Top Ten Most Powerful Overall WWR (World War Robot)

Most powerful and effective robot on the battle field in WWR which is an IOS game for iPad,iPhone E.C.T
Basically the best robot for defeating other robots and capturing beacon's.
The Top Ten
1 Rhino

This thing is op, I have two on my team, the frontal shield makes it almost impossible to kill from the front, great for rushing. Weapon versatility makes it very suitable for short to medium range combat. Two Tara a and two magnums makes this thing the ultimate killing machine

The Rhino has a good shield against plasmas BUT it won't be effective when against Splash Damage. The downside of the rhino for beginners is that it is hard to maneuver which a single mistake can make you a sitting duck.

Rhino can be a great robot for beacon rush. When you put up your shield, it will move fast. The downside of the Rhino is that it can't move to the left or the right easily when you have the shield up. Overall, it is the best robot in the game!

Build in physical shield which can break through the front lines and turn the favor into his. Rhino can also build a death button which can eliminate enemies with one single blow.

2 Griffin

I think "Griffin" should be on Top 1. If you visit the stronger players in legend leaques you see in their hangars has a Griffin. Because of its Jump Ability allows them to dodge incoming attacks and able to fire while in the air. Unlike Rhinos has a lots of limitations while entering "Assault Mode" Their shield seems useless because they can only defend themeselves in frontal attacks but they can't turn around which an enemy has a chance to attack them in back or side to side.

The Griffin is a great combo with 2 EP Magums and 2 S-GS Tarans. It packs a heavy punch. The medium to short range is effective in both little cover areas, and huge cover areas. The jump ability enables the Griffin to travel fast, jump to safety, confuse enemies, and kill campers and Death buttons. It's jump is also farther than Cossack and Rogatka.

Overall, this robot should definitely be one of the best robots.

Griffin uses 2 medium and 2 light slots for weapons. This far better than the G.L Patton. The best part is the jump. You could hid and jump while firing over and over again.

I'm on power plant map and sees my team is having trouble dealing with four robots behind a wall... I take my DB griffin jumps over the wall and killed all four within 45 seconds. This was in silver league 2

3 Raijin

The Raijin has the most hotpoint pool in the entire game. It's speed is acceptable for such a heavy robot and the bastion mode shield is incredible. The reason I chose it over the Fujin is because the Fujin can get dominated with energy weapons like the Zeus or Scourge, meanwhile the ankle shield has very little hit points. Every time my Raijin appears on the battleground, everybody avoids it.

The bot you may not think has the ability to "climb" on walls purposely because since it has good health combined with another bot, can bother cause devastating damage such as: Raigin and Fuijin, and guys with energy shields such as the Carnage. The Energy shields protect it from splash damage while the high health blocks the other bot.

Raijin is the BEST robot in the game. It has an easy time climbing up anything, kills any robot with ease, and has the most health in the game. It also has a shield that has a TON of health.

Overally a versatile robot. May be equipped with trebuchet or tridents for sniping advantage.
May also use thunders for INSANE close combat. Can 1v2 1v3 easily. Crazy Health Pool, Love how Bastion mode increases damage by 30%

4 GI.Patton

It is very good if you have the right weapons and can seriously damage an opponent before getting killed even at a low level.

Great robot equipped with 4 light weapons. Amazing firepower especially with pinatas also comes with a verf useful Ecu shield.

Cripples most robots very well when equipped with four SURA-F Pinata.

Good with punishers. melts down opponent energy shields. Best one ever!

5 Fujin

This robot is my favourite because not only can you protect yourself but also your friends. I recommend having fast reload weapons that are strong, to destroy enemies faster but at a reasonable rate. Also if you get caught up in battle and have no teammates with you it can make you an easy target and they will be able to get through your sentry mode, this is why you'll need fast reload weapons that do serious damage.

The sentry shield regenerates, which makes it almost impossible to kill this thing. Spider-like build gives an advantage over other robots. And Raijin only has a frontal shield, Fujin shield is all around(and it regenerates).If the slots are filled with 3 tartans, the only thing that has a chance is maybe a carnage with 2 thunders.

I use fujin with 3 tulumbas as Support and really melt Everything down sure you need to have the right Opponent if any Plasma comes arround the Corner... you know what I mean what makes a Robot Good is exactly know how to use it and know when to back Off.

This robot is my favourite, and Raijin is my second favourite. they both have shields, but this one has a regenerating shield. the Raijin however has a physical shield that cannot regenerate so I like this one better.

6 Lancelot

Beast. Nigh industructable. Build in shields block energy weapons as well as normal. Not splash damage. 1 heavy and 2 medium slots. Thunder and 2 tarans blasts anything but another Lancelot. Is slow but rush inc speed by 66% so you can close with enemy or take beacons. Then you can hold it with your shield and hammer all comers. Can also put an Ancile energy shield on it in heavy slot and be untouchable. Regularly used in the top leagues. Does cost 60 bucks though.

Beast. Nigh industructable. Build in shields block energy weapons as well as nirmal. Not splash damage. 1 heavy and 2 medium slots. Thunder and 2 tarans blasts anything but another Lancelot. Is slow but rush inc speed by 66% so you can close with enemy or take beacons. Then you can hold it with your shield and hammer all comers. Can also put an Ancile energy shield on it in heavy slot and be untouchable. Regularly used in the top leagues. Does cost 60 bucks though.

When it comes out in front of you it is almost unstoppable, but as it turns around good bye lance. Smart players memorize the map so if you need to retreat you can still back up facing the opponent. With an ancile it helps keep it alive against explosives so it's a great bot.

Even though it is an easy target, the Lancelot can easily beat any robot without area damaging weapons.
It can even counter the Rhino, if used correctly. The Lancelot also has a natural shield.

7 Carnage

It is known for its lethal. Doing tremendous damage when equipped with two Thunders at close range. And it is good for sniping equipped with 2 Trebuchet or Nashorn and also equipped with two Zeus or Trident for mid range attacks. This bot can' t withstand Magnums Tarans Trebuchets (commonly used) or any energy weapons. His built energy shield also helps for encountering non energy weapons bots. Its special pupose for ambushing equipped with Thunders which an enemy can't never forget.

Used right, the Carnage is chaos incarnate. It can wipe out a tank in seconds, and its built-in Ancile will make up for lost health. Several times, I ran around behind enemy lines without being noticed and mowed them down one by one. I even dropped down into Ancilots' energy shields before and hung on like a leech, blasting them away. The Carnage is also a good starter bot, as it comes with two thunders, not needing the player to buy weapons for it. Avoid plasma though?

The carnage is only good when played right. This bot and the the rhino take a lot of strategy to be used correctly. This is honestly my favorite bot. If your gonna use it, make sure you use high level thunders to make quick work of enemy robots. Deserves higher!

Carnage is extremely well with thunders. I used it to take on fujins and rajins by surprise, the bot may not be the most expensive bot (usually players would go for the most expensive bot thinking it is the best), it is in my opinion one of the best robots to use.

8 Leo

Having one heavy weapon, and 3 light weapons, Leo is a great robot for close combat, and for sniping. If piloted right Leo can be the best bot in the game. Leo has a lot of HP, which means that Leo can take out 2 or 3 robots before being killed. I killed a Fujin, and a Raijin in the same game with one of these.

Leo already has 2 punisher weapons which rapidly fire making it awesome for combat for both attacking and defending beacons. Also it comes with 4 weapons which in my opinion is pretty OP.

Thunder, 2 pinatas and a punisher make a leo the best all arounder. Punisher and thunder distroy energy sheilds and pinatas hit hard on all classes. Heavy health pool and decent speed make the leo a absolute nightmare for even a lancelot.

The problem with Leo is low closing speed on open map you take a lot of damage closing in to the knife fight. If you can get all the way in in ok shape it is a monster.

9 Galahad

The galahad aka gally does not do well in aoe splash because his shield is useless to rockets or aoe damage just like the ecu. however it makes a very good counter to plasma deathbutton or plasma db which is very devastating in expert league yet somehow still hold a place in the current dash bot meta. Very good firepower for a medium having 2 lights and 1 mediums for weapons. Best loadouts : 2x magnum + 1 taran
2x pinata + 1 orkan. with a fairly good mobility, an extra reinforced ecu and being the best corner shooter in the game. it's still one of the top ten bots to be chosen even with current unbalanced meta of dash bots.

As long as they don't nerf the shield, a Plasmahad can tank a lot and dish out some great damage. Similar but smaller package for a Gareth.

This thing is an absolute powerhouse. It has a super strong shield and you can corner shoot with this monster

This thing is a damn powerhouse. It can take several shots at a time...

10 Rogatka

Griffin, rhino, and fujin have more firepower than this. This should definitely not be 1#.

With twin E-SG Taran's the Rogatka is easily the most powerful robot in the game able to jump its way out of trouble and destroy enemy robots rapidly with twin E-SG Taran's.

Rogtaka is weak upon first battle at level one but upgrade it and you have made a monster.

Fun for up close hit and run first chassis with Pinatas.

The Contenders
11 Boa

A beast. Fast, manoeuvrable, packs a punch and takes damage like no other. Gets back into the fight fast, can run around bigger bots and although not ideal, it's fast enough to change tactics and run some beacons.

I love the Boa. Its like a pizza stuffed inside a turkey, whole thing deep fried and dipped in chocolate!

Great robot. It was my first medium robot. It is still op over gold league!

Boa is an awesome close range robot. My best class set up is Thunder and Taran. Use it right though.. it might fail on you.

12 Golem

Nice to have at close range when equipped with a GAU Punisher T and an ECC Thunder. This will crush the lower players in lower servers. Not as effective in higher player servers but will still do a significant amount of damage.

The best basic robot when at max level because of it's hard points, speed and even health of 171 while the Gl. Patton and Vityaz only have 166!

Too little heath, but it's firepower can't be out preformed by many robots. Great choice for starters.

Able to blast opponents to bits when equipped with EP Magnum, E-SG Taran, ECC Thunder all at once.
It is relatively cheap and works very well.

13 Natasha

I have one. She's useable in medium range combat too. Using her with 2x Kang Dae's and Pinatas, feeling like I'm prepared for anything.

I have equipped two stock zueses and two level.7 punishers on my Natasha. Effective in close and long range, turning any robot It locks onto into scrap.

If close combat isn't your thing then the Natasha is great for you with long ranged weaponry hard points.

She is very powerful because she can mount two heavy duty canons and shoot an enemy with non-stop.

14 Fury

Fury is expensive but an all around bot. A lot of health and 3 heavy slots to play with.
You can 3xthunder for close damage of 50k per second. The bigest in game. Or 3 x zeus / tridents for midrange. Or long choose your fun

Fury is a slow robot but if you equip it with three thunders it is a good robot half of my killing in the game is done by my fury.

Stunning damage produce from this beautiful robot and great health to but its just to expensive.

The only good setup is triple trident and that is incredibly good

15 Haechi

Great robot with excellent firepower. The energy shield can block a lot, and the dash makes him swift. Orkans or Scourges will work excellently.

This be at the top it is the best of the best and can grind rhino to pulp!

16 Gekko XX

Awesome for sniping
Oppents think it good because its terrifying getting laser beamed.

17 Stalker

If used properly with two Magnums you can get loads of beacons and kills, very annoying if your in a slower bot and have a stalker after you.
Try teaming up with another Stalker and you can wipe out single robots.
Be patient, upgrade and refine you skills it takes a while to perfect but it's worth it
My favourite bot and highest point scorer.

If piloted corectly, this can become the best beacon capper in the game and one of the best robots. I have an aphid stalker and I love it - running around the place, capturing beacons and dealing damage. And if fired at, the stealth mode really helps.

This robot is great for getting into a fight with it's speed, and it stays in the fight with it's stealth mode. If equipped with two magnums, your opponent will be crippled fast.

With stealth mode this robot is great for capturing beacons and counter attacking your enemy it also has great speed.

18 Gareth

This should be way higher, with the built in shield that can absorb thousands and thousands damage points. I just got it and have not been disappointed. Killed 2 natashas in won life.

Best robot with magnum and everything else. At level 12 its amazig. With 60 kh and 85 of health it's the best choice for capturing beacons.

Fast and with its shield can take down heavy bots. Must get bot.

Level it up, equip w/Taran and Magnum. Make sure taran is loaded as best as possible. Easy to take down heavy, play angles.

19 Vityaz

This robot is seriously underrated. It's high defense combined with a heavy hard point make it a serious threat.

I'm level 11 right now and I destroy people with this robot. I usually kill at least 3 bot before I die!

The Vityaz with double magnum and ecc is a force to be reckoned with, definitely think this should be of a higher ranked as it's a giant killer

20 EEC Thunder

Best weapon in close range, deals heavy damage and takes out shield easily in close combat.

21 Cossack

Don't waste it's only slot on a weapon, it's just too fragile. Strap an Ecu on it though and the little bugger can withstand most shots that'd hit it and out pace a lot of the rest. Use it wisely and you'll be the reason your team wins. I'm maintaining a 75% win ratio because of the one I keep with my heavies.

Very weak bot when it comes to just it's AC Molot. But with the E-SG Taran it's a different story. The jump allows it to get close enough to launch an insane barrage of plasma balls. Also it's quick speed allows it to retreat or charge when needed.

The little bastard is amazing and you know when half of red is turning their back to the rest of your team to chase you!

Brilliant robot for capturing beacons.

22 Gepard

Gepard mean Leopard in german. It Fast and very good for damages and kills gaining. Just put on 3 magnums and let the Gepard unleash his beast.

It can be a walking beast. Its speed can let you quickly get beacons and its power can be overwhelming.

Gepard has great speed and is perfect if it has three EP Magnum or three SURA-F Pinata.

Fast and 3 weapon slots, durability of a medium bot, when equipped with mags pinatas or aphids all brilliant

23 Doc

I won Doc in Dec with those snow flakes. Have used him since. Tried a few combos. Orkas and Tulumbas, Tarans and tulumbas and Hydrs and tulumbas. But the best for him I think is 4 Tulumbas. His top speed is 51. Witch if you play it right you can outrun Orkas and Tulumbas. His health Max's out around a hundred and 146. Mine is 128. So with the tulumbas that keeps him 500 meters back and safe because he doesn't have a lot of health. The Tulumbas take 18 sec roughly, after firing switching firing. Till you can shoot again. But that goes by fast as your setting up for your next shot.
Not a bad robot. Pretty quick, has 4 medium weapons.
Not a brawler, he is a support robot
My thoughts and experience with Doc. At time level 30, in dimond league ll. Rank 2422

24 Strider

Swift saboteur robot with good firepower. The Dash allows him to leap out and surprise attack enemies. Plus, he has FIVE charges.

This might be the most underrated bot in the game. It can take down the current OP bots such as ares or ao jun when it's right equipped.

25 Bulgasari

Robot with a lot of health and really good movement, due to the Dash ability. He also has a strong physical shield on his side, and 3 medium weapons. All of these make him deadly.

No better corner shooter in the game. Save the dashes for escaping Tulumbas and Orkans and you're golden.

This thing will mess everyone up this things a beast. Put shocktrains and go on a rampage

Very very powerful

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