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41 Green Day sellouts

I was shocked when I watched that. they simply changed a bit their genre throught the years

They callled gd sellouts

42 They Put Mel Blanc at #2 of the best voice actors of all time

How dare they put Mel Blanc at #2 that makes no sense. - egnomac

43 They hate veggietales
44 They said Billy Madison was funny

But it is though. At least funnier than Jack and Jill.

And yet he isn't.

45 People on their website don't know how to vote
46 They praised Kanye West
47 The only good anchor is Rebecca
48 They pick the most obvious and stupid choices
49 Most of their videos are stupid and pointless
50 Their videos are bland and forgettable
51 They pick the most stupid and obvious choices
52 They put Renamon as #10 on the Top 10 Best Digimons, when really she's more of a #2 character
53 They mention Nirvana/Kurt Cobain TOO often!

Yes! I swear they all rode Kurt they're so obsessed with him!

54 Bland entries
55 Most boring intro of all time.
56 Can't even pronounce Japanese names right.
57 They add stuff that goes against their own lists.

Super Mario bros 3 was the best of its generation according to Watchmojo, but It didn't make it onto the best list of all time. Super Mario world was lower than Chromo trigger on the generations list, but higher on the best games ever list.

How does ring of fire rank 3rd on Johnny Cash top 10 song list but is the best country song of all time? You are effing killing me!

58 They choose their entries based on popularity rather than which one should be higher.

Final Fantasy 7 sold more than Ocarina and was better. YET, Ocarina beet FF7

59 They Hate Selena Gomez
60 They Hate Shane McGowan
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1. They only support popular opinions
2. They have no passion or soul in their videos
3. They have repetitive lists
1. They only support popular opinions
2. They are running out of ideas
3. The hosts act stupid



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