Top Ten Best Quotes from Ghostbusters


The Top Ten

1 Venkman - "He SLIMED Me"

It's called ectoplasmic slime. The ghost slimed him, he felt funky. - DynastiNoble

2 Man at Elevator - "What Are You Supposed To Be Some Kind Of Cosmonaut?"
3 Spengler- "It's Not The 'Girl' Peter It's The 'Building'
4 Spengler - "I Feel Like The Floor Of A Taxi Cab"

What's that supposed to mean?

5 Stantz - "How 'Bout A Little Music"
6 Venkman - "NOBODY Steps On A Church In My Town"

This is my favorite quote from the film (I'm a Christian)

7 Venkman - "Go Get Her Ray"

My favorite quote of all time! - DynastiNoble

8 Peck - "If He Does It Again You Can Shoot Him"
9 Stantz - "Hey, Where These Stairs Go?"

Venkman: They go up, Ray.

10 Stantz - "WOW! This Place Is GREAT!"

The Contenders

11 Venkman - "We came, we saw, we kicked its ass!"
12 Zeddmore - “Ray, when someone asks you if you're a god, you say "YES"!”
13 Stantz - "You gotta try this pole!"
14 Winston - "That's a BIG Twinkie."
15 Winston - "I have seen stuff that would turn you white."
16 Janine - "Ghostbusters, Whaddya Want!?"
17 Winston - "I love this town!"
18 Janine - "WE GOT ONE!!"
19 Venkman - "My friend, don't be a jerk!"
20 Venkman - “Yes it's true. This man has no dick.”
21 Stantz - “That's great! Actual physical contact!”
22 Venkman - “Back off, man! I'm a scientist!”
23 Stantz - “Listen, do you smell something?”
24 Venkman - “Let's show this prehistoric bitch how we do things downtown.”
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