Top Ten Most Powerful Overall WWR (World War Robot)

Most powerful and effective robot on the battle field in WWR which is an IOS game for iPad,iPhone E.C.T
Basically the best robot for defeating other robots and capturing beacon's.

The Top Ten Most Powerful Overall WWR (World War Robot)

1 Rhino

The Rhino has a good shield against plasmas BUT it won't be effective when against Splash Damage. The downside of the rhino for beginners is that it is hard to maneuver which a single mistake can make you a sitting duck.

All of my spots are filled with rhinos their so op the best weapons to use are 100% punishers

Build in physical shield which can break through the front lines and turn the favor into his. Rhino can also build a death button which can eliminate enemies with one single blow.

Super fast, sick detail and has overpowered damage level of all

2 Griffin

This robot is great when is medium or close combat dependant on what weaponry it has.

He does not have the most hp leo has the most hp you noob

Griffin is overpowered with 2 punisher T and 2 punishers

He has the most health

3 Raijin

Great climbing and all heavy weapon use

Rain in is way to over powered it should be 1 it is the best robot in the game a rhino is not

Awesome climbing ability

I use raigin with level 10 thunders. It is a true punisher

4 GI.Patton



When I equip Gl Patton with a ecu it can protect from spirals

Gl Patton is overpowered with 4 Aphids

5 Fujin

This robot is my favourite because not only can you protect yourself but also your friends. I recommend having fast reload weapons that are strong, to destroy enemies faster but at a reasonable rate. Also if you get caught up in battle and have no teammates with you it can make you an easy target and they will be able to get through your sentry mode, this is why you'll need fast reload weapons that do serious damage.

I say he is number 1

Fujin has an amazing sentry ability and amazing damage

Fujin is an amazing robot especially with three Tarans and it energy shield is outstandingly amazing

6 Lancelot

The rush ability is good for closing in and running away

If more people owned this it would be 1

Add a heavy ancile to pair with it's physical shield, nearly unkillable in any 1v1

It got a good sheild

7 Carnage

I have a carnage I would recommend it to anyone. Equpted with avenger and zeus and killed 10 robots with it alone

I have a carnage and It can dominate the battle field and take on a rhino and griffin at once even though it's health is low it takes down enemies quick enough for it no to take any damage thanks to the energy shield if piloted right it's the best bot in the game

The carnage is only good when played right. This bot and the the rhino take a lot of strategy to be used correctly. This is honestly my favorite bot. If your gonna use it, make sure you use high level thunders to make quick work of enemy robots. Deserves higher!

The most powerful bot if good piloted... Its rush capacity ables you to turn around Rhinos, surprise your opponent or get cover

8 Leo

Leo always the best

It is actually great with a thunder and three punishers, I killed 8 enemies with him!

Best bot ever

To OP. put in thrd place

9 Galahad

One of the best classes worth of spending 25$

This thing is a damn powerhouse. It can take several shots at a time...

Galahad is really fast and powerful which gives it an advantage

This thing is an absolute powerhouse. It has a super strong shield and you can corner shoot with this monster

10 Rogatka

It is good with stormMK2s.

Rogatka is overpowered with 2 Orkan
Put it at number1

Its ass lol

Amazingly annoying when trying to run away from it

The Contenders

11 Boa

My boa kills lancalots easy thunder and storm combination destroys everyone I have a level 8 or 9 thunder and a level 9 storm best combo when used well

Durable and fast.

Great robot. It was my first medium robot. It is still op over gold league!

My first medium robot and it kills almost anything as long as you have it equipped with the right guns

12 Golem

Cheapest to upgrade robot, unique, beat

Two words, TOP Golem.

Too little heath, but it's firepower can't be out preformed by many robots. Great choice for starters.

One of the best starters very good knife fighter

13 Natasha

Robot this have I Because

Natasha is the best for close and long range

She is very powerful because she can mount two heavy duty canons and shoot an enemy with non-stop.

If close combat isn't your thing then the Natasha is great for you with long ranged weaponry hard points.

14 Fury

Fury is a slow robot but if you equip it with three thunders it is a good robot half of my killing in the game is done by my fury.

You can get him early on and deals high damage

Stunning damage produce from this beautiful robot and great health to but its just to expensive.

Really goo robot I have and at close range the thunders destroy anything, I mean anything

15 Haechi


Haechi is really good it has really good fire power

This be at the top it is the best of the best and can grind rhino to pulp!

Energy shield and the speed makes up with the amount of damage it can apply when it is equipped with the right weapons

16 Stalker

This robot is great for getting into a fight with it's speed, and it stays in the fight with it's stealth mode. If equipped with two magnums, your opponent will be crippled fast.

With stealth mode this robot is great for capturing beacons and counter attacking your enemy it also has great speed.

Stealth mode is great for fighting bigger robots because they can't target you

Just love it!

17 Gekko XX



Awesome for sniping
Oppents think it good because its terrifying getting laser beamed.

18 Gareth

Fast and with its shield can take down heavy bots. Must get bot.

This should be way higher, with the built in shield that can absorb thousands and thousands damage points. I just got it and have not been disappointed. Killed 2 natashas in won life.

Great speed but not good at long try orkans on the little guy and sure you will kill him gareth was my first robot with a shield

Best robot with magnum and everything else. At level 12 its amazig. With 60 kh and 85 of health it's the best choice for capturing beacons.

19 Vityaz

It's thunder is amazing for close range

This robot is seriously underrated. It's high defense combined with a heavy hard point make it a serious threat.

I'm level 11 right now and I destroy people with this robot. I usually kill at least 3 bot before I die!

The Vityaz with double magnum and ecc is a force to be reckoned with, definitely think this should be of a higher ranked as it's a giant killer

20 Cossack

Don't waste it's only slot on a weapon, it's just too fragile. Strap an Ecu on it though and the little bugger can withstand most shots that'd hit it and out pace a lot of the rest. Use it wisely and you'll be the reason your team wins. I'm maintaining a 75% win ratio because of the one I keep with my heavies.

The little bastard is amazing and you know when half of red is turning their back to the rest of your team to chase you!

Brilliant robot for capturing beacons.

Really good for low health ambushing. I got a level 5 mk2 Cossack with a Orkan. Really good

21 EEC Thunder

Best weapon in close range, deals heavy damage and takes out shield easily in close combat.

Pretty dank


22 Gepard

It can be a walking beast. Its speed can let you quickly get beacons and its power can be overwhelming.

Gepard mean Leopard in german. It Fast and very good for damages and kills gaining. Just put on 3 magnums and let the Gepard unleash his beast.

Fast and 3 weapon slots, durability of a medium bot, when equipped with mags pinatas or aphids all brilliant

Gepard has great speed and is perfect if it has three EP Magnum or three SURA-F Pinata.

23 Doc


I is too op beyter than galahad what do you think

I won Doc in Dec with those snow flakes. Have used him since. Tried a few combos. Orkas and Tulumbas, Tarans and tulumbas and Hydrs and tulumbas. But the best for him I think is 4 Tulumbas. His top speed is 51. Witch if you play it right you can outrun Orkas and Tulumbas. His health Max's out around a hundred and 146. Mine is 128. So with the tulumbas that keeps him 500 meters back and safe because he doesn't have a lot of health. The Tulumbas take 18 sec roughly, after firing switching firing. Till you can shoot again. But that goes by fast as your setting up for your next shot.
Not a bad robot. Pretty quick, has 4 medium weapons.
Not a brawler, he is a support robot
My thoughts and experience with Doc. At time level 30, in dimond league ll. Rank 2422

24 Strider

This might be the most underrated bot in the game. It can take down the current OP bots such as ares or ao jun when it's right equipped.

so fun

Definitely one of the best bots in my hangar. when equipped with the right weapons, its shred and run. you can take virtually no damage and kill an entire raijin in one go.

25 Bulgasari

3 scourge

This thing will mess everyone up this things a beast. Put shocktrains and go on a rampage

It's so cool with 3 shosktran

Very very powerful


It could beat your ass

A falcon can take on six bots and do serious damage to an enemy... Also has jump ability and is your ass!

Better than anything

Quick, jump, and can stand any weapon used against it in passive mode. One on one it can take any robot in passive mode because incoming damage is decreased so much. Fitted with Glory in the main slot that is so dash robots will have trouble running away.

27 SMS Hydra

It is really lame

28 99999

It sucks

It sucks

29 Jesse

So bad,when with punisher to

It is really good with 2 pinatas and 2 magnums

With four aphids this is a great close range support bot. Use it's speed to stay behind cover and avoid damage or follow behind a heavy.

It’s okay.

30 Lol

Lol indeed

31 EP Magnum


32 Orkan


Extremely destructive once upgraded

33 Ares

Honestly I can't even say how many times Manni-gaming wanted it nerfed so badly because of its power

With the right setup and it's absolute OP ability of the shield and the OP built in laser this bot is a absolute machine capable of taking down kings such as the Falcon and Haechi.

34 Destrier

Such a noon robot

It's speed is good for beacon capture.

It is out preformed by stalkers

35 Raijin MK-Lvl12

Amazing shied against shotguns,energy, and just plain bullets.

No bude dares to touch this hero at short range equiped with level 12 thunders.

It’s awesome

36 Raven

It's very good when using the jumps correctly

This thing is dang savage

Double jump is awesome!

I don't have it:(

37 Butch

I have a butch and it is not Friendly

Butch should be at number 2 or something when over gold league is op equip him with quad trebuchets and he can take down anything

Should be 1 give thunder and zemit

A powerful sniper, taking about 15 seconds to switch between the heavy weapons.


Healing for your movement? Amazing trade!

Aloya ya. VEYland be da best out of all dos little oreos.Has protective circle. Dis zircle keeps you 100000000000 light years away from dah damage.ØP with to tunders and dah two žêüšêž and da two trīdëńtź. BY see ya nest year of doomballs.

39 1oooooooo
40 EE-Aphid

Extremely effective with the right pilot!

Flys fast and is storing enough to kill you in one shot


With the jumping and suppression and being a tank. This thing is a very good robot to have in your hanger.

I think the jump ability on a spider-type robot with the suppression is OP!

It’s so strong it can make a ground pound so strong it can kill 10 robots

42 Haole

Haha. Made me smile braddha

This one likes to move in your area and buy up everything making prices higher, does not fit in because of style.

43 Super Mechs

It's the beeest robot game ever

Best robot

44 Punisher

Op during level 1 fighting

45 Schutze

Jumping like the mercury without stealth is a pretty good thing,(Kind of)

Very good robot at small levels when equipped with ECC Thunder

Awsomely fast sniper

46 BrianTrannn

Worst gun ever

47 Pliot Nex 990987

You are awesome I love you

48 9T7MUY
49 727272716

Ares is the best with its rebutition and purple shield best with halo and corona!

50 Nastron


Two hevy and light slots great far combat equipped with Zeus and geko will do you allot of damage

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