Top 10 Reasons Why Action 52 is a Terrible Game

Action 52 is possibly one of the worst NES games ever made and here's why.

The Top Ten

1 The Game Constantly Crashes
2 The 200 Dollar Price

I refuse to believe that any sane person would spend 200 dollars on this piece of garage. - egnomac

3 The Clear Cartridge

It may look like something special with the clear NES cartridge but it only goes to show just how bad an idea that this game was worst if you play the game for more than an hour why anyone would want to it gets really hot. - egnomac

4 Some of the Games Don't Play at All

There are certain games that if you select them the game crashes almost like they purposely left them blank thinking no one would actually try to play all 52 games. - egnomac

5 Some of the Games are Impossible to Win

Not because the games are difficult but because the games mechanics are so broken that they make it impossible to win a lot of times you end up getting stuck in one screen and are unable to move on to the next one. - egnomac

6 Too Many Space Shooter Games

Almost like 60% of the games are space shooters, and to pack in the cruelty one of the games starts with an obstacle directly in front of you which your guaranteed to run into it on your first play through as the game barely gives you enough time to dodge it. - egnomac

7 Most of the Games Look Unfinished
8 Awful Graphics

This game has some of the most hideous graphics for an NES game and some of the graphics may even cause you to have a seizure. - egnomac

9 A Lot of the Games Make No Sense

One of the 52 Games has you playing as a pair of fingers and every time you kill something it says the word TIME. - egnomac

10 Some of the Games are Impossible to Lose

This might sound like a good thing but it means the game never ends. - egnomac

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