Top 10 Reasons Why Trap and SoundCloud Rappers Suck

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1 Their Music All Sounds the Same

I could not tell you one trap rap song from another trap rap song, because they just sound way too similar.

They all sound the same, they have the same beat and noise. And the rappers sound the same.

You forgot horrendous production.

Great list, RWF. - NightmareCinema

2 Their Lyrics are Repetitive

To create a trendy trap song 5 words might be enough for the lyrics : Ice, Bag, Drop Top, Thot, Cash

"Gucci Gang" by Lil Pump literally repeats the line "Gucci Gang" over, and over again, and takes little breaks from repeating that line. The rest of SoundCloud rap is a lot like that

3 Their Lyrics are Lazy

Not only are their lyrics uncreative, but the lyrics are also lazy, because they pick the dumbest words to rap about, and repeat the same lyrics, over, and over again.

4 Their Music Sounds Lazy

All they have is a basic drum machine or hip-hop beat, them rapping poorly, and nothing else, it's sounds horribly lazy, and could most likely be made in five minutes.

*Rack City memories fly back into head* - Swellow

All of these “rappers” music sounds like the same watered down recycled crap

5 Their Lyrics are Not Creative

They don't ever go beyond Trendy bull, teenage emotions, and young love. The fact that they can't go beyond those easy songwriting subjects shows they are uncreative.

6 Their Lyrics are Straight Up Stupid

Especially Lil Pump, his music is straight up garbage. All he does is brag about how rich he is, cuss, and talk about drugs. He has NO talent! He also treats drugs in a positive light, which is horrible, and he might be convincing kids to become drug addicts, and if that is the truth, then I guess I'd have to say my generation is screwed. I'd rather listen to a 10 hour compilation of fart noises than one of Lil Pump's songs. He's repetitive, and half of the time I don't understand what he's saying. The same goes for many other Soundcloud rappers unfortunately. What I want in a rap song, besides smooth delivery, is deep and meaningful lyrics, and most Soundcloud rappers unfortunately don't care about that at all. This is why I HATE modern rap music.

Unoriginal, no talented garbage

Rapping about a Clothing Chain is reason enough to call their lyrics stupid.

7 They Try Too Hard to Be Trendy

Rapping about a clothing chain which is popular right now, Rapping about current High School Trends, & Much more it's clear that Soundcloud rappers want to appeal to trends, and get as much high school teenagers to follow them as possible.

My main concern with trap music. I don’t follow their music because I don’t like the trends and it sucks.

8 They Use Autotune

All of them I've heard use autotune, and autotune sounds terrible always, but with soundcloud rap, it sounds even worse, they don't even try to hide the fact that they use autotune, and it shows they lack talent.

9 They wear Kurt Cobain's glasses like they own that trend.

damn right

10 They are Superficial

Not only in their lyrics but the way they dress as well, they are telling the kids who listen to them that they should care more about the way they dress and should follow trends over being themselves which are very bad messages to send to kids, and young teenagers.

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11 They Encourage Drug Use

I don’t want to do drugs, I would only do them for a medical reason where I must do drugs.

12 Their Music is Unoriginal

They just copy the same lyrical themes from bad rappers of the 2000s/2010s, and Modern Pop.

13 They Encourage Sex

I bucked on your fitch
*you read that wrong, didn’t you? *

14 They look like clowns
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