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1 Teen Titans Go! the Movie

I just saw the trailer and I do believe this is going to be crap, and not because of the fart joke that they instantly showcased, but because of what else I think the creators plan on making this film into: a satire, which was proven by the phrase they made at the end "because if Aquaman can get a movie, anyone can". You can easily tell that the creators are taking shots at their own show right in the trailer, meaning that this film may end up being a horrible satirical attempt at making their show look even worse than it always has been. The sad thing is that the creators KNOW that their show is garbage, showing that they don't care about the people who watch, especially fans of the original show, just as long as they get a healthy paycheck. - Mcgillacuddy

Oh no! Why did a crappy show get a movie anyways? Let's hope they don't make a PPG 2016 movie, which will probably be even worse. Hell naw, I am no way going to watch this. This show hogs airtime, why make it even more overrated. The show has some of the worst humor ever, it is immature and childish, and no cool action scenes, not to mention it has fetishes. I bet at the theaters, there will only be a few small children, because almost everyone older than 7 years old that I know hates this show. - AnimeDrawer

I can already tell this movie is going to suck! As soon as I saw the trailer's thumbnail, it looked like it was going to be a sequel to "The Fourth Wall" (that episode where the Titans look at the audience and insult them). Even if people say it's good when it comes out, I'll still refuse to see it because I just know they're going to pull another "Return of Slade" on us again.

Just read the latest news about this movie: Apparently Robin wants his own movie separate from the Teen Titans. Does this mean the TTG break up and disband in the movie? If yes, it'll be a satisfying conclusion for the haters. - TwilightKitsune

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2 Fifty Shades Freed

Another fifty shades movie? No one asked for a new Fifty shades movie. - Fullwalking2

I try to watch my Hulu and this keeps blowing up in my face like seriously I don't need to see the pleasure room anymore just stop - Yatagarasu

Worse than Teen Titans

Ok, TTG:TTM looks bad, but here's why this film looks like dog crap,the two predesesers were some of the worst films ever

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3 Peter Rabbit

Peter Rabbit (AKA Rabbits Torturing A Farmer Harshly So He Can Stop Messing With Them). that's what I think the plot is about.

It's either this or Monster Family will be the 2018's Emoji Movie. The trailer is crap, and it's a ripoff from Home Alone. I see Sony Animation is running out of ideas. And Hotel Transylvania 3 is also crap.

This will probably be the worst movies of 2018 and the plot is probably going to be horrible.

I actually liked it - Swampert02

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4 Tomb Raider

99% chance this movie sucks

Why this movie without Angelina Jolie? This is gonna be stupid and a ripoff.

5 Barbie

Nobody gives a crap about childhood memories! Leave them alone!

Um, it's barbie! It's terrible.

6 Aquaman
7 Gnomeo & Juliet: Sherlock Gnomes

This actually looks decent. Am I the only one who has found out that a lot of 2013 films/shows are coming back this year? - AnimeDrawer

Dude, No Offense, But Wait At Least until One Of These Films gets a trailer, no offense - VideoGamefan5

Woah woah woah, he was just telling you that you made this list too quick, how is that even offensive? - DCfnaf

I watched the trailer and... It looked ATROCIOUS. - Swampert02

The trailer looks terrible. The biggest, worst thing about many modern “family” animated movies is that the companies don’t care, but just want to gain a profit. Take the Emoji Movie for example! It was terrible

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8 God's Not Dead 3

There is a reason I want to become Atheist, because of Christian Extremism, I can't stand it. Nothing against God, normal Christians and the Bible. What I cannot tolerate is Christian Extremists who believe everything is Satanic and believe in those anti-Jewish conspiracies, that makes me not want to be part of the religion anymore. - AnimeDrawer

Please don't leave us! Don't think like what they think. God is kind, loving and merciful. It's these idiots abusing their religion just for personal gain. Actually I'm also starting to feel uneasy with Christians like these just like you. - Neonco31

Don't watch this if you aren't Christian, because it's really just "change your faith now you! ". Don't watch this if you are Christian, because the entire series just teaches you how to be an intolerable bigot. - Swellow

I'm Christian and I think that these movies are offensive, hate-spewing pieces of garbage. - phillysports

This series is for absolutely no one other than the most extreme fundamentalist Christians. If you’re not a complete nut, don’t watch this. - Zach808

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9 Solo: A Star Wars Story

I think it wont be an interesting, explainitory movie. Boo!

It’s going to be another rouge one. Pointless to the franchise itself yet will still sell tons of merchandise - Randomator

I saw solo it is very good, why is this on the list you Mormons, Solo is good!
You are just trashy monsters prowling on the weak and hungry stupidheads.

I Don’t want a backstory. - Ilikegames

10 Pacific Rim: Uprising

Judging by the trailer, this film doesn't actually look too bad.

Oops, I voted for this. I'm actually looking forward to this movie... - PerfectImpulseX

The first one from 2013 looks laughably dimwitted. I'm guessing this one being released in 2k18 will be cheesy as the first movie. Yup, it looks like they're running out of ideas.

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11 Teen Titans Go! to the Movies Teen Titans Go! to the Movies

Same thing as number 1. - AnimeDrawer

So terrible it'- Ah, forget it - SpectralOwl

Is that title a reference to the god-awful Pokemon Go To The Polls meme? If so, this movie has probably the biggest uphill battle of all time. - Zach808

Looks stupid

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12 Ocean's Eight

Rihanna thinking she can act, she'll never match up to the original movie nor the remakes with George Clooney

13 Slender Man

What Jay12 said. Seriously, I actually watched the trailer to Slender Man myself, and only the beginning with the whole psycho strings was creepy. The rest of the trailer is just some random incoherent scenes slapped together in a poor attempt to use jump scares and shock value. We don't even see Slender Man. Just some scarred girl with black worms or something coming out of her mouth. - ModernSpongeBobSucks

Slender Man got an innocent girl killed. That should cause a documentary, not a horror film. Pinocchio has some scenes that are scarier than all of the trailer. - 445956

The trailer not even scary. It's Crap. - Jay12

At least it's better than Emoji Movie.

That's why The Internet never deserve to have a spotlight.

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14 Gnomeo & Juliet: Sherlock Gnomes
15 Jurassic World 2


16 The Secret Life of Pets 2

Another one? Was the movie even that successful? - AnimeDrawer

Let me guess, secret life of pets 2 is going to rip off toy story 4! Also this movie is delayed to 2019

The only reason the first one was even tolerable was because it copied a lot from a much better movie. Without havingToy Story right there to steal from, Illumination is absolutely nothing. - Zach808

Get this cancelled

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17 Hotel Transylvania 3

Not another one!

Its rubbish

NopE! - TeamRocket747

I hope after this one, the series will end. Don't make this another Ice Age. Genndy Tartoskovy(sorry if I mispronounced his name) is going to write this one, so it might be decent. - AnimeDrawer

18 The Grinch

Why Illumination? - Randomator

Well, there’s one bright side: This cannot possibly be worse than the live-action Grinch movie from 2000. It’s physically impossible. Right? RIGHT? - Zach808

19 Deadpool 2 Deadpool 2

Laugh from beginning to end! love the movie

After surviving a near fatal knee boarding accident, a disfigured guidance counselor (Wade Wilson) struggles to fulfill his dream of becoming Poughkeepsie's most celebrated French Bulldog breeder while also learning to cope with an open relationship. Searching to regain his passion for life, as well as a new stuffed unicorn, Wade must battle ninjas, tight assed metal men, and babysit a group stereotypical side characters as he journeys around the world to discover the importance of family, friendship, and creative outlets for his very open-minded sex life. He manages to find a new lust for being a do-gooder, a sparkly Hello Kitty backpack, all while earning the coveted coffee mug title of World's Best 4th Wall Breaking Superhero.

Deadpool is acting gayish and dumb and the plot makes no sense.

20 Hotel Transylvania 3: Summer Vacation Hotel Transylvania 3: Summer Vacation

Not another hotel Transylvania! - TeamRocket747

Can we stop now - Randomator

21 Monster Family

This actually doesn't look too bad, I don't know why. - AnimeDrawer

Frankenstein will be rolling on the ground

Do not watch this crap. I've already seen it and it's really bad. This is the 2018's Emoji Movie (no, actually worse)

22 Isle of Dogs

This movie looks good

Looks bad

23 Maze Runner: The Death Cure

This movie was actually good but despite the low ratings (not as bad as Scorch Trials though). This one also has non-stop battles, but I understand why this got hates. That's because it has too much explosions, especially in the last 1 hour, where it's all battles. I'll probably spoil some stuff in the movie. This is the longest and most Maze Runner movie. This has non-stop battles, even the first battle is really huge. Also, if you're mistaken, Janson is the main villain in the whole series, not Avia Paige. Lots of characters die in the film. Two major characters die in the film, Newt and Theresa (did I forget that Theresa betrayed WCKD after she hears Janson saying she wants to kill Thomas? ), and the film ends with everyone living safely on an island and making a memorial stone.

Wasn't this stupid young adult sequel cancelled?

Gtfo you don’t know how to rate bitch.

24 Early Man Early Man Wallace and Gromit is a American-British clay animation comedy series created by Nick Park of Aardman Animations.

I'm very interested at this movie after Shaun the Sheep Movie and Pirates: Band of Misfits. I'm sure this movie was better be good.

25 Woody Woodpecker Woody Woodpecker

The voice quality for Woody is bad, the writing is bad, the jokes are bad, and there's a scene that's a bit too violent (a scene where Woody puts gas in the loggers' trailer and it explodes while the woman is still in there.) Then they try and cover it up by doing the "Don't try this at home" thing, and that it was only OK because it was done by a cartoon character. This movie is atrocious and there's no doubt about it. It was also only done because the people in Brazil are the only people left who like the character.

This movie looks terrible, Woody is a CGI abomination, and he just wants to torture the loggers and lawyers that are trying to destroy his home. And his laugh is so annoying that people would probably slam their head into their desk repeatedly like Phantomstrider. This movie is unfunny, bad plot, and poorly written. I personally think this is gonna be the worst DVD movie of 2018.

This movie sucks, There will probably be a live action Tom and Jerry next

26 Avengers: Infinity War Avengers: Infinity War

Another boring, forgettable Avengers movie that will take all the attention away from better films.

What the hell? This movie is awesome!

27 Ready Player One

Good news: Steven Speilberg will direct this movie based on a 2011 book of the same name. I'm pretty sure this one was good IF there was a coconut scene was in it (Monty Phython reference).

28 Tyler Perry's a Madea Family Funeral

I think it will be cool...never seen the trailer, will probably watch it after typing this. But I love all Madea or Tyler Perry movies, the worst I've seen was one that Tyler Perry didn't come up with alone. He got the idea from Chris Rock, then was encouraged to make the movie by Lionsgate. It's not a Tyler Perry Movie for me.

Though thus one seems interesting, just change the name to something simpler and shorter.

29 The Predator
30 Sonic the Hedgehog

I really hope this doesn't screw up!

Sonic, you better not screw up now. - Ultron123

Better not disappoint

Video game movie it’s screwed - Randomator

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31 The Emoji Movie 2

If this is real, then I'm going to leave this planet

Doesn't exists. DUH

If this is real my head will explode - Randomator

Lol what? - Neonco31

32 Venom
33 Duck Duck Goose

It's just going to be another generic "family comedy" film filled to the brim with bad fart jokes and toilet humor. Seriously, animation studios like Disney, Pixar, and Studio Ghibli have shown us that animation isn't just for kids and can appeal to all ages as not just an entertainment medium, but also a form of art as well! So it's sad to see studios like Sony Pictures Animation bring down the representation of animation. And with Open Road Films, considering they've given us stupid crap like The Nut Job and its sequel, this movie will definitely be no better. - ModernSpongeBobSucks

Duck Duck Goose looks awful and rushed. It has too much potty humour, Captain Underpants did a good job with it. Looks like the duck version of that awful 2017 film The Nut Job 2.

34 Paddington 2

I didn't like Paddington, - TeamRocket747

35 Halloween

Another remake that nobody asked for.

36 The Incredibles 2 The Incredibles 2

I'm sorry Pixar, but you let me down, the description of this movie is that Mrs. Incredible takes the main role and Bob takes a backseat and watches the kids. The Incredibles had the whole family working together, and that was special. Pixar better not pull a Cars 3 here. - Yatagarasu

Hey! The Incredibles is a great movie!

What? I want to see this, this looks like it is going to be good! - AnimeDrawer

I am so excited for it. - Swampert02

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37 How the Grinch Stole Christmas
38 Black Panther

This is easily Marvel's worst film. Sure, the visuals are nice, but the political correctness feels so forced! - SteamedSpaghet

SteamedSpaghet Are u with me? This is the best movie of all time. The characters are badass and have so much personality, and I will agree that the visuals are jaw-dropping, the comedy is top notch (especially the what are those joke), and the messages are so touching and thought provoking. As much as I loved all the Spider Man movies, none of them will ever come close to the masterpiece, that is Black Panther. Not to mention, Michael B Jordan takes on the villain's role, and he does an excellent job at it. This movie easily gets a 10/10

39 Love, Simon
40 Truth or Dare
41 Arctic Justice: Thunder Squad
42 Sherlock Gnomes
43 Rampage
44 Super Mario Bros.

Surely Illumination could at least do better than the other god awful Mario Bros movie that almost everyone forgot about - Randomator

I don’t think a cgi Mario movie would work. They should do it 2d. It would make more sense. - Ilikegames

That classic Super Mario Bros. movie was just bad as this one. (Dat goombas though)
This movie was distributed by Illuminations (the animation studio behind Despicable Me)
and I hope this was going to be good.

Let's see...
Is this movie based on a video game? Yes.
Has there already been a god-awful movie based on this game? Oh god yes.
What studio is handling it? Oh, Illumination? Well, if this movie wasn't doomed before, it is now. - Zach808

45 Bumblebee
46 Wreck-It Ralph 2

Loved loved LOVED "Wreck-It Ralph" but do not care for the announced setting change to the Internet. And given the success of a certain other recent Disney film and that the Internet isn't for porn anymore so much as sociopolitical back-and-forth, it's going to be a spit-storm.

47 Angry Birds 2

Collapses to floor - TeamRocket747

That's 2019

48 Mission: Impossible 6
49 Smallfoot
50 Pokemon Sun and Moon: Necrozma's Revenge

I hope this isn't a live action movie, because anime live action movies always end up bad. - AnimeDrawer

I thought the anime was bad enough

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