Top Ten Reasons People Think Americans Are Stupid

There are a great many wonderful inventions coming from the United States and many, many brilliant people behind them. Odds are, you found this site after performing a search on an American search engine, powered by American servers, created by students who attended an American University. You're also likely viewing the site using a web browser created by Americans running on an operating system produced by an American company. Even this site is hosted using a US created server operating system in a server room offered by an American company.

But all of that seems inconsequential compared to the growing sentiment around the world that all American are idiots. Just watch a single episode of Top Gear and you're bound to find at least one example of the hosts going out of their way to insult American intelligence.

In all fairness, sentiments like this rarely appear out of nowhere. There are definitely characteristics of the United States that paint Americans in a bad light that are listed below. But before you start spouting off about how "all Americans" are this or do that, bear in mind that the United States is a country of over 300 million people stretching across 6 time zones. For every racist, inbred, obese, Bible-thumpin' nitwit, there is and educated, rational, enlightened, well-meaning citizen to balance them out. Now if we could just get Americans to stop voting the former into office.

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1 A clown like Donald Trump is in the race for president

If he wins I'm building a bunker! America, please. You can not be seriously considering this blabbering fool to run your country. He's a businessman and a genuine capitalist and you guys think this will help you? Ask yourselves again what you think happens when a businessman and a capitalist that is probably also quite an egoist will do. Who will he think of firstly? I predict he will make it a lot easier for his own companies to pay less tax, to pay less salaries to their employees and so on.

You also think it's a good idea to kick out 6million people doing all the work yourselves would never touch? Who will clean up? He claims he will hit down hard on countries trying to make a buck in the US. Well lucky you! Go have business with yourselves then! Your only ally under Trump as president will be Russia. Fine with me! Import their onions and beetroot for all I care. He wants to build walls. This is the only place I agree with him. In fact, I'll even go further. Extend the walls ...more

I know! I'm American and I hate that Donald trump! I want Bernie sanders for prez! So who's with me! - pugiscool

He's not even qualified for the job. A clown who can't even cut his own hair correctly for President? Seriously. The only thing he does is talk. What is he really gonna do when he expects he can solve every problem in America on his own without even having a proper education? Nonsense. So you want some moron to lead out country into a war we can't win and our allies against us? For what, his lies? Who want to live in a country where a man dismisses women like their his own pets and thinks Blacks and the Spanish are thugs, rapist, and idiots who can't think for themselves? I'll be laughing so hard when I hear theirs another Civil War because of his stupidity as I watch Americans rip themselves apart.

Electing someone who have no political experience and political knowledge is very stupid but also very dangerous. Donald Trump won the election because of his " popular attitude ". The great danger of this is that such persons have many irrational ideas about politics which can be put in practice because of his " power " ( given by the people who elected him as president ) and therefor a great danger for the entire world. " Make America great again "? What does that really mean? America was build on crimes ( the extention of the native population, slavery in its most vicious way which gived the wealth and economic power to the US, Wilson who wiped out in the 20's rights of the working class, etc... ). American history is all about racism, corruption, crimes ( labor movements, civil rights movements, gay-right movements etc... have fought from the 20's till now their rights in horrible times ). So, what does mean " great again "? Horrible times based on racism ( maybe that's why during ...more

No, but people think Americans are stupid as they tend to talk crap on whomever is currently the President - styLIShT

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2 Americans elected George W. Bush, TWICE!

Was too young to vote for him. The people that did are complete idiots. - mingos1

Finally! A political list that I can agree with (one that is not biased)! After all, that 2003 invasion of Iraq George W. Bush commanded only served to lead to ethnic conflict in the Middle East and lead to the rise of ISIS! Not to mention he caused an economic recession! And he left this whole mess for Barack Obama to clean, with him acting as the scapegoat for America's current problems. If George W. Bush can't be number 1 on Top 10 Worst United States Presidents, then he can be number 1 on this list. Congratulations, George W. Bush. Let's hope the next president we elect will take off from where Barack Obama went with the choices he made to fix the problems George W. Bush caused. P.S. George W. Bush ruined this country FIRST, not Barack Obama. This is me and my right to freedom of speech. - ModernSpongeBobSucks

Read this fool below me. So typical. Gets worse here daily here yet poor little fellow is so arrogant he thinks his generation will fix things. Our education system is same as 50 years ago and a lot of it is outright lies. We teach almost no science or math. Our younger generation are one of the fattest laziest and ignorant in our history. Funny how this non arrogant and informed American lacks or more likely just refuses to see these facts. He actually just proves how correct this statement really is. Poor lil kid

From 1950 all the way to 2017 - Adventurur2

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3 American arrogance

The world hates hearing from Americans how great America is. So many Americans tout the United States as the greatest country on earth and expect everyone else to agree, but everyone else is asking themselves "best at what? ". Sure there are still areas where the United States is a world leader such as in military strength, but are those really enough to make the claim of greatest country? Especially when the US is lagging behind in life expectancy, infant mortality, education, and overall happiness.

You could argue that it is this arrogance that engenders the most hate around the world but it is also the thing that is holding the United States back. So many Americans are so thoroughly convinced the American way is the best way that they refuse to look at the world around them. It takes true arrogance and stupidity to see someone else get better results than you are but refuse to try to adopt their methods.

Well I'm American, and I don't think America is the greatest country. ( For example, America Destroyed TWO CITIES with NUCLEAR POWER in WWII, and there shouldn't be a greatest country because all countries are great ( unless there not doing well). Besides, I know a lot of stuff ( I know all of the worlds countries, obscure bands, etc) No offense but I don't like the stereotyping of America. Just saying. - MusicalPony

When talking to American citizens, they know nearly nothing about things happening in other parts of the world. I'm not talking serious world issues such as war, I mean smaller things that people should know. I'm from Canada, and our country is beautiful-in both the winter and the summer. However, when Americans were asked their opinion on their Canadian neighbours, many responded that it would be a lovely place to visit if you enjoy snow and cold. Many believed that all Canadians lived in igloos. This just showed how close minded they were to other places. All the news they focus on is their own, and they believe that their country is the best when really the US lacks a lot that other countries thrive with.

I grew up in Boston and then went to university in Montreal and have lived there for 3 years now. After living in Canada for so long I have really come to see the us in a new light. People really are stupid! I mean I come home and try to explain things to my friends and families and they just tell me that "socialism won't work in the us", "the work ethic In America is stronger because we aren't socialist". I mean seriously? The work ethic in Canada or other dem soc countries is worse than in the us? They also tend to think about critical issues in policies strictly in terms of America. It's like they all live in a bubble. And forget trying to talk politics with an American, all they do is argue because they can't think rationally enough to have a decent debate/conversation about controversial issues. They also are too stubborn to learn from the opinions of others. I really hate visiting home...

That's the most annoying stuff that americans do. Seriously guys you need to understand that you're not that great! Of course the United States is better to live in than lots of other countries out there, but NO IT IS NOT THE BEST COUNTRY WITH REGARD TO SO MANY THINGS (like life expectancy, infant mortality etc.). Honestly, some american people are even arrogant when they insist to force people from other countries to accept the lie they believe in.

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4 A higher percentage of Americans do not believe in evolution than almost all other first world nations

I mean, seriously - what is up with that? I know not all Americans are stupid, just like any other place on Earth... But come on creationists, why not vacate the bronze age and join us here in the 21st Century? Jeez... Evolution is as much of a fact as gravity. Get over it.

They don't believe it because it's barely taught. The fundamentalist Christians control a lot of money and those with the money control policy, and words. They control how it's talked about. They make it should so stupid that a person could have evolved form a small mouse like creature that survived the dinosaur period. The leaders talk about it like evolution happens over night, they say, "look at a mouse, we are not mice. We look nothing like mice." and then they go into how god created us and some virgin had a kid and he was god, but not really god his dad was god, god just controlled his sons actions and then God had his son killed to forgive all the bad mistakes he had made in the couple thousand years prior to that when he was kind of a more bipolar god of war and punishment and because he duked the first two of his creations into eating an apple so he killed his son to make sure we know know that we don't have to kill things to bring him his praises anymore. Something like ...more

This seems to be the only country in which some Christians do not recognize that Old testament has been replaced by New testament. I would almost call it "radical" Christianity. Jesus Christ would turn in his grave to see how his followers hate, discriminate and misuse religion, just what he was fighting against and what he died for. Middle ages are over and there are actually open minded Christians in other countries, it is unbelievable how can people using this ideological craziness call themselves Christians. It went so far that now new pope seems to be enemy of some "so called Christians" who do not like his return to the original Christian roots where Jesus was taking care of poor, giving people hope, fighting against people using religion to enrich themselves and all the hate which in now open in the name of Christianity. I am appalled. Anyone should watch movie "Luther" and do some soul searching. Now people quote Old testament to justify their hate of LGBT community (my ...more

Absolutely ridiculous, Americans should believe in evolution. The fact that they say God helped us evolve and created the earth is total bs. The Earth and all the other planets were made by the big bang, not just some pointless god.

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5 Americans elected Barack Obama, TWICE!

He is a great president. That's my opinion. - TopTensFan

Obama is rated as the 18th greatest president of USA, he inherited the Bush legacy, he came into officewith 2 wars on 2 continents, a Bush created budget deficit, gas was 5 dollars a gallon, now it is 1.87 a gallon,attempt to create Universal Health care derailed by the republican sissies in this country. Most Americans are stupid conformists for one can not underestimate the power of a group of stupid Americans.

Thank you! I'm a liberal and it's been so hard to find a list where Barack Obama is rightfully appreciated for all the right choices he has made. It's just that Republicans won't let Obama undo the damage to this country. That's why he had to use executive orders since the Democrats can't pass bills since Republicans would not approve of them! Pretty sad that a lot of popular users on TheTopTens hate him. - ModernSpongeBobSucks

Our issues have little to do with who our president is. It's our outdated and corrupt system that is the joke. Our Constitution was supposed to be amended as times and the world changed but like everything here the money grubbing and corruption took over everything too fast. That and the only people that want to be in our government are those that demand things are done only their way. Our brightest and best are never politicians.

Whoever wrote this must be an arrogant white person. - Hamad_Sayed

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6 The United States is the only first world nation without universal health care

Hey idiot American... you have government funded military (too funded if you ask me), schools, transportation, police, etc. , but it is funding a system that helps each and every citizen that takes the country from being "the land of the free" to being a Communist state? Really? Wake up and smell the propaganda. It's insane that so many Americans have bought into the idea that universal health care is an attack on their freedoms. The rest of the world is laughing at you and your stupidity.

"The original definition for government is the basic and I mean basic necessities. That means food and water, shelter, and lastly protection of all threats. No where in there did I mention a trillion dollar entitlement society that has now grown into this. Universal healthcare is a bad idea, it slows down the medical process because it leaves the doctors at the mercy of congress and they are notoriously expedient and decisive. Wise up folks, do some research, this stuff is nasty.

It is not the job of the (American) government to provide for your health care."

Encore! - Juan-Luis

Being the land of the free should come with an asterisk. It should also state that you need to make a lot of money so you can afford to by health insurance. And if that doesn't happen to happen they you are still free to live in the streets and find whatever herbal medicines you can find to treat yourself. So Stupid that we put our selfs in groups in the United States. They should take the United part out of the Untied states and just start calling us Survival of the richest States. How do people not care that their "brothers" and "sisters" are not able to get something so basic of need as medical treatments, exams, etc. It's so Stupid!

Not only is the American system uneconomic but it produces the worst outcomes in terms of healthcare. Americans spends more than any other country on healthcare and yet in a world ranking index their healthcare outcomes are rated as 79th. Yet despite these facts, they still crow on about how their system is best. Idiots!

Even the Germans fixed this before WW2.

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7 American’s scores on standardized tests are falling when compared to the rest of the world

I am a Chinese American and most of my family had their education in China. In China, the system has definitely changed a lot since the 1960s and yes, the Chinese are known for being some of the smartest people in the world. However, how do you define smartness? Test scores? Government policies? Ability to recall knowledge from books? Decision-making? Well, the Chinese are book smart which makes them good scientists, engineers, etc. Well folks, I've got news for you. America has a lot of scientists too and we are considered number one in terms of science and technology with China not too far behind. It is true when we say that the Chinese aren't good leaders because look at the Chinese culture and education: Memorize, repeat, follow the authority, etc. In that culture, you can't challenge authority, let alone impose your own. Oh, and for appreciation, in general, White American kids do appreciate things well because look at Chinese tiger moms who can't even appreciate an A- on a test ...more

I personally believe that intelligence should be judged in more ways than math or science or language arts (this is coming from a straight student). Someone might be a amazing musician and have the ability to multiple instruments but if they aren't making good grades they're considered stupid.

All I'm trying to say is that just because Americans aren't making as good of scores on standardized tests as they used too they should not be considered unintelligent simply because of this fact. Some people are smarter in other things outside of what you're taught in school.

This is true, I'm not sure why it has negative votes. One student was told to be sent to the doctor because the school thought something was wrong with her. What was that? She liked dancing. You may not succeed in math, but it doesn't mean you can't be a great artist. You may not thrive in science, but you may become the next Freddie Mercury. Who knows? Also, grades are not always accurate. My grade is struggling in my math class because I lost work, but I understand it well. Kids in my class cheat on tests and get As without understanding the subject. - pandagirl

That's because they give us too many stupid test and act like our grades reflect our intelligence. Most students are put under a lot of pressure especially with standardized testing which effects their performance. To top it all off the U.S has a new way of teaching kids called "Common Core" which is beyond stupid. (Thank God Texas doesn't have it. It's the only state that doesn't by the way) I'm a straight A student and I struggle with my little brothers homework because of how stupid and different Common Core is. I also don't think it's fair to base American intelligence off of a few stupid test scores. I mean, late stop and think about this who invented Apple out of their garage? A few Americans. (But I thought all of us were dumb) Who invented Google!?!?! Umm... just a few Americans. So stop basing our intelligence off of test scores because that's not an accurate depiction of how smart we really are and can be.

Due to things like fidget spinners, stupid memes, and brain dead cartoons most americans are idiots, (I'm the best at math in my former class) also some american schools are too easy for me and they don't have advanced classes, which is stupid, it ruines the purpose of learning when you know something well but the teacher still keeps teaching it - bjinmaro64

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8 Americans shoot each other at an alarming rate

This gun issue has got to be atop the list. When given the option of a very promising possiblity to save thousands of lives or being given the right to shoot @$#% these knuckleheads choose the right to shoot stuff every time. It's not even debatable in the US. 20 small children are shot, while at school and the best argument against guns is to "maybe ban assault rifles? " Stupid! Even stupider is the small percentage of American's that believe this Sandy hook elementary shooting along with all the other mass shoots that have happened in US are actually a hoax. They really truely believe that the government wants there guns so bad they are hiring actors to act out these horrific events to get people to change their minds on guns. So Stupid! Lastly, these same people who love there guns so much, so much that they would rather have their guns when knowing thousands of people in the US are going to die form them each year, these are the same people the are so so so against abortions. Is ...more

I'm very pro gun, but it is ridiculous how much hatred there is in this country. Shoot a guy for $43 dollars, shoot a man for texting in the theater, shoot a man for being elected president, shoot a man for not selling you drugs, shoot a man for smack talking, shoot a man because he has different views... It is all pretty ridiculous. There is only one reason to ever shoot anybody, and that is if he is endangering other people.

I first had the high rate of gun ownership here, but had to change that because it is not gun ownership that is really the issue. There are other countries that are even more armed than the US. The issue is that Americans use those guns on each other more than any other countries save those actively at war (counting drug wars).

And even that is only a part of the problem. People shooting each other is stupid. Americans who insist in defiance of all reason and rationale that guns keep them safe and are a God given right are the other part.

Stupid gun supporters.

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9 Haven't switched to the metric system

The metric system can switch by tens, hundreds, thousands, which is mostly by zeros. And metric units have many connections to each other.

The metric system is actually simple. - Pony

When the metric system was introduced in France during the French Revolution the mathematician Condorcet said " It's for all people for all time ". Many countries followed at the end of the 19th century and beginning of the 20th century ( Holland, Germany, Italy, Portugal, Spain... ). Even Latin America adopted the metric system! The United States did not follow based on the following grounds, the cost ( typical American ) and the inconvenience of the change over. But American science had to adapt since important scientefic discoveries were made. One of them is the atomic weight based on the metric system ( the mole ). So, in this era of modern science it's almost becoming retarded to stick and to still learn the imperial system at schools. Every country had followed at time but because of their " money and time " issue are the United States still using the old ( and now almost obsolete ) system.

Well lets hope that at least the Mars gets the metric system

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10 Americans don't know much about countries outside of America

After asking 10 Americans where Glasgow was. One private schooled well educated guy chirped up and was certain it was in Norway

They are generally not very educated. That's why we think they are stupid. In other countries, we put in so much effort to finish school so we could perhaps get a decent job, although we probably won't, while these spoiled Americans just complain abot having to get some basic knowledge in school, which they still don't because apparently they get trough life not knowing some basic that we had to learn in elementary school.

A lot of them don't. They can't even point out Australia on a map. To be honest I don't think their education system should be entirely blamed for their lack of knowledge. It's up to the individual to make an effort to learn. Some Americans probably believe they don't need to learn or get an education because it is their "right" to decide what they can and can't do. - OMFGserioisly

Yes, they are extremely self-centred - styLIShT

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11 A higher percentage of American population is incarcerated than in any other first world nation

It's a staggering problem and even though no one really knows how to fix it, the fact that it got so out of hand in the first place must be indicative of some level of incompetence.

American society is made to keep you down once you're down. One wrong choice and you'll never be able to function in society due to a black mark so your only choice is to go back in the system

True. And our war on drugs has made it exponentially worse too. Non violent people people that commit no crimes other than doing what some say is bad get their lives ruined. Half our presidents have had substance abuse issues yet we toss our otherwise harmless folks in prison for it. If only harming yourself I don't care if you smoke or inject or snort pig. Rapists and murderers commonly do less jail time than many non violent people.

It's because the penal system isn't designed to reform. It is a source of cheap labor for a corrupt system.

That because half the prison population is in jail for Marijuana charges. That's the only reason. If it was legalized, prisons wouldn't be crowded at all - westofohio

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12 Obesity rates in the United States lead to people thinking Americans are lazy and stupid

Not all Americans are fat, in fact, most aren't. But there are more obese Americans by percentage than there are in almost every other country in the world.

Obesity is linked to a lack of physical activity. A lack of physical activity implies laziness. Laziness often seems to align with stupidity. After all, weight management is a very simple formula - eat less, exercise more, lose weight. You'd have to be an idiot not to realize that.

The truth is that Americans are not lazy. In fact, they work more hours per year than most other countries including Japan, Korea, and the UK. But they are fat, no getting around that.

Actually Mexico just passed us. As of July 2014, half of the Mexican population is obese - greatesttop10s

If you actually took the time to visit smaller towns, you'd realize that America is diverse and full of kind, caring people. There are a few bad apples, but every country has them. Just because you visited LA and New York doesn't mean you REALLY know us Americans. Contrary popular belief, we do not constantly eat Mcdonalds. I know lots of people who hate that fake "restaurant." I refuse to eat there, and my family rarely goes out for dinner. We make our own food. We buy eggs from a family friend who owns chickens, and often get tomatoes from another friend. We have our own concord grapes, and it's quite common to grow strawberries, or your own tomatoes in your backyard. I'm really skinny, and so is most of my family. Before you judge, take the time to really look at Americans.

So America can't change because it's too big? Canada is bigger (yes we are - look it up) and we changed. And we have an awful lot of road signs out in the middle of nowhere that needed to be changed. Done. Canada is awesome. Also we have standardized bridge heights. Just saying.

You act like no other country has fat people! - westofohio

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13 Americans don't understand what Socialism means

Socialism doesn't mean government involvement. Socialism is a political movement that strives at equality for social issues or problems. For instance, social Healthcare against the unfair " Healthcare Insurance ". This means that everybody should pay a equal contribution ( every month or every three months, depends ) and the contributions will go to a social fund afterwards. Whoever is sick, go to a doctor, needs an operation or medications, it's the fund that will take charges of the bill without affecting your contribution that you have to pay anyway. Because of the equality of the system, the contribution is the same for everybody ( poor people can afford to pay it ). Most Americans thinks that socialism is related to communism. It was related for a moment ( in the past ) till they separated from communism for political disagreement and so socialism became democratic socialism.

Actually, Socialism is EXACTLY that. Government involvement in the economy. Can you name me one Socialist country that has anything close to a free market? Don't know where you got your definition from. - Alpha101

To the response of Alpha101. My response or comment was based on a comment of Top Tenner Slayerite "...means more government involvement ". I should have written ( my mistake ) that Socialism doesn't mean " more " government involvement. About my definition. The Karl Marx theory of socialism was based on dialectic materialism as opposed to Hegel's absolute idealism. In dialectic materialism there are conflicts between economic classes. After feudalism we came in a new these : the Industrial employers of capitalism. This these will generate a antitheses ; the proletarian class ( working class ). The syntheses that will come out of this conflict is in Marx's view socialism. This view is now considered as absolute socialism. To stop this conflict which generates inequality between the classes it is necessary to maintain a equilibrium of economic productivity trough socialism otherwise there will be in time only very rich and very poor classes left. A rich class system ...more

People do not know what ito means but when hearing the word will go into a frenzy!

They constantly slander Fenno-Skandia as a socialist utopia.

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14 The United States is behind the curve in regard to racial equality

Sure, the US elected a black president. But the fact that it was such a big deal is more evidence that the United States is still racially charged than it is color blind. So go ahead and celebrate your newfound acceptance, but don't forget that it is the 21st century and an alarming number of people believe that Obama is an African born Muslim... and far more importantly... that this is somehow a bad thing.

I was surprised when I moved to the US some 5 years ago and found out people still caught up in black/white thing. I thought I was going to the greatest country in the world that has moved past race. Even when you apply for a job, go to the hospital, etc, people are made to fill out this form that asks what race they are. Very weird.

Recently, when singer and actress Rebecca Ferguson was invited to play Donald Trump's presidential inauguration, she agreed to do so on condition she could perform the song " Strange fruit " ( a song made famous by Billie Holiday and later Nina Simone that was inspired by the double lynching of Thomas Shipp and Abram Smith in the thirties. A third victim, James Cameron, escaped and later founded America's Black Holocaust museum ). She was promptly disinvited, proof that the song retains its shocking unsettling potency and that the ideas about racism aren't much changed in the United States. Google or Bing it up, you will see that my sources are 100% true facts.

Welcome to America! Land of the free! *

*Terms and Conditions Apply - styLIShT

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15 Americans are obsessed with social media

This here, is the most underrated choice, and the reason why the first option is voted. Why is Trump an "idiot? " Because Americans are ignorant people who do nothing but look at social media when you would have a much better time understanding by actually paying attention to all the speeches. The average American shouldn't be trusted with politics if we keep going down this path.

You know, I don't even have an iPhone. I don't want one. My parents gave me an iPod and an iPad as a present, but I never asked for those and I don't need them. I'm gonna sell it. I only use my laptop for the internet, and I don't use social medias. My sister is the opposite, she's obsessed with Tumblr, Snapchat, Instagram, etc. She shoves it in my face and encourages me to join them. I just find it annoying. - RaccoonCartoon

You mean brainwashed by and with social media. The powerful of the world couldn't ask for better, now they can control each and everyone.

I think Japan has us beat - westofohio

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16 American students get scholarships to ivy league universities based on their athletic performance

This doesn't have any impact on an aggregate level... These numbers make up almost nobody, and many that do get in via athletics are required to maintain a certain GPA. Starting to lose credibility quickly over here.

An athletic scholarship offers the chance for a student to study at a university as long as they play for that particular school in whatever sport they were given a scholarship for. Just because someone has a scholarship based on their athletic preformance does not determine whether or not they are intelligent or worthy of going to that school.

There was a scandal a few years back about how a university made fake classes and degrees to ensure athletes would play. What ever happened to college being higher education?! - Frouze

That actually happens in some other countries too - styLIShT

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17 They take drugs

The problem with this is that we have access to almost anything we want. This would be better if our correction facilities were more affective. There was a study done on rats that determine that one of the best ways not to be addicted to something is to have more human interaction. Humans want to be attached to something, wether it be people... or drugs. When the study was don the first time, the scientist put the rats in solitary cages with water laced with cocain and some plain water. The rats soon got addicted to the laced water and soon over dossed. When another scientist did it a second time, he put the rats in a cage with other rats, slides, food, and the rats could mate all they wanted. Basically a rat resort. He put the two types of water into the cage and almost all of the rats never became addicted and a very small percentage of the rats ever over dossed. Our correction facilities are like the solitary cages, so we need to create a correction system that is more like the rat ...more

What is even a "drug"? I think one important problem with drugs (in the world) that is rarely talked about is government dishonesty. Governments try so hard to keep people off drugs, they end up exaggerating, demonizing and lying about them. Plus they put them all in the same basket as if they were all the same. So, when somebody eventually tries some drug and sees it wasn't that bad (or truly good), they begin to try harder stuff until they find a bad one (meth/heroin) and they are gone. Drugs are just a tool, like any other, and as such can be used for good or stupidly.

There are many studies about the psychological effects of psychoactives, mainly LSD and mushrooms that show the overwhelming positive effects they can have... of course that would cut off on profits from Prozac (right Bayer?). just search for "lsd psychological studies".

On the first comment about the rats experiments ; your view on the experiments has some good points but is wrong. First of all, surprising as it may seem at this time of modern scientific miracles, it is not known why the human body becomes physical addicted to some drugs. There are literally dozens of mechanisms and explanations. The leading explanation is the homeostatic theory ( the body tries to maintain equilibrium ). The parts of the body that are affected with the drug compensate for it after those parts become used and tolerant to having it present. One of the most important part is of course our brain which has a MFB ( Medial forebrain bundle ) that gives us the rewards and has the PVS ( Peri-Ventricular system ) that gives us the " punition ". In a human society there are the fundamental aggression based on hierarchies, different classes, social promotions, domination etc... The rats on the other hand were all equal in the cage ( they all had the same reward ). In ...more

And only Americans do so? Most countries have people who take drugs - styLIShT

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18 Americans brag a lot about their country

We brag so much about how great our own country is, we don't even look at other countries. For instance...

Japan is experiencing, and has been experiencing, very little inflation and corruption. Meanwhile in america... I think everyone and their mother knows what's going on.

Every time they say "God bless America", I feel pity for them in a bad way.

They really think that they have everything and that other countries besides their own still lives in pre-wwII conditions. They think that they are the most advanced country in technology, culture etc.. but if you go outside their big cities in the United States of America you will find the dumbest people on earth.

Yeah, I have no idea why they do this. - RaccoonCartoon

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19 They discriminate against immigrants applying for jobs

OK. For those who do no discriminate, can you please give me a chance? I have corporate management experience from Europe, I was Sales District Manager, Business Development Manager, I did wholesale financing, worked by way up. I was trained by American Corporation in Europe in several countries, I have business degree from Europe (Masters in Business, International Business, started to work on PhD in Management before I came here. I am fluent in English, I sent hundreds of resumes and after 16 years here nobody was interested in hiring me except of low paid administrative jobs offered to me. I live in Palm Beach County, Florida. I learn quickly, I have no problem to switch to other area of expertise. I have been working since I came to this country two jobs, got my Broker's real estate license (studying here is extremely easy for me), I have no problems with math, anything other people have problems with, but so far even when I mentioned that I would export cars (in the days when ...more

My father has 50 years of experience with different countries. From Wake Island to Vietnam-in-war to Nigeria, my father is an expert. And who did they hire? The fresh white local who has no experience.

I still don't get why America does that. No baby is born racist, we are taught that from our parents and our peers. No baby is born saying a white baby is white and an African American baby is African American! We are all taught that and it is a very hard cycle to break.

God help this country,one of the most richest country can even feed itself.focus on religion too much,anyone knows all immigrants have advanced by hard work.american is racist and lazy look at slavery history! england was the first to freed slaves! God also cursed This land.only trump can help us.europe/south America is worst cause of the Muslims.

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20 America thinks they have the right to solve the worlds problems, all while they can't even solve their own.

So true. We stick our nose into every countries business yet our country is a joke. Our government fails badly in everything it tries except starting wars.

I don't think Americans even know how much their country is messing with everyone else's business. And this is coming from Serbia, so I guess you might be able to tell why I have such an opinion. Unless you are from America.

Thanks to our past few crappy presidents, and by the looks of it, we aren't going to have a respectable leader in a while.

They can't cure their issues, but somehow can poke their nose into Iraq, Libya, Vietnam, etc. - styLIShT

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21 It took 239 years to legalize gay marriage

Okay, well, YES, it's bad that it took this long, but it's taken much longer for other countries, most still don't have gay marriage. The punishment is also way worst in other countries than it is for America. You can get executed for being gay in some countries! - RaccoonCartoon

If you read the comment above, it explains it all. Voting majority is uneducated, homophobic, racist, working class Americans.

And for 239 years right wingers have been pushing back on it and in some cases promoted violence. - Frouze

So? Most countries in the world still haven't legalised it, and some countries have death penalty for homosexuality. This point is actually a plus point - styLIShT

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22 Americans are too close-minded

I am from Europe and I came to New Jersey last year to study and people just couldn't accept the culture differences. I was chocked by the things they would get mad about. It was definitely traumatizing, making me now much more shy and scared of saying whatever in front of any American, afraid that I will hurt their feelings.

I agree, I'm from the US and I swear most people think they know everything and can't even hear other's opinions out. That's why there are still a lot of racists and homophobic people here. - PopularStarfish

I've lived here my entire life, and I can testify to the fact that there are more than a few in this country who are as dumb as a rock! This closed mindedness is not restricted too any one ethnic group but I see it as rather an American thing. I've come too the conclusion that once you teach a person something, it is hard too break them out of those teachings.
A lack of education, and critical thinking are two of the things that help too perpetuate this ignorance, and closed mindedness in America today!

A lot of Americans are pathologically sensitive, they can't handle constructive criticism. They are so stuck in their ways, and I strongly believe this is what makes them very socially unintelligent and unsuccessful.

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23 American don't know about their own country

Actually there's an interview by the group " The Cramps " on YouTube where they are saying that Europeans knows more about American music ( rockabilly, rock and roll, mid-sixties garage punk ) than the Americans. It's maybe a little bit out of context here but it shows or seems that a great percentage of Americans don't know much about their own cultural and social history of their country.

You need current events and all other things are meaningless? How can you understand current things if you don't know anything about social events of the past, popular knowledge of culture that changed the country on a social scale ( music, art, literature... )? Knowing about your own country is not only just know about what is happening now. I agree with the first comment when a music group ( even if you don't care about the group ) says that oddly enough Europeans know more about America than Americans do. They mean ( I saw the interview on YouTube ) that Europeans understand the background of what they are doing now. In other words, they understand the current thing because they know the history of it.

Just saying, "don't" is correct. It's just that there should be an "s" on American so it is pluralized and consistent with the rest of the statements. But then again, nobody has ever expected an American to know much about the king's English. It's not so much that Americans are stupid, it's that they think they know a hell of a lot more than they do and are unwilling accept the fact that they don't.

Need Current Event Classes in High School not all that other crap that is meaningless.

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24 Americans are greedy towards petroleum products

Americans are the ones who don't want to invest in hybryd or electric cars and vehicles for the future. Americans are the ones who don't want to do anything about global warming and who want to keep pollution of the planet. So, yes, they are greedy because progressive ideas or plans about new energy economics don't interest them. Oh, yes, there is Donald Trump who came with the idea to build the wall on the Mexican border ( only if the Mexicans are paying for it ) with solar panels ( but only for the benefit of Americans ) so that they can show to the world that they care about alternative energies. Talking about a stupid american " progressive " arrogant and racist idea. It's all about the mighty dollar for greedy billionaires who wants more " here and now in MY lifetime " dollars. Greedy billionaires and rulers who don't care about long-term actions and who are trying to convince the less fortunate Americans that their plans will and are the best plans for the economy and the ...more

Not only petroleum products, but I think they have a general tendency to be wasteful. Many Americans have no concept of the production process, to get a product from its raw state to a finished product, and the effect this process has on the environment.

People here not having any knowledge in Economics thinks anything can just be made out of thin air practically. Just look at Fallout. They had inefficient machines and look where that landed them. - Slayerite

Greed is Good according to Gordon Gecko. Sadly, that has stayed in the collective American Culture.

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25 Many people think that the world is 2016 years old

Um, that is not true! There are some crazy people out there that think that but where I'm from, no one thinks like that. It is common knowledge that the earth is billions of years old and we are in the ad time period, and there was the be time period! The earth is super old

This is hard to believe. Everybody knows and especially the religious freaks all over America that the calendar has a after and a before zero based on the birth of Jesus.

I am thirteen years old and I know that the earth is approximately 4.6 billion years of age.

95% of American scientists believe the opposite - westofohio

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26 They believe that "Asia" means "China"

That sounds like something one person may have said and you took it as "damn Americans are idiots", another case of taking one example and assuming 200 million+ people must be just as dumb. I've never heard anyone say they thought the entire continent of Asia was just China. Geography and History are two required classes we take all the way through primary schooling up until we graduate high school. unless you never payed attention in class this should have been drilled into your head pretty early.

China just happens to be one of Asian countries that is populated, including India. However when it comes to Indians, they're seen as "Muslims" when most of them are Hindus. In USA, a lot of China's products are being sold here but I guess that's no reason to think of Asia as China. It irks me when they see every Asian people as Chinese. It's okay to not know the difference, but they shouldn't automatically think "Chinese." This just makes them ignorant as they already are. They should be taught more on cultural differences.

If so, then what continent is India and the whole entire Middle East part of? You know, the term "Asia" was originally conceived in the time of Ancient Greece to describe the region that the Persian Empire was situated in. The Greeks didn't know about any "Asian" land east of India. Asia is the most populous of the 7 continents, and it includes everyone from Israelis to Indonesians, and all 5 of the major world religions were developed there, so I don't know why many people tend to associate this broad term with only one nationality. I'm an Asian American myself, so I've had to deal with such ignorance in public. One of my classmates called all Asians are filthy rich because of the Japanese. Someone should send them to a country such as Bangladesh or the Philippines to see how "rich" we really are. - ethanmeinster

Asia isn't JUST China, Korea and Japan. There's more, like Russia and India, and so on. - RaccoonCartoon

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27 Americans are falling more and more away from God

I'm hoping they fall from "God" quicker. Americans don't even know what being a Christian means anyway. They use Christianity for something to hide behind when they've just committed yet another sin. Half the time they wouldn't even realise whether what they've done is a sin or not. - OMFGserioisly

I am not Christian. I never have been and I never will be. Is that a bad thing? You know, we have freedom of religion for a reason. I shouldn't be criticised for not being Christian. I am not an atheist. I do think there is a greater force on this planet, but I don't think it is a specific one. The greater being is tasked with being what you need it to be. It can not change reality, yet it can comfort those in need of it and help clear the mind. I guess I don't have a religion really.

That doesn't have anything to do with stupidity. Spirituality is different from education. Plus, you don't have to be a Christian to do good in school. - ethanmeinster

GOOD! - westofohio

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28 They elected Donald Trump as new president

The country is ruled by billionaires ( most people hired by Donald Trump in the very top are billionaires ) and nobody else counts. 70% of Americans ( and voters ) are disfranchised and their representatives ( President Donald Trump and his yes-staff ) pay no attention in the 70% people's attitudes and preferences just because they don't know anything about being disfranchised. How to maintain supporting the people they're kicking in the face is in fact their only concern. American democracy is beginning to look like an oligarchy thanks to Donald Trump. Politicians and people all over the world are really laughing ( with his stupid tweets that are sometimes very offensive ) at this elected clown without any political knowledge. Political world issues ( or even political national issues ) is not like " making deals " for realestates. Is this really the rolemodel to represent their country that Americans want? Is that what makes America great? " I punch you back ten times harder when ...more

A man who denies global warming isn't a man who can be taken serious. Saying that it is a hoax of China ( when in reality it became a worldwide topic since American Al Gore's documentary " An incovenient truth " ) is just a hoax of him to cut down the Chinese economy. Also Cars like Volkswagen, Audi, BMW and so many others who are now trying to focus on electric and hybrid models in favor of their Diesel models are being criticised by Donald Trump and he has already the idea not to import their models anymore. If this man will continue his stupid ideas America will soon be forced to buy only American products ( but which will also lower down American export products. Outside America social -economic countries are not gonna incline to Trump's imposing ideas. Believe me! When his time as president will be finished America will fall into a economic crisis ( thanks to his irrational ideas to cut out other economic import-export countries ) and then America will pay the price. They really ...more

One of his ideas was to build a wall at the border of Mexico to stop illegal immigration. I don't know of that idea was just a stunt to win some voters or not but if he put that idea really in practice it's for sure that their will be non-stop manifestations all over the country. Another idea of him was to renew the infrastructure of roads, Streets, bridges, tunnels etc... This will give a boost to the economy, true, but then again, so did Hitler in Germany ( he was the one who had the idea to build highways in Germany to increase the economy ). Is Donald Trump the new Adolf Hitler? Infrastructure-workings to help the economy and little by little beginning to stop foreigners giving access to start a life in the United States? Let's see how the future will be, but I have personnaly a bad feeling about him as new president.

So no other country has a bad president. - westofohio

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29 Americans think Iran is the same as Iraq

That's very true! I have come across a lot of people in LA who can't tell the difference

How did I escape Iraq? Iran. Sorry, I had to put that in there. But, no we don't think it's the same. - Icantbelieveitsnotbutter

100 percent true

No, not really. Most Americans recognise the difference between the two countries - styLIShT

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30 Americans cannot see difference in cultural or religious groups

Americans think that all cultures in an area are the same, such as thinking that all of Europe has one culture, same with Asia. They also cannot see that Christianity is divided into multiple branches such as Protestantism, Catholicism, Orthodoxy, Reformed, same with other beliefs. This shows their ignorance and stupidity in cultural affairs.

Haha gotta agree with the guys regarding seattle and Florida totally different!

To each his own

Not even people in the same areas are the same. Everyone has different ways of thinking. - Slayerite

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31 American law is ridiculous

In fact ( and I'm not from the USA ) the juridicial system in the US is very effective and works very well compared to some countries in Europe. The juridicial system in Europe has waiting lists that can take years before a criminal is judged, flaws in the laws of proving / disproving, corruption of lawyers etc... I'm not saying that the American system works for 100% but it works better than most countries. As for the American laws, some are good and some are really ridiculous ( but that's not a reason to say why Americans are stupid ). In Europe you have also stupid laws but I have to agree that for many things some European laws are better compared to American laws.

They're so hypocrit. They have underage drinking laws ( 21 year ) and at the same time they are sending 18 year old boys and girls at war. They can't have an alcohol drink before 21 but they have the right to be killed at war. In Europe there are no underage drinking laws and you don't see underage kids drunk in the Streets. How come?

The child support ends the father life

Yes, apparently, in America, Pornography is more harmful to teenagers than guns - styLIShT

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32 Americans believe a corporately controlled federal government doesn't hurt them

The lobbyists influence on Washington is insane. The amount of unchecked money that pours into superpacs undermine, to an extent, some of the founding principles of the US. It gives more power to the elite, not to the people and in the case of people such as the Koch brothers, it promotes their interests and manipulate the public into buying into these irrational ideas. With rulings like, 'corporations are people' and 'superpacs' the amount of influence that large corporations have on the US will only increase and then the real people's influence will decrease. It's a shame.

Because they are brainwashed since baby

Would be better than the last 8 years of Charitable Organization that is running things.

Our government only listens to those protesters. - Slayerite

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33 Many Americans believe "gun control" means "gun ban"

First of all, guns have only one purpose, to kill. Americans are always giving the argument that it's for protection. Comes two questions on my mind. Why do Americans pay taxes for police forces? Aren't they not supposed to protect? Second, why buying a unlimited quantity of guns if it's only for protection? Do you really need more than one gun to protect yourself? How come that the law allow to let you have a unlimited amount of guns and munition? Are they really surprised that of all civilized countries America is the only country that has everyday a mass-shooting? The Las Vegas massacre wouldn't have happened if owning guns were restricted. And bad guys or criminals will always be able to buy or own a gun. They don't follow the rules of law. But if there was a complete " gun ban " or a restricted " gun control " criminals would have more difficulties to obtain guns at black markets. That's a fact but Americans seems to not understand that. They think that only a " harder " ...more

Too many of us only read the preamble to the second amendment. If you actually read the whole thing It states we need to have guns because at the time we had no standing army. So if invaded only the citizens could defend the country. We now have an army which makes the second amendment obsolete. But because we love killing and hate reading more than one sentence we blather on about our "right" to own guns. Makes the rest of us look like idiots.

Oh yeah. "It's your right as an American to own a gun" seriously? You all need to chill out about "your rights" that were written over 400 years ago.

America is messed up, seriously no offense. You say you hate ISIS and death to ISIS for killing innocents and causing terror in different countries? Look around you, I think you need to sort out your own country first. That exact same thing is happening everyday in the U.S by your own people. Wake up! - OMFGserioisly

Let me say something here. Banning guns will give way to dictatorship. You know how every dictator manage to get to power firsthand? That's right, they ban guns.

Now let's look at the second amendment, the "right to bear arms". Here's the thing, the second amendment was designed for the purpose of OVERTHROWING THE GOVERNMENT should the government get too enriched with power. They don't teach you that in school, do they? So yeah, believing that guns should be banned just because you see tragedies on the news is actually going to turn the US into something it probably shouldn't turn into. As they say, it's the people who shoot the guns at defenseless people that are the problem. - Nonpointed

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34 Americans like rap and pop more than rock and metal

Ok this is a stupid argument, how is rap & pop thrown into the same category? Rap actually has some of the most intellectually stimulating lyrics of all genres, if you only listen tk what is on the radio then you don't have the full picture. Oh by the way I like rock just as much with r&b, reggae, some jazz. Anyone who believes an entire genre is superior to another is ignorant, for example skinheads have created some rock music with anti-semetic remarks and racism. I think we should put most music today is dumbed down, but that's more because those whonare smart realize they can't make a living off of music these days with the music industry being gutted due to greedy record labels screwing over artists and illegal downloads.

People are forgetting that Rock has its roots in black music. Black Blues singers who were singing their misery created a more danceable form of Blues called Rhythm and Blues during the forties / fifties. It took a white singer ( Elvis Presley in 1954 mixed black music with white music ) to open the doors at a white audience for this kind of music that was segregated. From there on Rock progressed in subgenres ( Hardrock, Metal etc... ) during the sixties and seventies. Pop music comes from the word POPular music which change in style every generation. Rap music has its roots in black music ( Soul, Funk etc... ) and is almost as popular as pop music now. It's strange that we still have a lot of racism and segregation in the U.S. while we're basically listening to black music that became " popular " ( white pop, black R&B which is the black pop music, white rap, Rock, Metal,... ) and we still separate these forms of music in white or black music. Nowadays Rock and Metal is concidered ...more

This really isn't a dumb argument, I mean think about it, the music is a reflection of and an influence to our culture. There are hundreds of thousands, probably even millions of people, from second grade to mid twenties, that use, practically another language of rap slang, dressed bizarrely, and pretty much make rap there whole life. Plus you know, way more than 9 times out of 10 these kind of people that get straight f's in school. Guess what studies show higher iq students are attracted to rock and metal, there aren't many metal heads, so I'm pretty sure that there are many more dumb rap fans. There is way more to this reason than what meets the eye

Why does this matter. This list is so stupid. It makes non Americans look like idiots - westofohio

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35 They elect Democrats

If you are voting democrat or republican it actually makes no difference. You are part of a socio-economic world who doesn't care about what faction you're oriented. You're in fact a complete byproduct. You have chosen a side and that's it. And just because of that you cannot unfortunately think for your own self. And that's what politicians want. Votes to have power and more money in their pockets because they know that what leads the world isn't political. It's the economy that is running the world.

I am liberal, and I stand like noble Black Swordsman Kazuto Kirigaya proud that this item is the last thing on the list. I can agree with the Democrats' ideas more than the Republicans' opinions. Especially since Republicans won't let Obama undo the damage to this land of the free. No offense to conservative users, though. Both liberals and conservatives have their pros and cons, but my ideas are more compliant with liberal Democrats than conservative Republicans. - ModernSpongeBobSucks

But to complete the sentence, "The elect Democrats"... not often enough to make a real improvement.

Maybe America should be like North Korea and they can only vote for republican but they don't need to vote compulsory obviously.

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36 50% of the population thinks the earth is 6,000 years old

Funny but sad that it's true. That's because we ignore facts that go against what we believe or were told as kids. For instance most of us will say Christopher Columbus "discovered" America even though he never stepped foot on North American soil and if he did there was millions of people living there at the time anyway. We are told many ridiculous lies as kids and in school and never apply any thought to whether they make even basic sense.

This is completely false I don't know anyone who believes this if you do you are an idiot.

Um... Seriously. Come on Americans are you that stupid?

I've met over 3,000 people. I only knew 1 person who believed this - westofohio

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37 Americans still practice capital punishment

I think this should be practiced more, as our prisons fill up and more are built because of our stupidly violent citizens. The government doesn't understand that getting stuck in a cell until you die of old age is worse than the death penalty

That's because they have " rights " to buy guns. If someone kills a person or persons with a gun knowing that there's no risk of death penalty, there would be more killings. Only if guns should be banned for 100%, only then you can think of punishments where death penalty is banned also. But the United States has such a long history of " laws to buy guns " that it would be very difficult and complex to change their laws about guncontrol and punishments. What about serial killers who don't use guns to kill their victims? Should they be punished with death penalty or be concidered as a not normal person and therefore locked up in psychiatric facillities? So many different cases that changing laws is easier to say than actually put it in practice.

If someone takes the life of an innocent person, the murderer deserves to die himself.


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38 Members from both political parties cannot argue properly or think critically

This has to be the most vulgar election in American history.

Then only have there own interest at heart is why no righteousness

We have more than 2 political parties buddy. There are just two big ones that you have to generalize yourself under in order to become known in American politcs

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39 Americans support illegal occupations

Israel is every religions holy land and since religions are all a farce that's the worst example. But yes indeed we will bomb, takeover or ruin other countries for our selfish reasons. I love the which are? I'll wait fool. Most map lines were drawn after world wars I and I I with very little regard for cultures or histories. Get informed or don't make stupid comments proving they are right about how dumb most of us Americans are

Very true by sending trillion dollars to contribute to the unholy stolen land of Israel

This is so true.

They don't know that you can't buy LOVE. But they keep trying by giving our tax $$'s to OUR haters.

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40 Americans call football "soccer"

I've got an idea, let's invent a sport and call it football, even though there is already a sport called football, and even though this new sport mostly uses your hands.
Oh, and we'll base the new sport mostly around rugby, but make everyone wear loads of stupid clothing and padding.
And when 90% of the world refuse to take to this new sport and decide to continue watching actual football, let's just cover our ears and go la la la la la...

Football uses your feet that why its football.

I know. I live in canada and I hate it that canada and the united states call it soccer while the other 98% call it football. I myself call it football. I still call the NFL american football but call soccer just regular football.

That doesn't make americans stupid - bjinmaro64

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41 The U.S. is seemingly one of the most dangerous countries in the world

They're war mongers. Nothing appeals to an American than conflict and the "Glory" it brings for example WW2 the US impact on the war helped win the war quicker granted but it wasn't needed even if the the UK was struggling to hold the western front the USSR had the Eastern front in the bag. Al the US did was focus on Japan and would've lost to them if they didn't attempt genocide, scientists theorised that the A bomb could ignite the earths atmosphere and they dropped it anyway. And after WW2 the US invaded Vietnam for less than justified reason and lost but even though that is a fact a lot of Americans believe they won that conflict.

Yes they are, the are the worlds biggest hypocrites. They invaded Iraq for oil. They lied to the world about it and got caught (non existent weapons of mass destruction). How many millions of Iraqies citizens have died as a result. Then they run away as they always do and now we have ISIS. Just another Vietnam. Yanks will never learn and will keep making the same dangerous mistakes.

Seemingly? LMFAO! Yeah, because we have a lot of dumb hicks who start frothing at the mouth whenever you mention gun control, they are Legion, and about as charming as that Devil. These are the jokers who shoot people on their porches and go to jail for eighteen years, duh! Why were they born, why? Europe, we want to send that teeming refuse back to you! Like yesterday!

Only in Chicago

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42 Americans misuse the English language with wrong words and spelling

HEY! It's called a different dialect of language, not misusing. We only use different words. This reason does nothing to prove how we are stupid. - Slayerite

PETROL is liquid, stop calling it gas.

Okay, some but really? Not like every kid out there has never spelled wrong?

Only thing that matters is if you get the point

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43 They elect Republicans

The party whose platform denies science, including virtually unanimously accepted theories of evolution and climate change, and whose supporters want to shut down nearly all of the Federal government, including the things that were put in place to keep us from completely collapsing as a society - social security and medicare for our elderly, the EPA to keep poisons from our air, land and rivers, the Dept of Education to keep us from being even stupider, the IRS so we never have to pay taxes to pay for any of these commie programs... who would support a stupid party like that?

I have nothing against conservative users on this website, but I agree with this statement. I was raised as a liberal and I'm thankful that I know my choice isn't wrong. Maybe there is no right or wrong to this. It's just that Republicans need to change these things about them that won't be good for America in the long-term. - ModernSpongeBobSucks

They have not really many choices. It's one or the other. This is because their political system is corrupted. In Europe Democrat means political parties who are considered as left wing and left middle wing parties ( there are at least 20 different parties for that ) and Republicans stand for right wing and right middle wing parties ( who has also different parties for that ) but they are also considered as democratic parties. When more than one parties are elected by majority coalitions between the elected parties are formed ( meaning that different parties are the ruling government for the next four years ). This system is as a matter of fact much better than the American system. Because if Americans have choices between two parties they will also have the problem that if for those two parties two clowns are running for president, it's one clown or another clown! They notion about what democracy means is also corrupted. Democracy comes from the greek word " Demo-cratia " ...more

It's possible that there IS such a thing as a rational republican, but you'll never see his/her face, or hear his/her name. You'll only get anonymous comments in top ten lists. Republicans will turn on any such "infidel" who dares show such "moderation", and tear them to pieces. The so-called party of Accountability and Personal Responsibility KNOWS that it's always Obama's fault. Oh wait he's not up for re-election. So now the party-line is "It's the evil left-wing media's fault."

They don't know the meaning between liberal and liberalism. Liberalism or neo-liberalism is closer related to replubican programs because the principles of liberalism are capitalized. Liberal comes from the latin word Liber which means free. Who is against freedom? Or even economic freedom which democrats stand for? If you want economic trades that benefits only your country ( buying Americans products, making non-American products expensive by raising import taxes, not importing some foreign products etc... ) you are in fact close related to fascist or dictactural ideas.

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44 They idolize bad music artists

They have actually many good music artists but for some reasons those artists never gets the attention they deserving. They stay unknown. On the other hand they have many bad music artists and those ones gets all the attentions. So, yes it's true, they idolize bad music artists. There is one positive thing, that is that not " every " American Idolize the bad artists because luckely a very low percentage of Americans Idolize the good artists.

I know it's all subjective, but I judge people this way too. If I ever have hateful thoughts of America, this is why.

You brought Katy Perry, Justin Bieber, Miley Cyrus, Demi Lovato, Selena Gomez, Jonas Brothers, Carrie Underwood to the world! Dumbasses.

There r no music artist today they all died in the 80's

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45 People actually believe Obama has something to do with gas prices

Wanna know what it really is, it is the big corporations, trying to make democrats look bad so more republicans can be in office, to vote for policies that support other big corporations

It's not Obama doing something with the prices. If the president had something to do with the gas prices, then the Oil Crisis of 1972 and '79 might happen again in the US. - Slayerite

He doesn't, the economy and the petroleum supply does!

Only thing Obama does is screw up the works better he stays out doing nothing as usual

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46 They pronounce dozens of words incorrectly

It's called an accent, dimwits. We don't have to be exactly alike.

We just speak it differently comment above me

How is this a problem? It's called accents. - Icantbelieveitsnotbutter

So what!

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47 They're jealous

People who don't even have houses? Are you so stupid to believe that only Americans have houses. You think that we in Europe don't have houses? We in Europe are free. You Americans believe that you are in a free country because you don't know better but every time I speak to an American here in Europe they suddenly admid that they're not that free compared to Europe. Most Americans who lived in Europe for a while don't wanna go back to the states because of the European freedom. They're jealous of our freedom but because of their arrogance they will not often admid it.

This. Proves. Nothing. At. ALL! - Slayerite

They sorta are... - Goatworlds

Americans think they are the only country on earth. they wan't to be the center of attention. believe me I am canadian and I hate it that the united states and canada call football soccer. like 98% of the others say it right. why can't america and canada say it right? also americans have stupid politicians like donald trump who is a big fat jerk. canada is better then america. we are like a better version of america. americans say canada is way to cold. we canadians only take the strong. so maybe people in florida texas and california should grow some chest hair and a beard and visit canada for a few days and see how glorious we are. donald trump also has a terrible relationship with muslims and mexicans and blacks. he is a jerk. and I hate it how americans think we live in igloos because we don't up here in canada when it is summer time we look like california in some places of the country. and we live in houses just like americans do. in some parts of canada in the summer it can ...more

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48 Americans only care about themselves

"They are so dumb, but they think they are the greatest. Only a stupid useless race" -American isn't a race you idiot.

Americans are a very diverse people. In where I live, we are very welcoming to people. - Slayerite

Look at the mess the have made around the world! I think it's the best example.

They think that they own the world and they try to impose their laws in all other countries. They're against countries like China, Russia, S-Korea etc... just because these countries won't accept the " supreme control " of Americans.

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49 They're naive

I am American, many American people actually love to learn about cultures and different languages. We do not all think other cultures are vulger and ours is the only right one. Don't assume that all Americans hate other cultures and refuse to learn about them all because of stereotypes you've heard about us.

They ignore other cultures rudely

They make fun of other cultures with generic stereotypes and dislike when others return the favor.

50 They value sport more than education

Might as well. Most of our education system is outdated or flat out lies anyway.

I care more for education than sport. Sports are only physical. Education is more mental and useful. Still not a dumb American. - Slayerite

"They value sport more than education"... relative to other countries. I think here education is still the highest priority, but that depends on where in America you are.

Because they make Million of $$ in sports, not many jobs pay that much for an to follow the money.

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