Best Pot Noodle Flavours

I bloody love Pot Noodle, a perfect day for me is home alone, pop to the shop and grab a Pot Noodle so... Here is a long overdue list of the best flavors of Pot Noodle.
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1 Bombay Bad Boy

Bombay bad boy, what a little tinker
WARNING :do not try if you don't like hot things
But I love them!

Best flavour going. Chicken & Mushroom is disgusting in my opinion but each to their own!

This is just a slightly spicier version of Original Curry but bloody lovely anyway

I like to mix a Bombay bad boy with a curry pot noodle, I call it the ultimate warrior

2 Chicken & Mushroom

Its lovely. But I do miss the original flavour they in the nineties, and up to around 2005. much yummier, saltier, more delicious.
And the old packagings with the pop-art "boom" graphic was also cool.

I always say the original is the best because the others are just build ups. Also, I don't really like soupy things but this is the bomb when it is soupy!

By far the best flavor. How bombay is the best flavor I don't know, reeks of BO and tastes of capsaicin...

I hate Mushrooms but love this flavour. The best hangover food or when feeling down with a cold!

3 Original Curry

Doesn't taste like curry but what it does taste like is perfection to a thirsty hoe like me

Best Pot noodle flavour ever although never tried Bombay bad boy yet

The best flavour and especially better than chicken and mushroom.

Absolutely delightful! Heaven in a pot in the long shot!

4 Beef & Tomato

in a supermarket my sister was about 17 back in about 1989 I was about 4 and she first showed me a b&t pot noodle, she told me it was the best flavour, and ever since I have always agreed with her on this. I thought the original curry was the nations favorite, will have to buy a whole range of pot noodles after viewing this page.

One of the originals and one of the best can be boring but I enjoy it when I have it on an occasion

So peng chow mein is also good I will say, and sticky rib, but this s one beats them it's so good

I think this is the best pot noodle by far

5 Sweet & Sour

It's my favourite but I have to got to supermarkets outside of my town to find it!

This one is in my stomach right now, where my bad boy was moments before

Best by a country mile although - irritatingly - less easy to find.

Really Really REALLY nice

6 Chow Mein

They are all so good. But if I could only eat one flavour would be this one. (Don't forget the extra splash of soy sauce)

Smells a bit weird at first but once u try it it's so good. Just add loads of soy sauce

Definitely my favourite, love the little pieces of carrot!

This was my first flavour and still my best

7 Sticky Rib

Best flavour, hands down. I think the reason it's not more popular on this list is probably because people just haven't tried it.

First time having it and it was amazing, I love the Peking Sauce with as well.
Very M O I S T.

Not sure about this, some may like it but I don't

The best flavour of pot noodle in my opinion!

8 Korma

Really good kurma flavour - as good as any indian take away and I should know, I am a professional!

best I have ever tasted

So authentic

9 Jerk Chicken

Gorgeous new flavour

10 Brazilian Barbecue Steak Flavour
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11 Curry

Pretty good tomes

12 Pulled Pork
13 Pop Mie
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