Reasons Stairway to Heaven is the Worst Song Ever


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1 Stairway to Heaven delivers a Satanic Message

I think the song is sub-par, but it’s not satanic at all. - PhoenixAura81

"You've got to have a lot of time on your hands to even consider that people would do that." - Robert Plant on the subject - djpenquin999

These lists used to be funny, but now they are just annoying. - RalphBob

I agree si much! Worst songs ever!

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2 Stairway to Heaven is not good music

Coming from the fan of one of the most embarrassing groups to listen to I think this opinion should be taken with a grain of salt

Star Power is awful

Even Nicki Minaj's Stupid HOE is better than this crap - BOTDFYesLedZeppelinNo

Well,it's too boring for me to like but it's better than most of BOTDF's songs.-DarkBoi-X

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3 Stairway to Heaven is so slow and depressing
4 Stairway to Heaven is overrated

100% agree but that doesn't mean it's bad.-DarkBoi-X

Overrated ≠ Bad

5 Stairway to Heaven has a terrible Guitar Solo

Guitar soolos suk!

6 Robert Plant's Singing is at his worst in this song

Don’t hate me, but Robert Plant’s singing aggravates me. Everyone in BOTDF is much worse though. - PhoenixAura81

7 Stairway to Heaven was made by serial plagiarists

Stairway is not plagiarized, that note progression has been used quite often in music.

8 Stairway to Heaven has the worst lyrics ever

I don't like Stairway To Heaven, but it definitely does not have the worst lyrics. I've seen better lyrics by people like Halsey and Twenty One Pilots, but I've seen worse. Way worse.

When I read that you think "baby baby baby OH" is good lyrics I almost threw up.

Blood on the Dance Floor has better lyrics, and so does Justin Bieber "Baby, Baby, Baby, OHHH! ", and Insane Clown Posse "F***ing Magnets! How do they Work? " - BOTDFYesLedZeppelinNo

Um no you got it all wrong Blood on the Dance Floor makes horrible lyrics - Lpsgirl

9 Stairway to Heaven is a folk song

I swear, every single folk song is better than Blood on the Dance Floor. - ZeroBlaster

10 Stairway to Heaven has the worst drumming ever.
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