Top 10 Possible Titles for New Metal Songs

The Top Ten

1 Hell is Full

I don't really think these types of lists are necessary cause sooner or later, songwriters will eventually run out of ideas for song titles if you know what I mean.

2 In the Shadow of the Eternal Oblivion

This is a great song title - Element119

A perfect title for a perfect prog metal song. - Metal_Treasure

3 Rising Glory

This would be a power metal song - Metal_Treasure

4 Thy Damnation
5 Dystopian Walls
6 Hell is Empty
7 Suffering Ancient Gods

Sounds like a new Amon Amarh song? - Metal_Treasure

8 Predicted Symbiosis
9 Hellvras Burak Behenium
10 Consumed by Imaginations

The Contenders

11 Days of War
12 Massacre at the Wargrounds
13 Memories of Valhalla

Totally sounds like an Amon Amarth song. - cjWriter1997

14 Countdown to the Apocalypse
15 Sacred Bloody Tears

Could be a Death Metal song - cjWriter1997

16 Kings of Oblivion

It's a Def Leppard song title but it needs to be used by a Power Metal band - christangrant

17 A Night in Hell
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