It causes dangerous stress levels


I don't wanna spend 7+ hours at a desk all day, spend 2+ hours at practice for sports, and then spend the rest of my night doing a sheet of paper asking me what "x" is or how many apples Billy has after Sally stole some. Why? Homework is absolute stress and the amount of times I have legitimately cried over not knowing a problem is too much to count. Yes, teachers in our school get only an hour of lessons, so it's understandable they'd have homework. But when you do advanced EVERYTHING for your entire school career, those occasional not-finished worksheets pile up. Newsflash: Kids want to be kids. Stop shoving papers in our face and telling us it's "crucial to our education" for no other reason than to stick to standards some middle age politics guy who hasn't been to school in twenty-plus years made up.

Yep true. Last week, my teacher who give me a whole bunch of homework. Because of the homework I got stressed and the get a headache. The next day I didn't come to school. The next day, my teacher expects me to come even if you have a headache. I was like what? She expects me to learn while having a painful headache? I'm not a robot! I'm a human! I need to relax! Also I get less sleep!

It does cause stress, and I heard from some senior citizens that in their days, they would get a mountain of homework, lengthy comprehension essays, and college level math, and it's a wonder why some of them end up with dementia, that stuff is caused by stress

Homework causes way too much stress. I already deal with anxiety issues- do you want my stress levels to rocket even more? I want to have a life and be with friends outside of school, but I can't do that if I can barely juggle homework, school, and extracurriculars.

Schools think they are teaching us with homework, but to much stress makes it hard for someone to learn, while when they are happy learning is easier! And homework is useless, we already have years of schooling! Unlike most people on this list, it seems like I have the most free time, but don't we all deserve a break?

Homework always stresses me out. Listen, I care about my grades A LOT. So, I try to get my homework done. But I get so stressed, that I don't get it done! My parents don't understand the pain, but the special ed. teachers at my school do, and agree with me.

I heard that back in the day homework was worse, basically you get a truckload of homework every single day to where summer was the only break, and a lot more stressful, probably explains why some old people are going senile, because of the stress from homework they had to deal with

I do think homework is very important, but having too much homework, complex - misunderstanding assignments is unnecessary. Also, having homework on the weekends should not be assigned to do so, and weekend is relaxation time and family time. Students should not be busy every from school everyday. They can study, draw, read, etc, at their decision.

I'm a straight A student who gets like 90% during the term because I don't try my 100% for assignments, but I get over a 95% every exam. I don't do homework even though I'm in highschool. I just finish it at school and it saves me a lot of stress.

It stresses you out, and the teachers say to sleep at least 8-9 hours of sleep every day, every teacher says that but they all end up giving us homework anyway. They say that for no reason. The homework THEY give you steals the sleep they say you need.

Homework is so awfully stressful

One kid in school said we were too young to deal with stress and to avoid it. However, they like to purposely put in stress and blame you for having it.

Ikr? I am SOOO stressed about homework, I don't really like my substitute Ms. Christie (Or mrs.) because once she gave me and the whole class 4 sheets of multiplication, division, and ALGEBRA! I'm only in grade 7! And I cried for 15 minutes because of the stress. But my grandfather doesn't understand the pain and stress! every time I say to him how much I hate homework, he raises his voice and says this... "YOU BETTER SMARTEN UP, GET RID OF THAT ATTITUDE! HOMEWORK IS IMPORTANT! NOW GO DO IT! I'LL HELP YOU! " and then I spent 2 or 3 hours on the 4-page math questions that most of them I won't even use in life, and I forgot already 95% of what I learned from the 4-page algebra, division, and multiplication sheets. Homework should NOT be handed out! it causes too much stress! I already deal with anxiety! - XxDJPartyGirl1034xX

I have ADHD, aspergers, autism, and anxiety, which all of that stresses me out enough. Having tremendous amounts of homework just stresses me out even more, to the point where I have huge meltdowns every night and cry and cry. I have no time to do anything I want because it takes me until 10:00 at night and have been working on it for 6 and a half hours each night.

I get so stressed at night it is scary and just when I'm working on an essay or something for school because I will feel so much pressure to get it done

I actually think I have a high blood pressure because I don't get enough sleep, because of stress and I have to work, exercise and DO TONS OF HOMEWORK

I have so much stress and discomfort doing homework. I get so eaten away by stress I start tapping my foot a billion times a second and I can't think. - WonkeyDude98

Yep it caused my family to turn into a mad house. - Jordansalesguy2392

Bad for high blood pressured people... Like me...

It can cause stress, sickness and feel like suciding plus it can damage your eyes because your staring at that and that ohh and that, look around to train your but if you look at that paper or iPad or what ever, you'll become blind, because your not moving your eyes much.

I cannot sleep at night because if homework, and in only in eighth grade and I see my elder sister constantly working

Yeah god my mom be in so much stress but I'm am too in so much stress

Whenever hand in a project I stay up all night stressing about my marks and the next day I am extremely tired! - Karoeliza

It sure does because if you reach a dangerous stress level and can't even blow off steam then that is just bad for our mental health.

It does cause stress, these are kids who need time to absorb what they learned. Just let them be kids and don't train them to be robots!