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21 Most of it is pointless

We already learnt what we "need" in school, why do we have to do it again?

22 Waste of paper

Many teachers say they care about the environment yet they waste paper on worthless, pointless homework.

Yeah. When we run out of oxygen from the lack of trees, BLAME THE TEACHERS! - Kaboom

They say that using the iPad is bad for you. Solution? Less homework, online, done. More air for everyone else

All those teachers blabbing in and on and on about Eco friendly stuff...fat chance

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23 Waste of time

Every single teacher is saying 'do this homework, do that homework and memorise it' when they literally just made us learn it off by heart! 0-0 for example, in maths we learn about angles. Everyone in my class learnt it, memorized it and wouldn't forget it. 3 minutes later...

"Here is your homework. This assignment is on angles."

Sometimes I wonder if there doing it for a joke.

School itself is a waste of time - ikerevievs

Just like one of the other comments, I stare at my piece of paper until I'm yelled at.

Actually that kind of exaggeration. I stare at it for half an hour until I actually bother to look something up.

yes it is

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24 Not enough time to spend with family and friends

You can't see your family because you have to go to your second school at home

I'm in a band, so my schedule isn't always open. We can barely practice because our drummer got grounded because he had a D in math. On top of that, we play sports, go to parties, and play instruments, we don't have time for homework.

I can't hang with friends because of homework. I'm in high school and I want to catch up with my friends from primary, but thanks to homework, I can't. I miss my friends so badly😢

If ralutivis or freiandesare are over you have to do home work wile they play

25 You get punished for leaving it

I can agree. I hate it when teachers shout at me and always say things about us that are not even true! I also don't understand how shouting at us will make us want to do better. It just makes us scared so that we do it the next time.

Just because you don't do something doesn't make you lazy.

I actually think you SHOULD be punished for leaving your homework, since you'll be considered "lazy". But yeah. I'm so annoyed by this.


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26 Homework is a waste of our lives

Kids need time to be themselves and not waste their little time doing silly home work sheets. Kids like to swim in the pool on really hot days, but if they have home work they will miss out on a once in a life time opportunity. " Teachers stop giving kids homework it's driving kids nuts.

I think the same as you who ever you are

It is a big big big big big waste of our lives

Corrrect, I hate homework especially when you get too much. Some students have a o stay up all night to complete their homework and than they are really tired at school.

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27 Less time for leisure activities
28 It counts for your grade

Trust me, I care SO much about my grades, they call me the over-achieving, ultra competitive, winning obsessed on at school (which I regret to say is a great title for me), but if writing on a piece of paper for sadistic people who watch us while we slave doing homework means getting good grades then I want to go the government and stop this law. Why can't homework be a small portion of maths, or to not become a robot for these cruel people. I'm lucky my class teacher isn't like that. But our former head teacher was a good teacher, sometimes sadistic, but his son was an envious, home-wrecking weasel.

It's so stupid that something as little as homework has such a big impact on your grade.

If homework is only practice then why are we getting graded on it!

I think it does. I have learned a lot from homework

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29 They teach us stuff we don't need

Who needs to know the perimeter of a triangle? If you wanna do something with math like that in the future, fine. But very, VERY few careers kids would want need facts like this. When I'm older, I want to make animated movies and shows, along with books. I don't need to know about the perimeters of a square! What about self-defense? Or paying bills? Schools should teach us more of that.

In Math we're learning how to solve really difficult and too complex for our age. Recently I asked my dad if they even use this stuff and he says that he just has to solve that stuff. Not create equations ourselves. We're the most technologically advanced generation in history and by the time we're grown up we'll have things that do that stuff for us.

No one cares if Jim drove 19 miles to the store, then 5 miles to his friend's house. We get more technologically advanced every day. There's no point in learning this if we have the technology to do this stuff right now!

Yeah, who needs to learn word problems? No one cares if Jane jumped off a cliff and fell for 8 seconds. I wish my math teacher would do that.

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30 It makes schoolbags heavy

My BACKPACK is heavier than my brother. And my mom can't lift the thing. - Kaboom

How old is your brother?



31 Nobody to ask questions to

Last year, I had no friends at school so I have to do all my homework by myself, which is normal, but if I don't understand something it will be left to not be solved at all! At least this year I can ask my friends things about homework thanks to Facebook. - MaxPap

32 Lesser revision

I believe revision is better than homework
They just train you on discipline and you can spam your homework if the teacher is not fierce. When you revise you can do your homework better

Revision. Repeating the same thing over and over. WHAT. THE. HELL.
This is torture. -AnonymousCommenter

33 It's torture

You wait for what seems like forever to get OUT of the place, and then you have to write on a piece of paper for like 5 hours. AND when you get a week off, they give you even MORE HOMEWORK THAN USUAL! The call it fun, we call it murder.

Every day you get bored and just want to go home

It is so annoying


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34 We could be playing video games!

Even though video games are bad for your brain, they are much more fun than Homework. did you know that to much homework can be bad for you?

Some people make a living out of video games, or gaming can be a very big hobby, which if the bad kids that smoke drink etc. Get into it can stop them doing all these things!

To be honest, this isn't a very good reason. BUT...Hang on. Video games are a form of science, aren't they?! Technology, physics, problem solving...that's like 3 subjects at once!

Yes, I have learned MUCH MORE on my computer and in games than in stupid FKIN homework

True. I used to play Minecraft (sad it became cancer now) and since French is my native language, I learned English more with video games such as Minecraft and movies, than actual school. At school, I almost didn't learn anything. - MaxPap

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35 Teachers call it practice, we call it just a piece of paper

I'm an environmentalist and I stand against deforestation. I don't think it's what's right for moving out planet in the right direction the world governments say they're heading toward. Yet they still cut living trees down and for extra paper we don't even need.

I like to call homework a waste of trees or something to make people loose sleep or the

Yup. Stop cutting the trees down! It's cruel to the trees and us. ;(

Super true. I already pay attention!

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36 It's stressful

Its giving out head aches and it giving me head aches to. Plus it's so stressful that you. Feel like killing your self and hurting something. It's seruis! I may not spell things right though, sorry. I'm 11 in grade 5 and I get the home work for the rest of the day! I hate! It's giving me stress and head aches! Parents! Stop teaming up with the teachers! Published on feburary 28 th 2016, 7:27


7:27 am sorry.


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37 We already have 8 hours of school

Plus 802 hours of homework a week and teenagers need to work and I'm in a band so I have NO time.

8 hours is more than enough to learn things. Teachers need to see that most people don't do work because they don't have time or already know the lesson and have no need for extra work.

8 Hours Is Enough!Copy and paste on your profile


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38 We learn enough at school

True homework is a repeat of school aka pointless


39 Because they're idiots

Says the idiot that put this item here! Homework causes a lot of stress!

What idiot put this comment here?

Don't react to things like this. It's a troll entry. - DCfnaf

Don't drive into this stuff

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40 It is a violation of basic human rights

This means that nobody has the right to tell anyone what to do. There are a few exceptions (minors must go to school, those under 16 cannot operate motor vehicles, etc.) but you get the point. This technically makes it illegal to assign homework. Oh, did I mention that homework is technically slavery? - Kaboom

Giving us extra work in school is legal and justified. Taking away students time that can be used to be social or learn things should be 100% Illegal

We're supposed to have freedom of speech and justice. That slip off paper of webpage says otherwise. If they want to take away our freedom, lock us in jail.

Right of freedom yeah homework is so free yeah

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