Top Ten Reasons to Kill Off Liberals

Why do liberals exist? Most of them are lazy and want to milk off government.

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21 They destroy everything good

Who submitted this? Liberals support many good (in my opinion) ideas like healthcare, abortion, taxes, and edgucation. - Lucretia

22 They are communist

The only good communist is a dead one

I am not a communist, I hate communism. - Lucretia

23 They will consume themselves!

I hope so, but first they'll eat all there is left of the fried chicken watermelon and ham hocks.

24 They think everything is racist
25 They're overly outcome-dependent / weak
26 They are mindless

They follow, never lead!, like all the fools of the past.
Heil hitler!

27 They can't figure out their gender, so they make one up, and want you to honor and respect "It".

I am female... - Lucretia

These air head nut jobs need to bend over, look between their legs and figure it out.

Many don't bother, instead they wake up and decided how they "FEEL' that day, and then act out.
Or, what is cool and in vogue--or really is the hot button--and then PRESTO -- That's them!

And even if they are sporting a mustache and Adams apple--GOD help you if you don't address them as "miss".

I believe they are best addressed at the end of my 2nd AMENDMENT RIGHT.

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