Top Ten Most Punk Sounding Songs of the 1960s


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41 I'm Branded - Link Wray
42 Psychotic Reaction - Positively 13 O'Clock
43 He's Waitin' - The Sonics
44 What Goes On - The Velvet Underground
45 Stop It Baby - The Heard
46 1523 Blair - The Outcasts

All those garage-punk bands from the mid-sixties shows us that punk was really born in that period. We can ask ourselves if proto-punk is a good name to indicate those sounds? Because at that moment it's giving power to mid-seventies punk as a new kind ( or invention ) of music when in reality it is more like some kind of revival, an update of music that was already there in 1965-1968. Also, on one of the earliest compilations of mid-sixties sounds ( Nuggets in 1972 ) they refer on the notes the music as punk ( Original notes by Lenny Kaye who was the guitarist of the Patti Smith group some years later ). So, even the name as music genre isn't something invented in the seventies by the so-called punk-groups. Even so -called proto punk bands like the MC5 were in 1966 already sounding very punk ( just listen to " I just don't know " or " Looking at you " ( first version ), " Can only give you everything ", " powertrip " etc... ). It would have been better ( but history has decided ) ...more

47 Cuttin' Grass - Caretakers of Deception
48 On the Road South - Stereo Shoestrings
49 Frustration - The Mystic Tide
50 Got the Thing on the Move - Grand Funk Railroad
51 Slapneck 1943 - The French Church
52 Congregation for Anti-Flirts Inc. - The Cavaliers
53 Hard to Cry - Northwest Company
54 Been Burnt - Luke and the Apostles
55 You're Gonna Miss Me - The Kinetics
56 Project Blue - The Banshees
57 Blue Girl - The Bad Roads
58 Last Time Around - The Del-Vetts
59 Get Out of My Life - Little Willie and the Adolescents
60 You've Got Another Thing Comin' - The Mods
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