakamakataka

Specifically, Paul. He catches Pokemon based off of their strength and move set. That is cruel and a waste of time. Just teach that Pokemon a move you want it to learn

I think the nicest was Gary Paul and Trip were really jerks except Paul was more abusive Trip just wanted strong Pokemon but he didn't abuse any of his Pokemon Paul abused Chimchar Pokemon CRUELTY good thing when Chimchar was Infernape it kicked Paul's ass

Everyone of Ash's rivals has been jerks to him or Pokemon or both. GO ASH'S RIVALS!

17 Zubats Zubat, known in Japan as Zubat, is a Pokémon species in Nintendo and Game Freak's Pokémon franchise.

Zubat there are annoying they follow me around everywhere I was just trying to catch and onix or graveler when this bat had to torture me :(.

Running out of repels in the middle of Rock Tunnel without a Pokemon that knows Flash. Zubats everywhere. I'm Dead.

If u have them don't play Pokemon go

Zubats are my favorite Pokemon

18 Competitive players

So your not allowed to be "the very best" of the list

19 Critical hit!

This was a major problem in Diamond and Pearl. This was back when crits still did double damage. If you watch any Sinnoh nuzlocke, about half of the dead Pokemon someone had released died to a critical hit.

In Pokemon Sword and shield I was about to lower the Zapdos hit point thing but then "CRITICAL HIT!" it Ko'd it and then I FLAT OUT RAGED FOR THE REST OF MY LUNCH BREAK.

When you are:
"I am gonna catch it!
I am gonna catch it!
One more move."
And then critical hit...


I don't really see whats so bad about critical hits

20 What are the hamburgers made of!?

They probably kill Miltank and Tepig to make hamburgers. Then, sometimes, you see those Pokemon eat hamburger. Cannibals.

I think one of the Pokedex entries says that Cherrim or something like that has a certain taste. Doesn't that mean that someone had to EAT one to find that out?!

So mil tanks eating miltank burgers is good u say?

21 Whoever Ash travels with doesn't have a last name

This always bothered me. When they say that the winner is Dawn from Twinleaf Town, there could always be two Dawns. How do they know which one is which?!

Hello! There's Todd Snap and Tracey Sketchit...Gary Oak, of course (not a traveling companion, but still an important friend of Ash)

I always thought that Alexander would be a good last name for Clemont.

22 Gym leader uses potion

Me: Yay! You're about to die, yay! (Presses weak move to save PP)
Gym leader: Sorry. (Uses Hyper Potion)
Me: Nu! (Causes tiny amount of damage)
Gym leader: (Kills my Pokemon)

your weak if this annoys you

This always happens to me
enemy pokemon :12/76
uses hyper potion
kills my pokemon
gotta start all over again

23 Pikachu's annoying voice

Pikachu is the most cutest little thing EVER! He is like a little child that learned how to talk. His voice is just cute and adorable.

It's so cute it helps me sleep

What? Pikachus voice is so cute!

It's more like pihk-chua

24 Team Rocket

They are actually good guys in Gen I this is why:
Giovanni needed team rocket to steal the Silph Scope so they can catch ghost Pokemon the only things at the time that could beat Psychics which Mewtwo was (Dark type didn't exist Bugs weren't good against psychics)
The Master Ball was needed to catch Mewtwo
Team Rocket was trying to save the world or else Mewtwo will kill, everyone (not unless Arceus or Red interferes)

While they're like BLAH BLAH TO PROTECT why didn't Ashfur and his friends do something?! Are they blind? They have like three minutes to do something!

Very annoying so obviously I liked when Bonnie interrupted them in the middle of their slogan and said "STOP DAYING THAT" Jessie is the worst though :/

They've done their annoying routine over 700 times, every episode they appear and do stupid crap for a dumb reason, get blown away, repeat I THINK ITS TIME TO CHANGE THINGS UP

25 Fighting a Legendary and forgetting to save before

I was about to fight a mewtwo in Let's go, I wanted to ride my lapras, Not ONLY I forgot to save, I forgot to switch out my lapras for my pikachu! - Stakamakataka

Thank God this didn't happen to me. ALWAYS SAVE BEFORE YOU CATCH A LEGENDARY! I almost didn't save before I caught Zapdos but I remembered at the last second. Zapdos is awesome. ^_^

Just today I forgot to save before capturing groudon in pokoemn emerald and I accidentally killed it

This is indeed one of the most annoying things in pokemon

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