Top Ten Reasons to Hate Americans

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41 They're ugly

I always did feel ugly

Sure, maybe I have a weird shaped head, but if I grow my beard out it corrects it. colon capital-d

42 They have an income gap

Get a decent education and put some effort into your life and you will be able to live it the way you want.
This isn't true. Jesus christ this list is stupid.

43 Mass use of police brutality

Since 1992 police brutality, racist cops have become common place in the south west usa yet alone Latino/Spanish/Mexican population problems and many other law and order issues. this article gives me Nazi Germany + us law flashbacks

Black lives matter is stupid though, ALL LIVES MATTER

44 They're abusive

I will cut you! LOL JK ROFL

Canadian / Native American here. Yes. They're very abusive. They like to insult, jab, mock, slander, and threaten everyone for almost any reason. Many in their own household become victims of this. Popular culture instigates it. Competitive gaming / sports makes it worse. Peer pressure throws it all over the edge which ensures America of a continual rape culture for generations to come.

All countries have their own crime problems you're basically saying that other countries don't have abusing problems. -The American Canadian/Native American - Katekat123

45 They're perverted

That shameful protest by young "women" against guns at the university in Austin, Texas, and other colleges, truly shines the spotlight on the Americans' love of all things demented and perverse. The even more shameful utter lack of condemnation, and outright approval, by the American people at large of their depravity, is more than enough to begin allying our own countries with the Islamic freedom fighters against them. The Americans seek the destruction of everything truthful and righteous in our world. A brilliant Austrian artist once layed the guidelines for overcoming their pernicious cultural influences and military domination; we can still follow that enlightened, divinely ordained path, and send them back across the ocean to their own lands.

And the French aren't? The French invented dog sex toys... Yeah, and you're calling Americans perverted.

46 They eat too much food
47 They're pedophiles

Not all americans are criminals and pedophiles.

Americans commit heinous acts against children almost every day, to the point of putting sub-Saharan Africans, and south American Indians to shame. The scale of that nation's depravity and wickedness is an amazing mystery.

I live in canada and I would like to say not every american is a pedo you stupid uneducated basterds. its like saying all canadians burn down cities if we lose a hockey game whitch we don't all the time.

48 They're scary

Welcome to America. We're scary!

I'm from mid east and you guys are scary lol


49 They're awful parents

Remember, my opinion...
okay, so, anytime I go to the supermarket, I see those American parents who can't even control these obnoxious children! They yell on top of their lungs, making my ears ring. -.-

50 They're close-minded

I'm a furry, I'm scared to share this, In america it is frowned upon, I am open minded though

Very true

51 They have bad manners
52 They litter
53 They drink alcohol

People everywhere drink alcohol. Don't go saying only Americans do! In fact, it's France who has the highest consumption of alcohol in the whole world! (Oh but wait, Americans don't know anything about any other country, so why the hell am I writing this then? )

54 They give humanity a bad name

Americans give humanity a bad name? So only Americans? All americans are worse then Adolf Hitler or Joseph Stalin? Yeah, we totally are a bad image for humanity.

Terms like PC and SJW came from America. Even if you try to make the world a better place they will go mad. They don't care if half of the world is starving. Republicans only care if the rest of the world gives them money. Democrats are just wannabe republicans.

55 They're disgusting

Yup lol

Seriously you guys nneed to be more hygenic

56 They drive while drunk
57 They are naive

I'm eating butter!

58 They are so selfish
59 They're pretentious
60 They over medicate

I apologize for trying to make everyone healthy :c

Hell ya

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