Top 10 Predicted Worst Movies of 2018


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1 Gnomeo & Juliet: Sherlock Gnomes

Dude, No Offense, But Wait At Least until One Of These Films gets a trailer, no offense - VideoGamefan5

Woah woah woah, he was just telling you that you made this list too quick, how is that even offensive? - DCfnaf

2 Maze Runner: The Death Cure
3 Jurassic World 2
4 Fifty Shades Freed
5 Pacific Rim: Uprising
6 Tomb Raider
7 Ocean's Eight
8 Bumblebee
9 Sonic the Hedgehog

Better not disappoint

How on earth is a live-action/cg-I hybrid going to work with something as fast paced and adrenaline fuelled as Sonic the Hedgehog?
This better not end up like the Chipmunks or Smurfs movies.

As a huge Sonic fan I REALLY don't want this to end up bad, but I just don't see why it had to be a live-action/cg-I hybrid. It would've been common sense to go all cg-I like the games.
I'll have to wait for a trailer to come out or get more information before making proper judgement. There may still be a shred of hope, but for now I have my doubts. - SuperSonic17

At all costs, never trust Eamon. He literally defended The Smurfs movie duology by Sony Pictures Animation, and even worse, he literally likes the Super Mario Bros. live-action movie! >:(

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10 The Secret Life of Pets 2

Let me guess, secret life of pets 2 is going to rip off toy story 4! Also this movie is delayed to 2019

I'm not seeing it

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11 Hotel Transylvania 3

Not another one!

12 Wreck-It Ralph 2
13 Barbie
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