Totally boring and pointless


I asked my teacher why we have homework. She said it is because there isn't enough to time in the "academic day." Well, studies show that we do better on tests if we have time to live and not live in a textbook. I have homework over the weekend, on vacation, over summer vacation and it is total BS. We can't have any free time, which NEWS FLASH TEACHERS, we learned how to walk, talk and eat way before we ever went to school. I couldn't explain to you how happy I was before I got to middle school. Life was a breeze and really, without homework I was doing better in school. Now I get up early, work hard all day, get home, work hard again, and go to bed really late. Homework is controlling my life, and all of my friends. Will it ever end?

Homework stresses students out. It's work, on top of work. It's like overtime to adults; minus the money. Kids need time to be kids, and education is more than science, math, social studies, and English. We learned so much before we went to school. How to talk, walk, and eat! So why were we forcing students to repeat what happened earlier that day when they could USE THEIR IMAGINATION to create a game with their neighborhood friends or learn a new trick from a family member. But, for some odd reason, we just dump dull, non-creative work onto students who just want to relax after a long day of hard work, just like adults. So will it happen? Will it ever end?

I agree with everyone here I hate homework so much why end school at a certain time when it's just more school at home and my parents always nag me about it and think I always rush through it when it's a small amount so they look through it and look for the tiniest mistake and make me correct it. Its funny they make me put so much effort in to it when at school the teacher doesn't even care about it so half the class doesn't do it an they get away with that. Thanks homework for making me bored so often!

Oh yeah, cause seven hours of school is never enough, is it?

In our school diaries, it tells us that we should do homework because it provides an opportunity for us to be responsible for our own learning. That basically says that we should be teaching ourselves. I'm sorry if I'm offending anyone, but WE don't NEED HOMEWORK FOR EDUCATION! WE HAVE SCHOOLWORK!

I'm in year 8 in Australia and I think that homework makes people, actually, I KNOW it makes people depressed because my friend is just about past breaking point. She wants to quit school, SO THANKS TEACHERS, you made our life horrible

Yay! School is finished! What could be a more relaxing way to spend the afternoon than more school? Because who needs sleep, playtime, family time, food or relaxation when you have homework? RIGHT, TEACHERS? - Pix3lPotato

My teachers, specifically language arts and social studies teachers, tend to give us repitive homework day after day. Isn't it already enough that we have to go to school five days a week for more than 10 years? And then when we forget to do it, teachers forget that us students have our own lives to worry about. Besides, my teachers make us do the same thing everyday. But apparently, children should be worrying about their grades more than their health. I, along with other students, have a life outside of school and we don't need more trouble added to our already hectic lives.

I HATE HOMEWORK! There is no point in it. We already have to spend like, a quarter - a fifth of our lives at school. IS THAT NOT ENOUGH FOR YOU, TEACHERS!? After school you want to relax, play on the Xbox, watch Stranger Things and so on. Not do homework! It is THE WORST. I think we all agree, and it's time to take action! This is the vote for NO MORE HOMEWORK! Let's make this free country into even more of a free country.

I completely hate homework. It stresses me out, and I'd literally either get 5 minutes of easy worksheets or 2-hour consuming essays/math packets. My teacher made us write (my class at least, this was fifth grade) an essay on how the Dog Instructions Manual in the packet we got could help the woman dealing withe her disobedient dog in the same packet. One answer: READ IT!

NO...Where were the blissful happy days without homework gone? Why where there piles and piles of homework on the table for us? Why...just why? Here I am getting home from school and guess what I hear... "Time for homework! " The worst words in human language! Anyway...I'm in year 7 in secondary school and I have more homework each and every year...which makes me wish there was a time machine so I can go back all the way to year 1 and have less or NO HOMEWORK AT ALL! (subscribe to Coreforce 216)

I agree with all of you guys because every time I have to do homework it's like once I'm done it's already night time and then I have to get ready for bed just to get more to do once I come home it's like not even worth anything we already get 18 years of school it's not worth it

At school, we already learn AT SCHOOL. So why should they give us homework if the lesson is something we won't remember but we won't care to remember cause we won't even use this in real life!? Seriously, we won't need to have to find the area under a curve when we're writing a resume or shopping at Costco!


Teacher: you are dismissed
Me: groan, state report
Friend: I know! Why not at school?
Me: as if 7 and a half hours aren't enough
Friend: groan why did I choose Alaska?
Me: I choose Rhode Island, WHY HOME WORK WhY?!
Friend: WHY WHY WHY?!
Me: pointless, boring
Friend: stressful, makes you tired
Me: imitates parents did you do your homework? If not you will be grounded for a month
Me: groan
Friend: uh oh, see you tomorrow!

My opinion of homework. 'Homework making kids have depression since 1864'(guess).Murdering kids brains since 1864. Making kids RAGE OVER 9000 times since 1864. Having extra work since 1864. Making you ask why do we have work at home when we can get it all done at school? Since 1864.

As a 6th grader, homework stresses me out a lot, especially when I can potentially have more than 4 hours of it, and if I'm lucky over the weekend. I see no point except more stress and a higher chance of failing (for the record, homework is 1/10 of my grade). - WonkeyDude98

Revision is homework enough, if people don't do homework they most likely won't revise as well so it's pointless. They say it helps you pass, but I hardly put my all into it but I still pass.

Its not fair that we're forced to go to school without a choice. It's bad enough that it's a living hell for all of us. But on top of that the teachers are on a personal mission to ruin our lives!

You seriously just taught us this in class. There's not really a logical reason for us to go through the entire lesson we were just taught when we're not at school - Haumea

I think homework is a Waste because if you forget the teacher will give you a bad grade and you lose recess then when you get home your parents will be upset than your are grounded.

No homework + no grades= BETTER LEARNING

Let's be real here...if this didn't exist, school would be BEARABLE! - DCfnaf

I am in High school and with all the sports I play like football, lax, etc. I have not time for it. Its dumb because I just did it in school!

I know right! What are they testing, your ability to ask for help? I mean come on.

I also think it is pointless because one of your family members might be dieing and you will have go see them and you will not get your homework done.

I hate homework because I don't have time to do anything I mean do you expect us to finish all our homework in one night!? How am I supposed to know what a Metric System is?