Top 10 Most Progressive Blind Guardian Songs

Blind Guardian aren't a proggressive metal band but their songs are actually very progressive and often have several elements of progressive music.

Some of the elements of progressive music are:
longer and epic songs, more complex compositions, classical influence, more complex instrumentation (sometimes even symphonic orchestras), odd time signatures, time signature changes, superior vocals (Blind Guardian use multi-layered vocals), elements from other music genres (ex. folk, jazz elements), more complex conceptual ideas (songs are from concept albums), heightened lyrical content.

The default time signature in metal is 4/4 (i.e. march) so anything different from 4/4 is odd in metal.

The Top Ten

1 And Then There Was Silence
2 Wheel of Time

When I first heard this song I fell in love pretty much everything about this song is perfect - christangrant

@christangrant - yes, to me this song is perfect, too (and several more songs by them). - Metal_Treasure

3 Sacred Worlds
4 The Throne
5 Grand Parade
6 Valkyries
7 The Ninth Wave
8 Theatre of Pain
9 Nightfall
10 Fly

The Contenders

11 Time Stands Still (At the Iron Hill)
12 Age of False Innocence
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