Top Ten Most Powerful Overall WWR (World War Robot)

Most powerful and effective robot on the battle field in WWR which is an IOS game for iPad,iPhone E.C.T
Basically the best robot for defeating other robots and capturing beacon's.

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1 Rhino

The Rhino has a good shield against plasmas BUT it won't be effective when against Splash Damage. The downside of the rhino for beginners is that it is hard to maneuver which a single mistake can make you a sitting duck.

Build in physical shield which can break through the front lines and turn the favor into his. Rhino can also build a death button which can eliminate enemies with one single blow.

I just got my second rhino just a couple of days ago. Really good and affordable. Just make sure you know how to use it or you're going to die fast. I learned that the hard way when I first used it.

Oh yeah

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2 Griffin

This robot is great when is medium or close combat dependant on what weaponry it has.

The griffin is one of the most popular robots of all time and it gets 11?

Awesome robot. Able to pack quite a punch with 4 weapon slots

Griffin are best robot in wwr Combination of weapons are killer like 2taran and 2mage

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3 Raijin

Awesome climbing ability

This takes 3-5 robots to destroy and takes 2 of them with it. It can be effective at any range dependent on weapons.

Raijin really shines with 2 Tridents or Zeuses. When fully upgraded, it becomes nigh invulnerable when in Bastion mode, and is also the undisputed king of sniping.

Beautiful designs and amazing climbing skills.

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4 Fujin

Fujin has an amazing sentry ability and amazing damage

This should be 1 because the energy shield is amazing

Bought this for the energy shield and it works really well

Use a lot and when I use tulumbas can kill almost anything

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5 Leo

Leo already has 2 punisher weapons which rapidly fire making it awesome for combat for both attacking and defending beacons. Also it comes with 4 weapons which in my opinion is pretty OP.

Most versatile bot on the game with combination of flexibility durability weaponry and mobility for heavy bot

Hard as hell...get up close and release fear. Thunder plays centre stage with a mixture of missiles and magnums. Draw the enemy for the final kill!

In my opinion, upgraded Leos are the best robots of the game. I personnally own five, all Thunder( upgraded too)/Molot/Punisher. It takes time, but when your Leo is upgraded to level 12, with level 10 Thunder, you fear nothing on the battlefield

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6 GI.Patton

Cripples most robots very well when equipped with four SURA-F Pinata.

4 magnums = robot slaughterer take on anyone and win

Beast takes on anyone and will win in ease I killed a Lancelot with one of these beasties


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7 Carnage

I have a carnage and It can dominate the battle field and take on a rhino and griffin at once even though it's health is low it takes down enemies quick enough for it no to take any damage thanks to the energy shield if piloted right it's the best bot in the game

The most powerful bot if good piloted... Its rush capacity ables you to turn around Rhinos, surprise your opponent or get cover

This thing comes equipped with twin ECC Thunders, which can do insane amounts of damage at close range, it can use its ability to run quick to capture a beacon, and with its Fuji shield is auto-activated, even when running.

Best with thunders...overall it's the best bot

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8 Rogatka

Amazingly annoying when trying to run away from it

Regatta should be 17 I have killed many they are slightly irritating but my griffin destroyed it with ease

Fun for up close hit and run first chassis with Pinatas.

Rogatka is really easy to use if you hold two mk2punishers

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9 Golem

Too little heath, but it's firepower can't be out preformed by many robots. Great choice for starters.

One of the best starters very good knife fighter


This was my first robot and I always keep it on short range I have upgraded it to level 12 with magnum tarun and ECC as well its bad at level 1 but if u upgrade it to 12 it can kill 2 natasha easily I give 9 out of 10

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10 Lancelot

Very powerful but still fast bot

I killed 22 bots with this

Great bot takes a lot of robots to kill though it"s back is so vulnerable

Amazing firepower and durable shield.

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11 Galahad

One of the best classes worth of spending 25$

This thing is a damn powerhouse. It can take several shots at a time...

I can usually kill about 2 heavy robots in one battle with this

Great with taran/magnum or taran/aphid. Level 9-100k health/roughly190k shield.

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12 Natasha

If close combat isn't your thing then the Natasha is great for you with long ranged weaponry hard points.

Slow and long range so should have 1 gecko and 1 plasma

Really slow and quite weak for its size

With two trebuchets and norcium perfect for sniping

13 Stalker

This robot is great for getting into a fight with it's speed, and it stays in the fight with it's stealth mode. If equipped with two magnums, your opponent will be crippled fast.

With stealth mode this robot is great for capturing beacons and counter attacking your enemy it also has great speed.

Stealth mode is great for fighting bigger robots because they can't target you

Really fast

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14 Cossack

Don't waste it's only slot on a weapon, it's just too fragile. Strap an Ecu on it though and the little bugger can withstand most shots that'd hit it and out pace a lot of the rest. Use it wisely and you'll be the reason your team wins. I'm maintaining a 75% win ratio because of the one I keep with my heavies.

The little bastard is amazing and you know when half of red is turning their back to the rest of your team to chase you!

Brilliant robot for capturing beacons.

Very weak bot when it comes to just it's AC Molot. But with the E-SG Taran it's a different story. The jump allows it to get close enough to launch an insane barrage of plasma balls. Also it's quick speed allows it to retreat or charge when needed.

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15 Boa

Great robot at close range

My first medium robot and it kills almost anything as long as you have it equipped with the right guns

Griffin/Rhino killer

Well worth 500000

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16 Gepard

Gepard mean Leopard in german. It Fast and very good for damages and kills gaining. Just put on 3 magnums and let the Gepard unleash his beast.

Fast and 3 weapon slots, durability of a medium bot, when equipped with mags pinatas or aphids all brilliant

Gepard has great speed and is perfect if it has three EP Magnum or three SURA-F Pinata.

Silver tier's undesputed champion. 3x EP Mags (8,8,and 10) (robot level 4)
"Seal Clubber"

a 3/6 Shüt ze/ECC Thunder (aka: the "Death Ostrich") is a close second.

"Taranasaurus Rog" is 3rd now due to being speed-nerfed.

These are the opinions of one player and do not necessarily represent a damn thing. Lol

17 Gekko XX
18 EEC Thunder

Best weapon in close range, deals heavy damage and takes out shield easily in close combat.

Pretty dank

19 Fury

Stunning damage produce from this beautiful robot and great health to but its just to expensive.

The only good setup is triple trident and that is incredibly good

Triple tridents for max damage in game

Fury is expensive but an all around bot. A lot of health and 3 heavy slots to play with.
You can 3xthunder for close damage of 50k per second. The bigest in game. Or 3 x zeus / tridents for midrange. Or long choose your fun

20 Vityaz

This robot is seriously underrated. It's high defense combined with a heavy hard point make it a serious threat.

I'm level 11 right now and I destroy people with this robot. I usually kill at least 3 bot before I die!

Great robot for its price

Its insanely tanky and can take up a 5v1 (not rly but its still epic)

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