Reasons Doom Metal is the Best Subgenre of Metal

Metal has a ton of good subgenres. That includes Thrash Metal, Death Metal, Power Metal, Progressive Metal, Speed Metal, Sludge Metal, and The New Wave of British Heavy Metal. However, one extremely underrated Genre, is Doom Metal. This list is why Doom Metal is better than all those genres I said above.

The Top Ten

1 It came first

Just because it came first doesn't necessarily mean it's the best. - Metalhead1997

2 It doesn't have to be fast, to be intense

You don't have to scream, or play riffs a 9000 rpm just to be an intense band. Black Sabbath and Electric Wizard are two of the heaviest bands I know, and they aren't all screaming or playing speedy riffs. - ElectricCorpseSlayer

3 No other genre has the apocalyptic feeling of doom metal

Some brutal death metal does. - Metalhead1997

4 The riffs and melodies give it a great, dark atmosphere

Instead of screaming an playing really fast riffs, they use riffs and melodies to make a dark atmosphere. - ElectricCorpseSlayer

5 Low-tuned guitars

So your melodies don't sound like Old Woman Screams or annoying babies crying. - ElectricCorpseSlayer

6 It has a lot of variety
7 It has clean vocals that can be understood

Actually, it's the only subgenre with lyrical freedom. Lyrics can be sung, shouted, screamed, growled, or just said. - Metalhead1997

8 It contains meaningful lyrics

You misspelled "philosophical". I mainly imagine doom as being college level metal along with progressive metal. - Metalhead1997

9 Black Sabbath was a doom metal band

Technically they were heavy metal. - Metalhead1997

"Black Sabbath is the best band of all time." LMAO You must be smoking and swallowing the same stuff that made Ozzy the fine specimen he is today, and has been for the past forty years.

10 It helped make gothic metal
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