Top 10 Reasons the 2010s Suck

Don't get me wrong, there are a few good things about the 2010s, but I feel all other decades including the 2000s were much better!

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1 Bad music

Music in 2010s was made by and for children. Music industry is a kindergarten. This applies to almost all aspects of life. Mediocrity went viral with the internet and infected everything from literature to music to cinema. Everything about 2010s is mediocre.

Pop music today is so bland and generic.

The music is fine - blackflower

*Bad Mainstream Music - MrCoolC

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2 Bad politics

This should be higher - blackflower

3 Graphic designs are lazy

Have you seen the difference between the old logos and the new logos?

4 YouTube sucks now

YouTube Rewind? - Userguy44

Was there even youtube in the 1980s-2000s? - B1ueNew

Gehenna the Nostalgiaturd. - B1ueNew

Shut the hell up B1ueNew. - Gehenna

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5 People getting famous over nothing
6 Sexual assault allegations
7 Too many stupid people
8 Bad movies

The movies are fine - blackflower

A lot of bad movies were in the 1980s-2000s also you know, like Batman and Robin, The garbage pail kids, Star wars episode 1, Superman 4 etc - B1ueNew

Every decade has some fair share of good and absolute crap movies. - MrCoolC

There were bad movies in the 2000s, 90s and 80s too! Like Star wars Episode 2 and Batman and Robin! - B1ueNew

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9 Violence

Well yeah. Think about school shootings. - JoeBoi

"Violence has gone a completely different level", If anything it worse back in your precious 20th century and 2000s with The Holocaust, World War 1 and 2, 9/11, etc - B1ueNew

It has existed since the dawn of mankind. - MrCoolC

If anything it was worse back in the day with 9/11, World War 1 and 2, etc - B1ueNew

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10 People live in their phones instead of real life.

Aren't you using the internet right now? - B1ueNew

The Newcomers

? Snobby elitists

Yeah..theses are the annoying whiny fanbrats who go around worshipping everything new,and attacking/harassing/threatening/bullying anyone who prefers the 2000s and earlier. Then you have the Trump worshippers who think Trump is God's gift to the universe,and they'll defend him and maybe even die for him,even thought they know very well Adolf Trumpler molested women and is a HUGE racist. They'll spew all sorts of lies to cover up Trump's lies and criminial activies…..I shudder to think what they would of dome to Hillary Clinton if she became president. Hell,they night of even moved to Canada r killed themselves if Trump lost.

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11 Most media is watered down
12 Everything is to expensive

How do you know the price of every thing back then? - B1ueNew

It’s ridiculous - blackflower

13 Donald Trump is president

Still better than Barack Osama - B1ueNew

He's our president and is going to be for 2 or 6 more years and there's nothing you can do about it other than moving to another country - B1ueNew

One of the few things I agree with on this terrible list. - DarkBoi-X

He's not even bad compared to your Precious George W bush camper, And Brock osama - B1ueNew

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14 Nothing to watch but reality TV

Classic television revival or reboot is awful! Because the quality of the original aren't there anymore in the reboot or the revival, there only produce to do money! Not quality! Can we stop just messing with the classic and instead create modern television gold for once?

Have you even seen the Amazing world of Gumball, The Loud House, Adventure Time, The first 4 seasons of Ninjago or Regular Show or the Ducktales reboot? Dude stop living in the past and give the present a chance. - B1ueNew

Regular show? , the amazing world of gumball, Ducktales reboot, those are good and they're cartoons from the 2010s - B1ueNew

Please, reality T.V. has always sucked. - SpaceGoofsGeekerBoy

15 Sexy teens

I like Japanese Teens more. - Gehenna

Pedophiles are the happiest people on earth right now thanks to these skanks!

Sexy teens in this era include Malu Trevejo, Danielle Bregoli, and Danielle Cohn. I think anyone should be sexy only when they become adults, not when they are teenagers.

YHH GImme dat boi

16 Too much SJW and alt-right politics

Because I feel like it has ruined most media/pop culture outside of Japan and a few other places.
Just look at Steven Universe, Ghostbusters 2016, the Mass Effect franchise, and that horrible revival of Rosanne as examples of how it has ruined Western pop culture in the 2010's! - PerfectImpulseX

17 Children's tv shows are terrible and watered down.

-The Amazing World of Gumball
-The Loud House
-Lego Ninjago: Masters of Spinjitzu (The First 4 seasons)
-Regular Show
-Adventure Time
All of those are kids shows and they are good. - B1ueNew

What about Regular show? , Or Ducktales? , or Gumball? - B1ueNew

In my opinion, the last good year was 2012.

Regular show and ducktales - B1ueNew

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18 Women wear too much make-up

Umm, people can dress/look how they want - B1ueNew

Like I said, People can wear it if they want to - B1ueNew

Women have been wearing too much make-up for decades now. Not a new thing. - Rambles

19 Twerking

At least it has died down. - MrCoolC

So you hate the decade because of one stupid trend really - B1ueNew

This needs to stop!

20 Too many remakes, reboots, and sequels of movies


21 Women getting plastic surgery
22 Too many superhero movies

Superhero movies started to get popular in the 2000s Don't know what you are talking about. - B1ueNew

23 The internet is around

To insult people who like music nowadays like Justin Bieber or like Twilight.
You do it because you can't see the person and don't know the person.


24 People are starting to raise 18+ things to 21 now

In my honest opinion, the age of majority in the U.S. should officially be 18 instead of both 18 and 21 because once people officially become adults at 18 then they should be allowed to make their own decisions (no matter how good or bad though I don't encourage bad decision making) and not be treated like kids so much. And about the drinking age being 21, the only reason it's like that is because it was raised to prevent drunk driving while other Western nations have younger drinking ages and those 18-year-olds turned out perfectly fine.

My point is that people should really stop treating 18-year-olds like children so much and at least give them as much adult privileges as they can. Go ahead and debate me on this but I'm just trying to make a point.

I mean if you're really not gonna let 18-year-olds have any adult privileges then raise the age of majority back to 21. Simple as that.

25 People would rather play on their phones instead of going outside
26 Economy

One thing fo sho - the U.S. ain’t gettin’ no economic prosperity in this decade. Working 40 hours a week at a Walmart just to pay the bills and “get by” with no career advancement is no way to live. And you can forget about going to college, because degrees are apparently useless these days when it comes to finding a job/career.

27 Most new movies are dull and have the same story lines
28 Everyone gets offended
29 People rely too much on technology
30 Fetishes are a new turn on for people nowadays
31 People use technology

Your using technology RIGHT NOW! - B1ueNew

I mean why?

32 Too many rock elitists

Yeah this is true - B1ueNew

33 People play video games

SO? Who cares? People played video games since the 80s and 90s too. - B1ueNew

34 People don’t go outside a lot

Ok. If people didn't go outside than why is there a lot of people in public? - B1ueNew


35 Obama was president for most of the decade

Trump rocks
Obama sucks. - B1ueNew

36 American people are stupid
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