Top Ten Random Things That Could Happen While You're Smoking Cannabis

You're having fun smoking that weed then the moment is ruined, forcing you to clear out your chakras.

The Top Ten

1 Squidward snipes you


Maybe Squidward wants some too... - Rocko

2 A cat rips your face off
3 Kirby beats you to death with a shotgun
4 A giant cookie quickscopes you
5 Everyone starts twerking

Nicki Minaj style!

6 The army forces you to fight Godzilla with a watermelon


7 A biker gang starts throwing scimitars at you
8 Peter Griffin accidentally kills your pet
9 You are forced to complete a marathon in five minutes or die
10 The cops arrest you for not completing your lunch

The Contenders

11 Your hair turns pink and Homer Simpson eats it

Does Homer steal the cannabis as well? If so, he owes me a new hair style and cannabis. Wait, I don’t smoke... - KingSlayer93316

12 Most likely you'd order pizza
13 Charlie Baker arrives abruptly on a skateboard while dabbing and reminds everyone weed is now legal in Massachusetts
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