Top 10 Reasons the 2010s Suck

Don't get me wrong, there are a few good things about the 2010s, but I feel all other decades including the 2000s were much better!

The Top Ten

1 Bad movies

Fight club, pulp fiction, Scarface, kill bill, Star Wars, the matrix and The Godfather are me favorites none in the 2010’s

2 Most media is watered down
3 Bad music

Bad music does not make a year or decade or whatever bad... can't believe some teens really are complaining about some pop songs making the decade bad now while Kim Jong Un is improving his nuclear program and terrorists attacks are happening - Lucretia

4 YouTube sucks now
5 Everything is to expensive

Sort of. But people are also getting greater amounts of money and the stuff is improving in quality/ - Lucretia

Okay, I could maybe get behind you saying that stuff is improving in quality, but people are not getting greater amounts of money at least in most places here in the united states. Especially when it comes to minimum wage jobs. The minimum wage has stayed at around $7.25 here for years now. Not only that, but people young people who were born in the late 90s like me, basically have no choice now but to live with our parents until we are at least in our mid 20s, because of how expensive it has become. And people who live on their own who work minimum wage jobs have to live bare bones lives, with barely anything to call their own. So no people are not getting greater amounts of money, at least here in the us. - RogerWatersfan1999

6 Donald Trump is president

The only item I somewhat agree with...

7 Nothing to watch but reality tv
8 Women wear too much make-up

Women have been wearing too much make-up for decades now. Not a new thing. - Rambles

Look at the cover of look at what the cat dragged in or some commercialized hair metal band... from the 80s or 90s, and tell me whose wearing to much. Plus makeup was weird in the 80s.. - Lucretia

9 Children's tv shows are terrible and watered down.
10 People live in their phones instead of real life.

The Contenders

11 Women getting plastic surgery
12 Sexy teens
13 Sexual assault allegations
14 People rely too much on technology
15 Twerking Twerking

This needs to stop!

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