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1 BuzzFeed uploads video of a black feminist whipping white people

Buzz feed has gone too far: They HATE white people for no reason and still includes them in their "Buzz feed videos." I honestly don't care if anyone dislikes a certain race since it's people's own opinion. But this? As in a black feminist has been whipping white people lately? Now this has gone too far (like I said) and it's extremely brutal. And this is why I'm not a feminist!

Black don't get their own rights until later on. So off course they have the right to play the race card game. And honestly... I don't blame them.

This is why black women are described as "always the victim that plays the race card game too far."

This is literally the Livic Raw - Maddox121

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2 Michael B. Jordan and Donald Glover attacked for dating non-black women

Its funny cause this is racist as hell. This is basically saying that people should only date/marry people of the same race. Huh...i thought the left was all for people being free to be with whoever they want...the tides have turned over the past 10 years. The left is nothing more than hypocritical prejudice racist village idiots who don't have a life - RustyNail

What's wrong with inter racial marriage. - DarkBoi-X

Well... Surprise, surprise. Interracial dating is a thing. You have a problem with that? - SpectralOwl

3 Harvard refusing to give scholarships to Asian kids despite their high GPA and SAT/ACT scores

So they want school shooters in their school but not hard working asians..good for them - sissy

Some Asians are dumb!

That's very horrible.

This is the main problem with Affirmative Action - TwilightKitsune

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4 CNN calls Antifa an African American organization despite most Antifa members being white

They just assumed that just because they dress in black, attack people, and - DoroExploro13

5 White girl named Keziah Daum attacked for cultural appropriation after wearing culturally appreciative Chinese prom dress

That's not cultural appropriation. People make little things into a big deal.

No deserves to be attacked by anyone at all.

6 Candace Owens and Kanye West are called race traitors and Uncle Toms for becoming conservative
7 Donald Trump calls Haiti a Sh*thole

That's Donald Trump's opinion.

Haiti isn't a good country, but this was too far - DoroExploro13

You know who else called it a s-hole... PAUL JOSPETH WATSON - Maddox121

Really dude? - BorisRule

8 Alt-right Redditors sabotage online ratings of Black Panther

A twist on an old standard Left Wing trick.

9 People more focused on the skin color of mass shooters rather than their mental health

Damn! That was very racist!

And it's something that has nothing 2 do with a shooting, seriously - Nonpointed

Meh! Rude!

10 Starbucks has 2 black people arrested for using restroom without ordering anything

Starbucks needs to bloody relax, it's just those two black people that wanted to use the restroom.

That's not good.

That's very sad.

I wonder if police really arrested them for that - Ananya

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11 CNN calls Kanye West a negro

This is why it's never a good thing to use a racial slur, especially when it's directed at someone.

I don't care if CNN is racist, but they should keep it to themselves. But everyone has their own opinion.

12 PewDiePie making fun of Indians

Typical PewDiePie!

He also racially attacked jews..he is a moron - sissy

Well, that's just him.

13 Tennessee couple writes "we don't tip white people" on the check of a restaurant

Tennessee don't have to like white people, but at least be kind to them.

Damn! That was very racist!

Racism is racism! White people are like every other race. - BorisRule

14 Kendrick Lamar calls out a white fan for singing N-word that was part of his song on stage

Kendrick Lamar can write his own rap lyrics to M.A.A.D City how ever he wants to, but if he doesn't want his fan to use a racial slur then why did he had to use that word in his song? And why bother getting upset about it? Also, that white fan should never use that word at the same time. But at the end of the day everyone makes mistakes, no one is perfect and we're all a human being.

I still like Kendrick Lamar.

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1. BuzzFeed uploads video of a black feminist whipping white people
2. Michael B. Jordan and Donald Glover attacked for dating non-black women
3. CNN calls Antifa an African American organization despite most Antifa members being white


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