Top Ten Questions About Movies to Ask People

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1 The Shawshank Redemption or The Godfather

Godfather; both excellent movies and I can see why 1 would appeal more to certain people but it's really an unfair comparison, different subjects and genres - Billyv

The Shawshank Redemption. It's so well done and the performances are just terrific. - MontyPython

Very close but I prefer The Shawshank Redemption with Morgan Freeman - Ajkloth

Shawshank Redemption - htoutlaws2012

2 The Lion King or Madagascar

Really depends on your mood. They are both good. If you want to see crazy and funny : Madagascar. If you want to see a more serious story : The Lion King. I personally prefer Madagascar.

I just watched The Lion King recently, and it was much more enjoyable than Madagascar. It also had a better plot. - TheFourthWorld

The Lion King hands down

Both are really different movies. But I'd say Lion King. - MaxPap

3 Lord of the Rings or Harry Potter

How is this even a question. Lord of the Rings is the greatest movie EVER

I really love Harry Potter, but Lord of the Rings is more advanced and better written - SirSheep

Lord of the Rings. Definitely - simpsondude

Lord of the Rings - MatrixGuy

4 Inception or The Matrix

This is extremely difficult. I'll have to go with The Matrix though - SirSheep

Inception because it really made me think with the open ending - Ajkloth

Inception all the way - zxm

Oh man that's tough... Inception - htoutlaws2012

5 Star Wars Episode 4 or Episode 5

That's a tough one but I'll probably go with 4 - simpsondude

Episode V, for many reasons. - PackFan2005

Episode 5 not even close - 2storm

Never even seen star wars.

I pick episode five. - keycha1n

6 Finding Nemo or Shark Tale?

Finding Nemo was my favorite movie when I was little. And is still my favorite kids movie - SirSheep

Finding Nemo... while Shark Tale was alright at best, Finding Nemo just holds up better overall. - htoutlaws2012

I prefer Finding Nemo for sure - Ajkloth

It's that simple Finding Nemo of course. Shark Tale sucks

7 Goodfellas or Scarface

Scarface, although I do like Joe Pesci - simpsondude

Goodfellas, but very close. - htoutlaws2012

Goodfellas, just. - iliekpiez

There's no choise in here for those two masterpieces. You have to watch them both because they're equally good.

8 All Dogs Go to Heaven or Oliver & Company

Oliver & Company, but this is a nail biter at the same time, but similar however one is just too dark for its time. - htoutlaws2012

Oliver & Company. I grew up with that movie. - nintendofan126

Oliver and Company. - PackFan2005

All Dogs to Heaven - iliekpiez

9 Tootsie or Mrs. Doubtfire

Mrs. Doubtfire, even though it wasn't nominated for Best Picture or had Dustin Hoffman and Bill Murray - simpsondude

Tootsie; much better acting, writing and supporting characters though Robin was great too - Billyv

Mrs Doubtfire definitely - SirSheep

Mrs. Doubtfire. - Luckys

10 101 Dalmatians or 101 Dalmatians (1996)?

The animated one is way better. I just hope that they don't screw up the upcoming live action version of the Lion King the same way - SirSheep

I'll go with the animated version, the live action ones were just the coffin of Glenn Close's career at that point. - htoutlaws2012

The original, obviously. The live action one sucked. - PackFan2005

The original. - Luckys

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11 Big Hero 6 or Age of Ultron?

Big Hero 6, Ultron was a major disappointment when its sandwiched between the first film, and Infinity War. - htoutlaws2012

Why compare these two? These are completely different movies. - TheFourthWorld

Big Hero 6 is a Disney animated movie.

Age of Ultron is a Marvel Action movie.

Waaay too much different. - MaxPap

Big Hero 6. - Luckys

12 Star Wars (1977) or Batman (1989)

Obviously Star Wars - SirSheep

star wars

Batman. - BeatlesFan1964

Duh, Star Wars. - PackFan2005

13 Captain America: Civil War or Batman vs Superman: Dawn of Justice

Civil war! Batman vs Superman was awful! - awesomedp900

Captain America Civil War - Trollsfan536

Captain America: Civil War - SirSheep

Capitain America: Civil War

14 Batman Forever or Batman and Robin?

Oh boy too terrible Batman films of the 90's ugh... I'll go with Forever, but that ain't saying much. - htoutlaws2012

Forever had Jim Carrey. Therefore, Batman Forever. - BeatlesFan1964

Batman Forever Batman and Robin sucks - Lpsgirl

Batman Forever, but is only just better - iliekpiez

15 Toy Story or Inside Out?

Inside Out because I hated Toy Story when I was actually watching these. But looking back Toy Story is really good for a kids movie - SirSheep

Toy Story, sadly. - Trollsfan536

Toy Story - PeeledBanana

16 Bambi or Dumbo?

Dumbo, Bambi has been reenacted way too much it kinda annoys me. - htoutlaws2012

Oh my that's hard so I'll say both - Lpsgirl

Tough Decision. Bambi I guess - SirSheep

Bambi - PeeledBanana

17 The Little Mermaid or Ponyo

Ponyo is one of my least seen of Miyazaki's films so I'll go with Little Mermaid in this case. - htoutlaws2012

The Little Mermaid - Lpsgirl

The Little Mermaid - SirSheep

Ponyo for me

18 Alien or Predator?

Alien, but I love both movies - SirSheep

Alien - BlazingParasol

Alien. - MaxPap

Alien. - JC_How

19 Se7en or Silence of the Lambs

I don't like Horror movies - simpsondude

Silence of the Lambs was way better in my opinion - SirSheep

Silence of the Lambs - MatrixGuy

Silence of the Lambs. I liked it a lot better. - PackFan2005

20 Star Wars IV, V, and VI or Star Wars I, II, and III

The Original Trilogy (Episodes IV, V, and VI) - PeeledBanana

Definitely the originals - SirSheep

Prequels are only good for memes. Originals are originals. - MaxPap

Like both, but got go with Orginals - 2storm

21 Despicable Me or Wreck-It Ralph

This is really difficult, but I was always more attached to Despicable Me for whatever reason - SirSheep

Both are good, but I'm a gamer, and will side with Wreck-It Ralph that should of won best animated movie in 2012 instead of that generic Pixar film Brave which is basically a Brother Bear story plot. - htoutlaws2012

Wreck-It Ralph was a bit underrated for a Disney/Pixar movie. Despicable Me is good but very overrated. The minions are annoying and now they are everywhere on Facebook.

Wreck-It Raplh was a better movie. - MaxPap

I pick despicable me. - nintendofan126

22 Alien or The Thing

Despite being boring, and not as exciting as its sequel I'll still favor Alien. - htoutlaws2012

Alien - iliekpiez

The Thing. - BeatlesFan1964

Alien. - JC_How

23 Surfs Up or Happy Feet

At even on this one. - htoutlaws2012

Surf's Up

Surf's Up - Trollsfan536

Happy Feet - SirSheep

24 2001: A Space Odyssey or Barry Lyndon
25 Pulp Fiction or Fight Club

Didn't watch Fight Club, so Pulp Fiction for this one. - MaxPap

Pulp Fiction; fascinating and fun! - Billyv

Pulp Fiction, but is close - MatrixGuy

Again, didn't watch either - simpsondude

26 Saving Private Ryan or Casablanca

Saving Private Ryan, The other one while a more famous primitive film is not really something I got into much where this war movie definitely should of won best film of that 98' or 99' year. - htoutlaws2012

Saving Private Ryan is a great movie - SirSheep

Once again I didn't watch either - simpsondude

Casablanca I never watched it,but private Ryan obviously I did - Kevinsidis

27 Star Wars or 2001: A Space Odyssey

Star wars in general than yeah annihilates that one single movie instantly. - htoutlaws2012

Star Wars. No competition. - EpicJake

Hands down Star Wars. - PackFan2005

2001: A Space Odyssey - iliekpiez

28 Frozen or Toy Story?

Toy Story, Frozen isn't even in that league of elite animated films. - htoutlaws2012

Toy Story of course! - TheFourthWorld

Toy Story - SirSheep

Toy Story - iliekpiez

29 The Angry Birds Movie or Minions?

None of the above next! - htoutlaws2012

The Angry Birds Movie - iliekpiez

None of them. They both sucks.

They are both horrible cashgrabs made to make laugh 8-year olds. - MaxPap

30 What are Some of Your Least Favorite Movies?

Son of the Mask, Elektra, Batman and Robin, Turbo: A Power Rangers movie - iliekpiez

I was the one who commented the glitter comment.
Edit to the comment: Date movie is my worst movie ever now. I watched it and it makes glitter look like a watchable movie. - BlazingParasol

Percy Jackson. - SirSheep

I think my least favorite movies I would have to say Seed of chucky,Norm of the north and The garbage pail kids movie - Lpsgirl

31 Forrest Gump or Schindler's List

Both are great movies, but I think that ill go with Forrest Gump on this one - SirSheep

Forrest Gump I can re-watch anytime where Schindler's List is one of those very great films that I can watch few times if I'm feeling sorrow. - htoutlaws2012

You'll feel different emotions when watching Forrest Gump. Schindler's List is just depressing.

Forrest Gump. - MaxPap

Schindler's List, but these aren't the same type of movies - MatrixGuy

32 Big Hero 6 or Frozen?

The obvious choice is the former. - Therandom

Big Hero 6 no contest - SirSheep

Easily Big Hero 6 - htoutlaws2012

Big Hero 6 - iliekpiez

33 Angels in the Outfield or Rookie of the Year?

Two okay baseball films even on both ends. - htoutlaws2012

Rookie of the Year - iliekpiez

34 Tangled or Frozen?

Tangled because my sister watched Frozen every day, sometimes multiple times per day - SirSheep

Tangled holds up better than Frozen at this rate. - htoutlaws2012

Tangled all the way, I don't like Frozen.

Frozen. I don't care what you say. - Luckys

35 Back to the Future or Flight of the Navigator?

Back to the Future no contest. - htoutlaws2012

Back to the Future - iliekpiez

Back to the Future - SirSheep

Wayy different. Back to the Future is way better. - MaxPap

36 Spider-Man 2 or Batman Begins?

Tough But I Go With Spider-Man 2 - VideoGamefan5

Spider-Man 2 definitely. - htoutlaws2012

Spider-Man 2 - iliekpiez

Spider-Man 2 - BeatlesFan1964

37 Inside Out or Zootopia?

Inside Out for its Fetish Fuel - xandermartin98

Inside Out - PeeledBanana

Zootopia - iliekpiez

Inside Out. - Luckys

38 Friday the 13th or Halloween

Halloween. The first horror movie that I ever saw - SirSheep

Halloween - htoutlaws2012

39 Wreck-It Ralph or Frozen?

Wreck-It Ralph easily. - htoutlaws2012

Wreck It Ralph - SirSheep

Wreck-It Ralph - iliekpiez

Wreck It Ralph - Trollsfan536

40 Big Hero 6 or Wreck-It Ralph?

I liked both but Wreck-It Ralph. - MaxPap

Big Hero 6 - iliekpiez

Hero 6

Big Hero 6. - PackFan2005

41 Godzilla (2014) or Godzilla (1998)
42 Mary Poppins or The Sound of Music

I love both. This is really difficult. I'll just go with Mary Poppins because I've seen it more - SirSheep

Mary Poppins, going based on iconic status, and Sound of Music I fought was pretty overrated being that it's a musical. - htoutlaws2012

The Sound of Music - iliekpiez

Sound of Music - BeatlesFan1964

43 Psycho or The Silence of the Lambs

The innovator of killing Psycho - htoutlaws2012

The Silence of the Lambs - SirSheep

Silence of the Lambs - 2storm

Psycho - BeatlesFan1964

44 Friday the 13th or A Nightmare On Elm Street

A Nightmare On Elm Street, both are classics though. - htoutlaws2012

A Nightmare On Elm Street - SirSheep

A Nightmare on Elm Street - iliekpiez

A Nightmare on Elm Street

45 Casper or Ghost?


Ghost - iliekpiez

46 Ghost Rider or the Amazing Spider Man

The Amazing Spiderman - SirSheep

The Amazing Spider-Man - iliekpiez

The Amazing Spider-Man. - Tia-Harribel

Ghost Rider - htoutlaws2012

47 Spider-Man 2 or Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse

Into the Spider-Verse. - PandaMan

48 Gordy or Babe

They seem the same to me, but on the reviews let's go Babe. - htoutlaws2012

I've never seen Gordy. - nintendofan126

Babe. - PackFan2005

Babe - iliekpiez

49 Charlotte's Web (1973) or Charlotte's Web (2006)

I actually really like the remake from 2006 its very underrated. While the original also gets its due I'll go with one I actually did see than I can't say I have seen, but know there's great deal of respect for. - htoutlaws2012

Charlotte's Web (1973) - iliekpiez

The original is better. - nintendofan126

50 The Odd Life of Timothy Green or Martian Child

Both largely forgotten in the timeline they released, but I guess I'll go with the odd life. - htoutlaws2012

The Odd Life of Timothy Green - iliekpiez

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