Top 10 Kitchen Nightmares Restaurants that Stayed Open

Please note, I am only counting Restaurants from the US version of Kitchen Nightmares.

Of the 77 restaurants that have been viewed on Gordon Ramsay's hit show Kitchen Nightmares, only 18 are still open as of the day this list was published. This list is ranking those that have stayed alive for at least 3-5 years after Chef Ramsay left. If a restaurant stayed open for at least the time mentioned but closed later on they are still eligible for the list. With that said, here's the top 10.
The Top Ten
1 Pantaleone's
2 Capri

Owners Jeff and Jim may have been childish, but they were very open to criticism and weren't afraid to step up and change. It's no surprise Chef Ramsay was able to turn the place around and give the people working there the dream they had always hoped for. The current state of the restaurant is nothing compared to what it had been like when Chef Ramsay first entered, and I think we're all grateful that it's still staying strong today.

These boys were probably the most honest people I've ever seen on reality television. A little goofy and fun, but they honestly cared once they got some direction.

3 Seascape
4 La Galleria 33

This has to be my favorite two-parter in the entire series. It started off where you'd think there'd be no hope because of Rita and Lisa's refusal to listen, but the way they ended off was hilarious.

5 Oceana

What started off as a major health hazard to anyone working, the restaurant was turned completely upside down. Co-owner Moe had begun with a completely delusional state of mind, while his younger brother Rami was open to Chef Ramsay's criticism. At the end of it all, Moe changed his ways, and he and Rami were able to fix everything. I think Rami's taken a lot more control after Gordon left, so it's no wonder this restaurant has been doing so much better.

6 Luigi’s D'Italia
7 Spanish Pavilion

This had to be one of the most disgusting restaurants ever seen. A lobster tank full of infected lobsters, an overload of raw, rotting meat, and a pigeon flying around in the kitchen. You'd think there was no way Chef Ramsay could turn the place around, but of course, the show's full of surprises. The biggest surprise is that this restaurant is still around. Hey, I'm just glad it's doing well.

8 Yanni's

Another one of the most disgusting restaurants ever seen on Kitchen Nightmares. The people running the place were just not very cooperative and had a tough time taking criticism. Luckily, Chef Ramsay found his way through their heads and was able to save the restaurant. To this day, Yanni's Greek Cuisine is still open.

9 Mama Maria's

John, the owner, was definitely overworked having to run two restaurants, both originally owned by his parents. He wasn't defiant or arrogant, rather just clinging too hard to the past. This episode is definitely one of the most heartbreaking and shocking, but it does end on a very high note. I'm not sure what's become of Sal's Pizzeria (the restaurant that John and his family used to work in), but Mama Maria's has been in better condition than ever.

10 Casa Roma

Yet another one of those almost unwatchable scenes of disgusting kitchens. The kitchen was in such bad condition that Gordon threw up while observing. It's a good thing the chef running the place was sent packing, and the restaurant could be saved. Sadly, the restaurant closed down in 2017, so the dream didn't last for long.

The Contenders
11 Cafe Hon

The problem with this restaurant was the owner. Denise was so delusional she canceled orders whenever something went wrong (meaning she pulled the food from stock). Luckily, Chef Ramsay was able to get the staff to open up to Denise. She was able to change her ways, and to this day, the restaurant is in very good condition.

12 Leone's

Owner Michael was lazy, but that was really it for him. He was able to take in the criticism Gordon had for his business and change his ways. I'm glad that everyone in the restaurant was able to take everything in so they could turn Leone's around for the better. It's no wonder that Leone's is still open to this day.

13 Zayna Flaming Grill

At the start of the episode, the staff was not very communicative or collaborative. They were also unable to put out good food. At the end of the episode, everyone was working as a team and coming out stronger than ever. It's such a good feeling to know that Gordon Ramsay's hard work paid off, and Zayna Flaming Grill is still outperforming the competition to this day.

14 Cece’s
15 Indian Cuisine
16 Lido di Manhattan
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