Top 10 Reasons Why Dahvie Vanity Sucks

Dahvie Vanity is one of the worst singers and persons ever. Here is why he sucks.

The Top Ten

1 He’s a rapist

Wow, how could he? - Bammer73

Dahvie Vanity? More like Dahvie Insanity! He is such a horrible person in real life and a child molester! - UltraLunalaX

Definitely. - NickelodeonYesAddminNo

He raped women. - Userguy44

2 He’s a child molester

Dahvie Insanity. - Userguy44

3 He’s a pedophile

Agreed, he's a PDF. - NickelodeonYesAddminNo

4 He’s rude

Actually I don't even know his sexuality

He’s mean and he said that he is straight to reject a guy

He’s a jerk to others. - Userguy44

5 He can’t sing

He looks like a jerk

Overdose of autotune. - Userguy44

Even Justin Bieber can sing better than that twit. - NickelodeonYesAddminNo

6 He’s talentless

He shouldn't make music. - Userguy44

7 His music sucks

He looks like Jeffrey star

He and BOTDF are the worst things ever in music! - Userguy44

8 He looks gross

He makes himself look like a woman. I thought that he was a woman when I saw him. - DrayTopTens

His makeup looks horrendous

When I first saw him I thought he was a creepy goth woman at first! - UltraLunalaX

He makes Miley Cyrus look passable. - NickelodeonYesAddminNo

9 He’s annoying


10 He’s famous for no reason

It's 2019, not 2008, does anyone even care about BOTDF besides people on this site now? - Bammer73

It's cause of those scene kids with no music taste. - XxembermasterxX

He’s famous for being bad - DrayTopTens

Yeah I don't get the hype for him

The Contenders

11 He looks ridiculous
12 He wears diaper pants in public

Lol! Thanks for adding this! - Userguy44

13 He uses Autotune
14 His lyrics are moronic
15 He wears a wig
16 He wears disgusting makeup
17 You can't understand a word he says
18 All his songs sound the same
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