Best Drag Queens from Rupaul's Drag Race Season 5

The Top Ten
1 Jinkx Monsoon

funny, great at lip-synching, loveable, nice, overall amazing

2 Alyssa Edwards
3 Alaska
4 Detox
5 Roxxxy Andrews
6 Ivy Winters

she was an overall relatable person, who wasn't completely snobby and self-absorbed as most drag queens

7 Coco Montrese

Lip sync assassin alert. Best lip synced of all time hands down

The best lip syncer of all time. It’s a shame she gets overshadowed by her and Alyssa’s rivalry. It’s a shame she was barely in All stars 2 because I know she would have delivered some top notch lip syncs as usual

best lip-syncher probably ever to be on rupaul's drag race PERIOD

8 Jade Jolie

the only sane one, and she was so innocent!

9 Lineysha Sparx
10 Penny Tration
The Contenders
11 Serena Chacha
12 Honey Mahogany
13 Vivienne Pinay
14 Monica Bevery Hillz
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