Top 10 Problems with Suicide Squad (2016)

The Suicide Squad movie was a pretty good superheroe (or supervillain) film. But the movie has problems that had ruined the movie for some viewers and had left others wanting more.

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1 The Choppy Editing

The movie was a hot mess. I would really love to challenge whoever cut all of those scenes with Joker and Harley's origin rather than the scenes where Harley is showing her bum at the audience. - DCfnaf

The movie had important scenes cut out and it shows and as a result the movie dosen't feel finished. - ChaoslordG1

2 The Joker Appeared a Lot Less Than Advertised

The trailers led many to belive that the Joker would be the main villain. But he doesn't appear that much at all. - ChaoslordG1

Why would Joker be the villain if Harley was one of the protagonists? - DCfnaf

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3 The Plot

They had wasted potential for these character as it could have a interesting plot involving some operation of sorts. But instead the plot - ChaoslordG1

I honestly had no idea what they were even doing throughout the film. - DCfnaf

4 The Music Selection is Random

Completely. - DCfnaf

5 The Main Villain

This is the one thing that annoyed me most. The Enchantress was just weird. - Catlover2004

Ugh, don't even get me started. Enchantress doesn't feel like a villain to me. She also reminded me of a cobra with a big headress. She was doing this weird cha cha dance... - DCfnaf

6 Tries to Be "Guardians of the Galaxy" V 1 Comment
7 Can't Decide Its Tone

No villain seemed intimidating. - DCfnaf

8 Changed It to Be PG-13
9 Too Many Explosions
10 Overstuffed Cast V 1 Comment

The Newcomers

? The Man Who Can Climb Anything
? Everyone Survives A Helicopter Crash

The Contenders

11 No Poison Ivy

I was disappointed that Ivy was not in the movie, I hope they put her in the sequel. - Stevenuniversefangirl

12 No Catwoman
13 Cara Delevingne Cara Delevingne

Wow, her performance was terrible and she was basically a cobra woman. - DCfnaf

Her performance as Enchantress was simply dire.

14 Harley Quinn Isn't Wearing Her Jester Costume and is Oversexualized

Although Harley was okay she could have been better. Try your best to think of one DC female charter that hasn't been sexulized... Still thinking? Yep the only one that's never been sexulized is Ariel (female robin) they didn't even get the colours right, Harley should be wearing red and black. It would have been better if she wasn't so sexulized

15 Not Enough Lines for the Characters
16 No Batgirl
17 Not Enough Katana

Why was she even in the movie? There's no backstory for her except for "sword of souls that has dead husband". She has no purpose in the plot. - DCfnaf

18 Not Enough Enchantress
19 Not Enough Joker
20 Not Enough Harley Quinn
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1. The Choppy Editing
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