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1 They don't like America

So basically, you're telling me that if someone is liberal, that they automatically hate America? Dude, I respect your opinion, but all these things you listed on this list are not who I am. I'm liberal, but I love America. I know it's not a perfect country, but I still think there is still good in it. I really hate it a lot when our own people hate our own country. Look, I'm not like what all of those items say about liberals that you listed. I just wanted to make that clear. Respect my opinion and I'll respect yours, got it? - ModernSpongeBobSucks

Most liberals especially millennials are brainless morons and believe anything their elected officials tell them! So when Obama put down America and Christianity over Islam in Middle Eastern countries taking his apologetic tour they were all right there with him hating America

Millenials are brainless? Get out old man.

Some of the reasons on this list aren't very good. And I'm not even liberal nor conservative. - cosmo

*claps* Yup, that's exactly what I first thought when I saw this list. I'm liberal, but I can guarantee something like "They complain about kids running lemonade stands without a permit" is not a very good reason to hate liberals. - ModernSpongeBobSucks

2 They take money from people who earned it


Yep, instead, they give the same amount to lazy people instead of giving them less, which they deserve. - Therandom

FFS, it's called taxing. It pays for your damn education and your damn healthcare. You're literally overprotective over your money. If you ever become homeless and sick at the same time you might understand that. - IronSabbathPriest

I think this is saying that people who work hard earn less because they have to earn the same amount as lazy workers. - Therandom

This is the number one problem with Liberals.

3 They are rude
4 They complain about kids running lemonade stands without a permit

I'm very conservative, but even I have to agree that most of these reasons are terrible. - Therandom

5 They think black people are inferior to white people

I think we're all equal. - Luckys

No they don’t. They want to suppress the white people thus not gaining any equality for anyone.

Ok I'm conservative as hell, but these reasons just don't make sense and just not even true...

Liberals don't want blacks to succeed. They want blacks to be dependent on them, and their dead end social programs.

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6 They are okay with terrorists
7 They are hypocrites

Liberalism is hypocrisy incarnate.
Liberals are full of double standards doing exactly the opposite of what they tell us to do. Not one high profile libtard practices the crap they preach, yet they have the nerve to tell us how we should live.

8 They think hooking people on welfare and food stamps is good for america
9 They are terrorists because they smash windows and wreck havoc on the street
10 They hate religions, yet support Islam

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11 They never admit that they are wrong
12 They don't know the difference between illegals, all Mexicans, and legals
13 They think white America still exists
14 They bully other people

Not all of them do. Just the bad kinds of liberals bully people.

15 They support slavery

So true... It was the Republicans who ABOLISHED slavery while the Dems were the ones who support it, not the other way around like many liars claim.

16 They don't know the difference between radical and moderate Muslims
17 They support Democrats, who founded the KKK, killed Lincoln, created the Jim Crow laws, and were against black rights; yet think the Republicans are the racist ones
18 They care about the poor

What's wrong with that

19 They spread lies across the media
20 They support gay rights, yet defend all Muslims

They feel gay people should have more rights. Why? Why should I have less rights as a heterosexual?

21 They think they are superior
22 They support gay people
23 They smell like tofu
24 They wear clothes that don't fit
25 They stare at their phones a lot
26 They forgot we are a republic
27 They yell through bumper stickers
28 They hate children
29 They are intolerant of different opinions

People like Stephen King, Jim Carrey and Robert De Niro have said they want nothing to do with conservatives and supporters of President Donald Trump

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1. They are terrorists because they smash windows and wreck havoc on the street
2. They are hypocrites
3. They hate religions, yet support Islam
1. They don't like America
2. They take money from people who earned it
3. They complain about kids running lemonade stands without a permit


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