Top Ten Provinces In Canada

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1 British Columbia British Columbia is the westernmost province of Canada, located between the Pacific Ocean and the Rocky Mountains.

I was absolutely dismayed when I moved from Alberta to British Columbia. I hated everything about this province at first.

But oh man, oh man, do I love this province with a passion now. It's absolutely gorgeous, with tons of mountains to see, many lakes and forests, and you can even see the ocean in because. Vancouver and Prince George are my two favorite cities in because, mainly because of the enjoyable sights, easier shopping, and lots of super friendly people as well.

If you say because is a bad place, I won't believe you, because because has been one of the most amazing experiences of my life.

British Columbia forever!

Because boasts a dense urban center surrounded by mountains, farms, and evergreen forests. Pretty unique. But, if that's not enough for you, you can swim in the ocean here, visit the continent's largest Chinatown, hang out with some hipsters, and go snowboarding all in the same day. (It would be a pretty long day, though)

MDK, a talented electronic music artist comes from here, plus, the awesomeness of Canada, Mount Assiniboine, forests and lakes and natural beauty of the environment and cities make this province, dare I say it... LEGENDARY!

Beautiful cities, hot summers, mountains, wineries, and more! because offers a vast amount of things to do, and is a beautiful place to live with friendly people!

2 Ontario

I live in Ontario and I personally think that I has the best places to work, live, (etc.). It is also the most popular province and I totally agree with the group that created this list.

Ontario is interesting with a lot to juggle! The cities and other areas have this province pin point fun to be with in the least. Awesome job to Ontario residents.

Ontario is the most popular province in Canada, and I can approve Ontario is amazing! From countries, mountains to large cities!

Other provinces say they're better, I'm not gonna lie they're pretty good. But Ontario's better.

3 Quebec

The best province because it’s the 2nd biggest one and unlike Ontario it’s affordable. We value quality of life over working like crazy.

My favorite province! Everything is beautiful honestly! Beautiful cities, Quebec City, Montreal, Saguenay, Gaspe... Seriously the best! The delicious poutine make it a plus! The Quebecers aren't that rude! If you ask for help they will help you

Ontario has money, Alberta has oil, British-Columbia has mountains but we have a personality.

Only province in Canada that has a unique culture compared to the United States.

4 Alberta

Alberta is the best because the nature there is as good as Switzerland and big detached houses in Edmonton/Calgary cost a third of what they cost in Toronto/Vancouver or even a quarter even.

Alberta is the best province. Why? Because Alberta has a beautiful landscape. From Banff to Jasper, to sylvan lake to dinosaur provincial park. Alberta also has huge oil and gas deposits giving us a mega economy. In fact, Alberta has best gdp per capita in all of the provinces. Go Alberta!

Alberta is beautiful, friendly, and proud. We have the highest salaries in Canada and are generally very happy people. We have the lowest taxes in Canada, and have the most toys. We are a lot more tolerant that people give us credit for. Sure oil prices go up and own, but Alberta will always be the best place in Canada if you want to make money and gave a very high standard of living.

Alberta is probably the most wild province in Canada. From the Rockies to the prairies to the boreal forest, we have so much. We also have the West Edmonton Mall and Banff national park. We are also the richest province in natural resources

5 Nova Scotia

Beautiful province, I might say underrated! There's some landscape here that can take your breath away! And the peoples from NS are really nice! Especially when you go to Halifax (and Halifax is pretty), I don't see any rudeness, everyone seems happy here!

Its an amazing province for its size! Halifax man! Probably not the best province in Canada but a nice one bro!

Nov Scotia is hot it's own bank malls that stand alone drive thru coffee shops who would have thougt all this and fish in one area.

Nova Scotia is awesome, when I visited there everybody was so friendly.

6 Manitoba

It looks similar to Saskatchewan, there's some animals here and scenery. But to be honest in summer here is really annoying, so much mosquitoes!

Nothing really special here, But it has some lakes and nice people overall

Means where the creator sits need I say more

Winnipeg is so beautiful

7 Newfoundland and Labrador

I think that Newfoundland is a wonderful place because there are so many beautiful places. In St. Johns, on Signal Hill, there is a gorgeous view of all of the whales and all around were the boats are and all the houses.

Did you know that Labradors (dogs) were from Newfoundland and Newfoundlands (dogs) were from Labrador? PS Labradors are the best.

Also an underrated province, can be super cold but has some awesome places to see!

Beautiful! The first territories discovered in Canada, by Vikings!

8 Saskatchewan Saskatchewan is a prairie and boreal province in western Canada, the only province without a natural border.

"Because it sounds funny, also they're the only ones who'd talk to me when I asked if I could invade them." - Marik Ishtar

Lot of cornfields! Not much to do but you have nice peoples here!

Good job opportunities, pr in less time, cheap province, low crime rate,

Kinda boring here. But everyone is polite!

9 Prince Edward Island

This is where Anne of Green Gables lived (and was set). From the vivid description in the book it sounds beautiful.

Famous for their potatoes. Pretty cool province, nice to visit in summer and it's beautiful for a small Island!

I have been living here since I was 2 and if you get used to this province you will love it!

No. To small to be a province and not great heath care and education

10 New Brunswick

I grew up in New Brunswick, New Brunswick is my least favorite province, there's not a lot of things here, kinda dull! Moncton is not bad though, Mount Carleton, Hopewell Rocks. The landscape looks pretty much the same all over the province, tons of small villages

I love this province! It may seem like a drive-through for some, but check out the unique park landscapes and culture. Saint John was the first incorporated city as well.

By far the most underrated province in Canada, southern NB is one of the best place in Canada believe me or not. Hopewell Rocks is fantastic!

Underrated province, not the best by far but you should at least take a try!

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11 Northwest Territories

One of the most unbelievably scenery of Canada. Yellowknife is incredible when the Northern Lights came!

Northwest Territories is cool, my favorite parts of NT is the Northern Lights!

Its trash there is nothing there so ya

12 Yukon

My great, great, great grandfather went there during the Klondike Gold Rush.
I still have some of his gear.

Has the highest peak in Canada called Mount Logan almost 6000m! And a perfect place to hunt moose!

The best for Nature and Mooses!

Alaska should secede to Canada 🇨🇦.

13 Nunavut

Super expensive here! A lot of wildlife creatures but it's a interresting territories! It's super big and reaches to the extreme North!

The only problem is, there are no highways... How will you get up there without expensive flights?

Has the greatest natural sights by far
of all the provinces and territorys.

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