Top Ten Proofs is Running Out of Good Ideas

WatchMojo is running out of good ideas.
And this is a list of reasons why.
(I tried to make this list earlier, but it got rejected).

The Top Ten

1 Their Lists are Too Specific Nowadays

Top 10 Movies Where the Bad Guys Sleeps with Thanos and Yeets all day - AlphaQ

Some examples:
Top 10 Movies You’ll Like If You Liked Deadpool
Top 10 Anime to Watch If You Hate Yourself
Top 10 Movies to Watch if You Liked IT
You know what I mean.

2 They Make Redux Lists
3 They Make 'Another' and 'Yet Another' Lists

This means that they don't have ideas for new lists, so they end up choosing an old list, and add extra entries, even when it's not necessary.

"Top Ten Douchebags", "Another Top Ten Douchebags" and "Yet Another Top Ten Douchebags"

4 They Already Used Their Best List Ideas

Top 10 Zelda Games
Top 10 Mario Games

5 They Make Lists About Unnecessary Things

Top 10 Snow Movies
Top 10 Booty Songs
Top 10 Fictional Movie and T.V. Owls

6 Some Lists Look a Lot Like Earlier Lists
7 Their Lists are a Bit Too Opinion Based at Times

To the point that nobody else agrees with the list except themselves.
I know that some other lists are also opinion based, but to a point that other people can agree.
In fact, some lists aren't even based on suggestions by the viewer.

8 They Made a Best of WatchMojo Series

Best of WatchMojo is a series, where they REUPLOAD OLD VIDEOS.
Yes, they went as far as reuploading videos.

9 They Make Comparison Lists
10 They Make 'Anticipated' Lists

They ran out of good ideas, so they make these 'Anticipated' lists to stay a bit relevant.

The Contenders

11 They Still Haven’t Made Top 10 Phil Collins Songs
12 They Make New Lists Everyday, Just to Stay Relevant
13 They make a list about why that celebrity is hated
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