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1 Sour Cream & Onion

No need for a list lads. Everyone knows that this is the best flavour

Eating this right now. I don't like onions, but I love this flavour.

It tastes so good.

This pringle flavor has ascended above the rest. It rests in Olympus with the God's of culinary snacks

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2 The Original

Better than sour cream

Sour Cream & Onion is okay, but Original is a hundered times better than it. - goddangwatir

Only one chip swerling around in my mouth that hard crispy texture, spice from heaven it sould be num 1 I just love it 24/7

3 Salt & Vinegar

Salt and Vinegar is my favorite potato chip flavor! Go salt and vinegar!

SALT AND VINEGAR! THAT IS MY FAVORITE! I LIKE SALT & VINEGAR ANYTHING! I just all in all love salt, and also vinegar alone! - lionsforlife

4 Barbecue

My fave used to be sour cream and onion but I'm eating the BBQ ones just now and they beat everything else hands down!

Pringles BBQ is the best it is the most delicous food ever...

BBQ Pringles are OK - lionsforlife

Barbecue is THE BEST

5 Pizza

One of the best flavors obviously

Can it get better than this? Nope.

6 Cheddar Cheese

Way better than others

Chedder cheese should be number one, the best

I'm hungry >:(

7 Bacon Ranch

Two of the best flavours known to man. - PetSounds

mmm - lionsforlife

8 Jalapeno

Sweet and spicy!

9 Honey Mustard
10 Prawn Cocktail

The Newcomers

? South African Peri Peri

Just awesome

The Contenders

11 Dill Pickle

The best... I'm Canadia.

It's dill-icous

12 Hot & Spicy

If you don't like this I don't know what's wrong with u.

Hot and spicy is the best sour cream is a fraud

13 Ranch
14 Paprika
15 Cinnamon Crunch
16 Loaded Baked Potato
17 Texas BBQ Sauce

Best flavour ever, sour cream is a sin. It is the epitome of horrible crop flavours!

18 Roast Chicken And Herb
19 Cheeseburger

I love normal cheese burgers so am guessing this sort of tastes like it

20 Cheese Onion

Its ok not bad its good

It’s the tastiest thing I’ve ever eaten

21 Sriracha
22 Cheddar and Sour Cream
23 Buffalo Ranch

It’s so yummy like eating buffalo wings with ranch but with no meat!

24 French Onion Dip
25 Xtreme Ragin' Cajun
26 Kickin' Chicken Taco
27 Tortillas Nacho Cheese
28 Flame Grilled Steak
29 Memphis BBQ

So good, my favorite

30 Zesty Queso
31 Xtreme Exploding Cheese and Chili
32 Chicken Salt

This is the BOMB!

33 Extra Hot Chili Lime
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1. Sour Cream & Onion
2. Salt & Vinegar
3. The Original
1. Hot & Spicy
2. Sour Cream & Onion
3. The Original
1. Salt & Vinegar
2. Prawn Cocktail
3. The Original

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