Best Hip Hop Songs of All Time

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1 Lose Yourself - Eminem

Many may not like to hear this, but this is about the only hip-hop song that has been out for over a decade that still plays on the radio. It also made Eminem be the first rapper in history to win an oscar for best original song. And last but not least, the massage behind it is very powerful. a lot of my football buddies still listen to this song right before their games because they say it builds a lot of motivation and adrenaline. And when you combine genius lyricism with an intensely powerful voice driving it, it creates a song that will be memorable for generations to come. There's a reason why they call him the rap god.

Its NOT overrated and overplayed. It's the perfect Hip Hop song. Amazing flow, amazing lyrics, rhyme scheme, amazing unforgettable beat, amazing hook and great message. Lose Yourself is a song which you can play all night long and even in the year 3000 this song will remain as one of the best. TIMELESS CLASSIC!

Lose yourself definitely deserves to be number one. This song gets me really pumped up before a big match, but also serves a really great, inspiring song with great lyrics from the greatest rapper of all time, Eminem. The best hip hop song of all time without a doubt.

Love him or hate him, he was the best, is the best and will be the best. This song will never even go on number two on any hip hop list, unless of course eminem himself comes up with something better than this, yes! he most definitely can.

2 Changes - 2Pac

Beautiful song in ever sense of the word: extremely socially conscious, great flow that 2pac delivers, powerful and true images delivered through the song secures this song in this spot.

This song delivers a message that will live on forever. All of the things he raps about on this song is still happening today. It's engaging & truthful, people can relate to the struggle he spits about.

This song is probably the most influential in hip-hop history and is a masterpiece, all the way from how the song is made to the message it portrays. Deserves the number one spot.

Absolute perfection. Heard this while in social studies class with my headphones on and got so emotional my teacher looked at me and asked if I was ok lol.

3 Juicy - The Notorious B.I.G.

Was and is an inspiration to everyone who has listened to the song. Also one of the best songs ever. Even if the guy wasn't dead, people still would've listened to it the same amount of times. It's that good.

This list is pretty bad, and this is song is by FAR better than any other song on the list. Biggies flow and rhymes are incredible, making ready to die (in my opinion) top 5 rap albums EVER

The classic rags-to-riches autobiography, the hip-hop anthem of a lifetime, the Biggie track that brought us...him! This truly deserves to be #1!

Juicy.. A good song and it has good picture for those who dream big.. It is a song I think it should be on the 1st spot becouse of the message and the flow

4 N.Y. State of Mind - Nas

This song really described everything going on in NY and elsewhere hood related. Could be considered a history of the times in an anthropological aspect. Nothing is watered down. Very raw and taps the main nerve of true hip hop and the streets with its imagery and very structured lyricism and rhythm. His voice rivals that of guru from gang starr. He's like a rakim on steroids. I love the Wu-Tang; however I truly believe this is the best hip hop song of all time built on the secondary secondary foundations provided by rakim, Kool g rap, krs-1 and others from what I consider the alpha platform. The beta platform includes groups like the sugar Hill gang, treacherous three, grandmaster flash, rum dmc and public enemy. He truly personifies the lyric " I'm bringing rappers to a new plateau ". I know for a fact no one can mess with him. Name one song that's better than a New York state of mind. It encapsulates an era at its pinnacle and as such should be considered a time capsule ...more

White boy pump up music and the #1 Tupac track among posers ranks above this? This song is GOAT! It illustrates the feelings of anxiety and danger that come from living in the ghetto with unpretentious, and poetic lyrics. No hypocritical messages, no showing off, just pure hip-hop. "Every song to come after is superfluous."

Who else could spit such a good song in 1 take that was written in 1 hour. Nas is one of the greatest to ever rap.

I'm sorry for all the other rappers. But this track from Nas beats it all. Hands down best rap out there.

5 Stan - Eminem

I bought this album on tape because my CD player was broken. When the play button popped and the first side was over was when I realized I never moved. I stood in one spot next to the dresser and listened to side A start to finish in a trance locked in to every word he was saying. Stan is the first and only song to this day to ever give me the chills at the end.

"and in the car they found a tape, but they didn't say who it was to
Come to think about it, his name was... It was you damn! "

Instant goosebumps so for me it's #1

Despite the fact that I love Eminem, I'd still say this was much better. You just cannot help admiring Eminem's story reciting skills and the way he changes his way of talking (Rapping) to distinguish between Eminem and Stan. Love it.

First time listening to it I was left speechless. To this day it leaves me speechless. It's truly amazing

It gives a story that has such a strong meaning. That is something very few rappers can write about.

6 Put It On - Big L

The fact the Lose Yourself is higher then Big L disgusts me. Big L was and will always be the best lyricist! Punchlines King all day!

Big L is the most underrated rapper of all time if he hadn't died he might have been the best ever

Why he have to go... Flow only topped by B.I.G. The kid just knew how to twist the world to his whim.R.I.P.

He was one of the best

7 Dance with the Devil - Immortal Technique

This song is amazing, one of few left with a story line that actually makes sense.

This is the rap song kids and teens and all gangbangers and wannabe thugs need to hear its more than enough to set someone on the right path and can teach the kids why its important not to fall down such a road it can change a persons life and especially those who wants to be hard will understand what it really means this song makes Eminems songs bout his sad life happy

a mix of juggerness and diggerness...

I listened to it and I pretty much cried. How can parents not like this type of music?! I mean the language doesn't matter, but it's the message that matters.

8 Shook Ones Part II - Mobb Deep

The lyrics are realistic, the tone is really dark and the representation of a video as classic as this song is simply masterful. I still do not understand why at least it was not placed near the Top 5 since it is a song which deserves a better treatment and is without a doubt the best of classic Hip Hop ...

Any real hip-hop head knows this song is top 10 for sure. When this beat kicks my bodies natural reflex to head nod takes over for about 5:26. Scientists have proven that it is actually impossible not to nod your head to this beat whenever you hear it.

This should be in the top 5 for the beat alone this is queen bridges ultimate representation of hip hop besides Nas of course classic song! Definitely better than lose your self ( although I love that song as well)

This should be in the top ten! The ones who have watched 8 mile know this! The way Eminem destroys Papa Doc using the beat of this song and his awesome rap is just phenomenal!

9 Straight Outta Compton - N.W.A.

whoa don't even get me started on this gem. It can be easily said that this song is what sparked the whole west coast gangster rap movement great song.

In the club beat the Gangster Rap Anthem? Oh dear people...

The song that started it all, No explanation. True rap.

This created rap as we know it should be #1

10 Gangsta's Paradise - Coolio

Ok.48.. Howw!?
All those newbies and showing sympathy towards 2pac cause he died a mysterious death and eminmen's bad past, listen to this..
It gives you chills up and down the spine every time you listen to it.
Please I urge everyone to at least listen to this song once. Those who have took the pain of scrolling down rogjt to this level. Please give it a shot.

It's one of the most amazing hip hop ever...

Come on people!

Listen to this.

I don't know why people think coolio is a joke? I just don't know why

Get chills when he starts rapping the beginning

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11 C.R.E.A.M. - Wu-Tang Clan

The Wu honestly revolutionized all of Hip Hop culture. One of the last groups around that still make "real motherf*****' Hip Hop". Also listen to their songs "Triumph", "Reunited" and the all time classic "Wu-Tang Clan Ain't Nuthin' To F With"!

Nothing. NOTHING stands above this song. Enough' said.

Skinny beat, high rated qualified song into many 90's.

The magic of this song, makes me feel Brooklyn at 80's

12 Dear Mama - 2pac

When this song came out. I remember how much it hit to make me realize how important a mother is especially in my community

Should have been higher than changes

13 In da Club - 50 Cent

One of the best slow flow songs ever

This songs great to dance to

You'll find me in the club listening to this

Just joking, not bad though

14 The Message - Grandmaster Flash and the Furious Five

Without this song it can be said that socially conscious rappers would have ceased to exist and hip-hip would have never gone through the golden age of Public Enemy or inspire amazing musicians like 2pac and Nas.

Hear this song and tell me I'm wrong if you do so you are an idiot.

The greatest hip-hop song ever
With a message and a true rap classic
The beat is awesome and catchy and the message behind it must be heard
Must be the best

Pretty much the definition of pure adrenaline hip-hop. Timeless classic!

This song basically started rap, it started the idea that the M.C is more important than the dj, and this was one of the first songs where the M.C actually told a story. I think this should be number 1

15 Nuthin But a 'G' Thang - Dr. Dre

Why the heck is this 36!?!? Biggest load of rubbish I have ever seen! This should be in the top 5, honestly "Not Afraid" and "Put It On" ahead of this? This is classic hip hop and by far the best West coast rap song ever by the man Dre himself. This list is crap!

This song is classic, classic lyrics and rhyme, should be upper than this in the list.

Really 36? This should be way higher a sick beat started snoop doggs career and is a classic

Everyone here is a retard for not voting this to be in the top 10.

16 It Was a Good Day - Ice Cube

Every verse is a masterpiece from Cube. Some of the best lyrics in any rap song ever with a great beat as well.

Shake em up' shake em up' shake em up shake up

This should be in the top 10

This track for the win!

17 F*** tha Police - N.W.A.

So much better than strait outta compton ice cubes first verse is the best single verse of any rapper ever

Yeah this song is impressive!

18 Knockout - Lil Wayne

Wow.. an awesome hip-hop song got a little pop but still its awesome.. Love YMCMB

I like this song

Seriously... y I s this even in this list... its not even hiphop... Autotuned crap

Lil Wayne Drake and all of young money shouldn't even touch this list

19 Hurt Me Soul - Lupe Fiasco

Honestly one of the best hip hop songs ever

20 Drop the World - Eminem

This is like Lil Waynes only awesome performance besides the one in chris browns look at me now. The lyrics in the starting verses are amazing but what makes it a legendary song is Eminems rap. That's what makes it and amazing song

Not bad, but what makes it so good? Seriously, somebody tell me why this is better than shook ones part two

Not the best song but it does deserve to be up there with the greatest

Eminem had 3 songs on this list he is a rap god

21 One Mic - Nas

Incredibly powerful lyrics delivered through a great beat providing images of Nas' experiences and observations which are clear to the listener

Simply put, this song is without question #1 on my personal list.

Great wordplay.
Vivid imagery.
Incredible beat.
Awe inspiring.

Not my favorite but it deserves a much higher spot.

This is a mad song

22 Runnin' (Dying to Live) - 2Pac

This song is great. You guys may think that this was just put together for the cash, but if you actually listen to the whole song, it's beautiful. It makes u wonder how good Tupac and biggie could have been not only if they hadn't been killed, but if they had actually made some collaboration. Tupac's crisp lyrics mixed with biggies booming voice creates a masterpiece that you want to listen to over and over again.

No way. The fact that these were verses never meant to be together and put together post mortem by record companies for a last squeeze of $$$ is weak. Horrible sounding chorus.

I love this song

23 How Much a Dollar Cost - Kendrick Lamar

Easily the pinnacle of the new era of hip hop

24 O.P.P. - Naughty by Nature
25 What They Do - The Roots
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