Top Ten Ratchet & Clank Places

Vote for your favorite Areas in The Ratchet And Clank Series.

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1 Metropolis

Largest level in the first game. I love the music as well.

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2 Jowai

I think this level has one of the best soundtracks in the original game. Fighting the ships is fun and the world seems open. I like how it is mentioned in the sequel.

Jowi resort Pokitaru was a nice exotic level, it was fun killing those spiked orange fish! You also find the O2 mask, Persuader and Thruster pack upgrade from here

3 Blackwater City

I love the music for this level. It's also fun to get eaten by the huge fish in the water. Classic level.

I love how the feel of the level is dark alleyways and shady salesmen.

When I first played this I freaked out because of that stinking fish!

4 Veldin

its where the game starts and thats were rachet met clank - domo111

5 Holostar Studios
6 Obani Draco

Epic music, crazy party house (it's the planet with all the speakers and techno/dubstep and pink walls moving and stuff

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7 Crash Site
8 Florana
9 Obani Gemini
10 Great Clock

It's in the middle of the universe imitate 50 feet

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The Contenders

11 Daxx
12 Nefarious Space Station

Fantastic level, great design, superb atmossphere. My favorite level in the series. - CastlevaniaFanboy128

Sorry agorians this was my favourite place in the whole series.

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13 Agorian Battleplex
14 Clank's mind

I love the great atmosphere there and it was so cool when I reached the next mnemonikstation.

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15 Orxon
16 Joba

Great planet with and excellent design. It has the extremely fun megacorp games the hoverbike races

17 Megacorp Distribution Center
18 Aquatos
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