Top Ten Problems Facing Teens

The Top Ten Problems Facing Teens

1 Social Pressure for Sex

Well, if somebody asked me for sex, I'd kill them off. Problem solved. - BorisRule

If someone asked me for sex I would say "Nope." and walk away. Then I would tell an adult. - RiverClanRocks

2 Single Parenthood and Divorce
3 Being Misunderstood by Parents

My parents hardly understand me at all, and it's because we're very different people. I am everything my family is not, and that's spooky.

4 Drugs and Alcohol
5 Lack of Trustworthy Friends

That I can relate to

6 Lack of Modest Role Models
7 People Who Don't Believe In Your Dreams
8 Bullying from Internet and Peers
9 Self Esteem
10 Hyped Materialism

The Contenders

11 Early School Start Times

Seven hours and 30 minutes. Quite early, but I can handle it - BorisRule

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