Best Prime Ministers of Bangladesh

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1 Begum Khaleda Zia

Khaleda Zia respects our Democracy!

Ideal Leader of Bangladesh

A gentle lady like his husband

Begum zia is best honourable prime minister

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2 Hussain Muhammad Ershad

He was a dictator during his presidency. He ruled our country 4 years as a dictator. That's why he didn't selected nor will as a ruler in this country

He is a Bangladeshi politician who was President of Bangladesh from 1983 to 1990. Previously, he was Chief of Army Staff of the Bangladesh Army and Chief Martial Law Administrator in 1982 following a bloodless coup.

He is a proper and complete prime minister... And maximum highway was built by him, he gave Bangladesh a basic stucture...

I am a Bangladeshi and I would like to say Kahleda Zia is a gentle leader for uor country.

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3 Sheikh Hasina

She should be the number 1

Sge is the best. Bangladesh is growing up because of her leading.

I have no idea - polerbearlollol34

She is the lady hitler and worst dictator in the history of Bangladesh.She doesn't respect any religion.She doesn't care about people's lives.She is declarrd "Wrong Headed" vy Bangladesh high court.She is the killer of democracy. She can do anything dor the thirst of blood.

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4 Kazi Zafar Ahmed
5 Fakhruddin Ahmed

He was the most brave person in Bangladesh. He put all the corrupted leaders to jail. He opened the original ugly face of the politicians. The ordinary peoples lived and slept in peace during his time. All the criminals either was in jail or escaped from the country.

He was in power Just for two year. But, He changed our country a lot!

Common people of Bangladesh had their best time during his tenure. Illegal market syndications were broken down & severe punishments were given to law dodgers. Since 2000, people from both middle & poor class were happiest during his 2 years period. As for current parties, both BAL & BNP are the just two opposite sides of the same coin.

He is the best

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6 Tajuddin Ahmad
7 Sheikh Mujibur Rahman Sheikh Mujibur Rahman

Best president ever - nehal1

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1. Begum Khaleda Zia
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1. Begum Khaleda Zia
2. Fakhruddin Ahmed
3. Kazi Zafar Ahmed
1. Begum Khaleda Zia
2. Hussain Muhammad Ershad
3. Fakhruddin Ahmed

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