Reasons Why Biggie Is Better Than Tupac

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1 He had better flow

The words that came out of Biggie's mouth flowed out perfectly, something Tupac couldn't do, which gives Biggie an edge. - Riz123

Tupac out sold big 20million albums sold Pac has sold over 70 million albums sold edge Pac

Biggie had flow for days

Rest in Peace Great Notorious!

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2 He didn't fake his own death

Tupac may have faked his death, but that's just a rumor - thunderstar1124

Lol its nearly 2016 and is he back

I wonder if PAC is really gonna come back in 2014. Even Chuck D stated many theories on how PAC may still be alive! - landontimmerman

3 He is a much better story teller
4 He stayed true to his people

Biggie was more true to people around him

5 He wasn't a sell out

I guess Hypnotize never existed then?

6 He's much better lyrically
7 Better discography

I bet if Pac n Big never met Big would not even be in the same conversation as Pac he helped him get noticed and gain exposure he influenced both his albums especially life after death double album PAC was the first to ever do it think about it no other rapper has tried it since

Pac wasnt even that great in my opinion 12 or more albums that couldn't touch either ready to die or life after death simples

8 The album Ready to Die
9 He had better songs

Biggie was that type of MC that would make albums from the dome never had to wright anything. Biggie had too many hits were you can't even count from the tips of your fingers he died with two albums born again was already mastered that's why it's still considered that he had three albums and Biggie Smalls is the only MC that has the albums were you can listen to it straight threw he had millions off of single hit songs alone you can't listen to Tupac's 4 albums he died with could not be listened straight threw like BIGGIE'S ALBUMS you try and listinen to Tupac's 4 album's you sleep straight threw the albums before you wouldn't even start listening to the second album I heard and listened to all 4 of his albums yup he has some songs that I like but it's not that it didn't have its purpose for the opinions of others who urefused to understand that you can't compare Tupac's albums with BIGGIE SMALLS ALBUMS because of the fact that you can't listen to it and say his Whole album and say ...more

10 He turned his physical ailments into positives

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11 Better wordplay

Yes... ! Biggie is a great wordplayer! R.I. P Biggie Small :(

Great worldplayer if I wanna this is my list for hip hop best worldplayers is history:

12 He's fatter

Haha man this is too funny

13 He is harder
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