Top Ten Professional Female Skateboarders

Sk8er girls in all disciplines: Ramp, street, flat. I want to know which girls are the best female skateboarders.

The Top Ten

1 Leticia Bufoni

She is a very good skateboarder. Mainly skates street and she can do good tricks. I like her also because she is very pretty and knows how to deal with the media. Nice smile and lovely Brazilian accent. - sexandskateandrocknroll

She is a good pro skater. She can do awesome tricks. One of my favourites.

2 Sabre Norris


She is the future of the female skateboarding. This girl is amazing in ramp. Very inspirational and brave. - sexandskateandrocknroll

She deserves 1st
She is awesome and pretty too
She’s also an amazing surfer
I love her and that’s why I’m voting for her Go Sabre

3 Alana Smith

This girl has already won the X games once and she is very young. She has great potential.

This little girl was the youngest winner ot the X-Games. She got the first place in Barcelona X Games. - sexandskateandrocknroll

4 Erica Nicole Madrid

This girl is incredibly talented. She can do anything: Athlete, skateboarder, musician, blogger,... You should see her. - sexandskateandrocknroll

5 Cristina Cociu

Good flatground and street tricks. - sexandskateandrocknroll

6 Lacey Baker

She has a massive FS flip. She skates for MEOW

7 Elissa Steamer

She can perform insane street tricks. She was voted the best female skateboarder in the world in 2003 - sexandskateandrocknroll

8 Mar Barrera

Good lines at MACBA

9 Lizzie Armanto

Very good ramp skater.

10 Kate Shengeliya

Amazing kickflips and rad style

The Contenders

11 Andrea Wilshusen
12 Julia Wilshusen
13 Candy Jacobs

Very good street skater

14 Julia Brückler

Amazing skater with an incredible bag of tricks in flat, ledge and banks.

She is incredible. I met her at LKXA BCN. If you see her videos your mind will blown up.

15 Mariah Duran


Wow she killing it the last three years she one tp look at. wow

16 Lyn-Z Adams Hawkins
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