Top 10 Reasons Why Donald Trump Shouldn't Win the 2016 Presidential Election

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21 He's a xenophobe and a homophobe

Not really. He supports the LGBT, he said. - CobaltCards

22 He is heartless He is heartless

He doesn't care if families are deported, broke apart. He's heartless, all he cares about is how rich he is

Shows how none of you make arguments and you just try to emotionally manipulate people. Why do people that haven't entered the country legally get to take our jobs and make money? They shouldn't be able to. - DCfnaf

One of the biggest reasons to not vote for him, In order to even be considered a good president is having a heart, a heartless president is a dangerous one. Families would be broken, poor would lose everything, America would fail. - cheygirl02

He doesn't think about the families being deported, he only carex about war and violence.

I can agree with him being heartless, because he doesn't care about bad things that happen. He just cares about how rich he is. What a jerk - MangoFruitJuice

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23 He is selfish

He cares about nothing but his own image

He might increase taxes when he wanted to at the expense of us!

Yes he is a very selfish person mean, rude, and not so smart.

He just wants money - TeamRocket747

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24 He's brainwashed in Hollywood's preferences
25 He will fire everyone He will fire everyone

He's just gonna run around in the United Nations meetings yelling at the Queen of England and the Premier of China that their fired for disagreeing with him. Trump will also fire everyone with nukes. Literally. He will nuke them. He's the Kim Jong of America - SirSkeletorThe3rd

He DOESN'T want to follow the Constitution, banning all Muslims is not constitutional, but he wants to anyway.

In the US government, it is not as simple as hiring and firing in the cabinet. Unless, you do not want to follow the Constitution.

Yes he will.
The Congress
The Police department
The teachers at schools - TeamRocket747

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26 He's probably running just for attention

Making money selling his companies hats and paying rent for the use of his own homes and properties. Isn't that special.

He just wants to do it do the world will know his name

He wants to BE president. He doesn't want to do the job.

Agreed. - TeamRocket747

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27 He has no political experience

Id rather have hillary clinton because even though she has had a hard past, she has years more experience than trump. When she was doing good back in the two-thousands trump was busy on T.V. telling people that they are fired. Like, what the actual hell?! Hillary clinton is trying to do something good by trying to have equal rights for everyone. And guess what. Trump wants a wall. I really want to know what the actual hell is going through trumps head right now because he better have one good reason to why I shouldn't make a never-ending list to why he is a terrible human being.

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28 He has been praised by Vladimir Putin

Also they apparently got along. That's sickening and hypocritical to find this out (just use common sense to see why it's hypocritical). - Anonymousxcxc

Also Kim Jong Un urged Americans to vote for him - 9713524179

Oh, now trump wants America to become the United Communist Not Free States That Prosecute and Waterboard people for interrogation of America!

Putin is crap anyway. - TeamRocket747

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29 He is a demagogue

Trump CLAIMS he is a conservative, but is he, really? The fact is, Donald Trump was a Democrat, and became a Republican in 1987. That would be fine, as some of our greatest leaders have changed their minds and political ideologies. However, Trump did this several times, becoming an Independent, then a Democrat again, then a Republican again, then an Independent again, and then a Republican for the third
time, which he is today. We can't trust people who act this way to be our leaders! Trump has changed his mind so many times that it points to something more sinister than his brash rhetoric and often comical actions. It points to something along the lines of Trump conveniently changing his entire ideas to side with what he perceives as the majority. Why? To gain power. If by some miracle he is elected, can we really trust Donald Trump to live up to the ideas he trumpets out to attract conservative voters?

Trump claims he is a conservative, but we'll just have to take his word for it, as with so many things he says. While I'm a conservative, I simply cannot support Trump because he is so fickle. He was a Democrat until 1987, then became a Republican. That would have been fine if he just stuck to it, but he didn't. Instead, Trump switched his political affiliations several times in this order: Independent, Democratic, Republican, Independent, and Republican. We can't trust people who do this to run our country! So if you're a conservative who believes in the ideals Donald Trump professes, you should ask yourself if HE really believes them. Is Donald Trump really a conservative, or is he an opportunist looking for political power? I choose to believe the latter.

Trump is certainly an opportunist.

30 He is only running because of a midlife crisis

He's only doing this because he wants to start war

He Acts So Cool, Brags And Looks Like Spongebob and DOGE Combined!

"Spongebob and DOGE combined" wow you are retarded.


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31 He doesn't know anything about politics.

He said Russia is fighting ISIS!

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32 He wants to build a wall and make Mexico pay for it

But is he wrong? After all, thousands of ILLEGAL immigrants are crossing the border and taking our jobs, killing innocent people and causing chaos. Just get your damn green card and were good.

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33 There are piñatas of him There are piñatas of him

I can think of several anime characters that can beat the hell out of those pinatas. Where should I start? I would definitely buy over 9000 of them just to see them get beaten by all the anime characters ever conceived.

Start with Light Yagami, then Kirito, then vegeta then Asuna then Edward Elric - Hoxton

Really? I'd really BEAT that thing if I ever got one. - BlueTopazIceVanilla

I'm using those if I ever need to have a fundraiser. Kids would want to beat the crap out of those pinatas in exchange for paying me to allow them to beat them.

It's a good thing cause we beat him - TeamRocket747

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34 He's ugly He's ugly

His hairdo looks like someone used blur in Photoshop lol - FennikenFan9

Yes, Obama did run for two terms and won them both by wide margins.

I don't think looks matter, if anything there's more reasons than anyone could count on why to not vote for him without adding the physical looks. - cheygirl02

His hair is weird - MangoFruitJuice

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35 He insults America's veterans He insults America's veterans

Why would you want a president who thinks lowly of our hard-working veterans that risk their own lives to serve and protect our own country? Donald Trump, don't you know of the many veterans who have families back at home and are disabled all because they were doing their sincere duties? Shame on you, Ronald McDonald Trump! Shame on you! - ModernSpongeBobSucks

They risk their lives to protect their country and YOU, Mr. Trump, insult them? That is an offense. You do realize that they get back home, probably their arms, legs and face are covered in scars or they don't even have an arm. You don't have a heart. - RainbowArtist191

Why do you insult the people who have risked their LIVES for this country? You're not fit to president! YOU SUCK! - 906389

Veterans help us. My grandfather fought in the korean war.. - TeamRocket747

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36 He is a pathological liar

True, he always makes up lies about whoever he's running against

I hate Trump so much I even have to lie to Trump supporters and Donald Trump. - njalabi63989

Yes a president that puts liars in your face

Believe it or not, He lied in most of the debates, I watched the Univision News translation of the debate, and here's what I got...

After the debate, Univision had a lie detector test and the one who lies the most gets a medal based on the facts that are true or not...

Debate 1:
Trump - 2nd Place (Silver) and 1st Place (Gold)
Clinton - 3rd Place (Bronze)

Debate 2:
Trump - All of them

Debate 3:
Trump - 3rd Place (Bronze) and 1st Place (Gold)
Clinton - 2nd Place (Silver)

Clinton lied less in the debates, but Trump is a BIG LIAR! I just couldn't believe it! We shouldn't have him as a president at all. - ClassicGaminer

37 Many, if not all, of the things he says aren't true

Screw all you Clinton haters! Donald Trump lies more than Hillary Clinton and doesn't even know judicial review! Let that sink in... - ModernSpongeBobSucks

But Donald Trump lies more than Ted Cruz. And even if that is false, Hillary Clinton and Ted Cruz are more experienced than Donald Trump. - ModernSpongeBobSucks

Screw you Trump haters. Trump may lie but Hillary lies about bigger things. - CobaltCards

Actually, Cruz is the biggest liar of the bunch...


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38 He contradicts himself

Trump has been taking advantage of free trade for years (and still is), then all of a sudden he says he opposes it. I mean, what are Donald Trump's REAL stances on the issues? - seafowlomicron

Stephen Colbert made a video on that - 9713524179

So does Hillary Clinton *cough* Bosnia *Cough* - HiBye

39 He is idiotic

His speeches sound like he's drunk, and dear god he cannot think before he says things. Which makes him say a lot of regrettable s***. He's more of a idiot then George W. Bush I'm dead serious!

Ronald McDonald Trumpidiot is what best describes this idiot of an American. - ModernSpongeBobSucks

He should be kicked out and leave America permanently because he is NOT wanted on America. - njalabi63989

Like his ideas - LaST_LiGHT

If anything he should be called the following names... Tronald dump, Donald dump, Idiotic thump and more... Only because he changed his name to trump when it's really drumph

40 He thinks China invented global warming He thinks China invented global warming

Seriously?! Invented? Global warming happens due to pollutants, lack of plants, the green house effect. And It's not an invention. It's the gradual increase of temperature. And he's definitely racist. Not only to Mexicans, but also to Chinese. What other country is he going to hate on next? All of them? He really needs to go to school - MLPFan

What trump is so retarded, he really thinks that China invented global warming, do we really want someone who doesn't even have a third grade education!

Apparently he went to an Ivy League school. I'm just wondering how that even happened. - Anonymousxcxc

Lol, sounds like some dumb theory from that nub in third grade. Only this time, he's running for president, and just might win. So ridiculous.

Seriously, Trump?! Global warming is NOT an invention! Global warming happens due to pollutants, lack of plants, etc.

Are you really that stupid?! - MangoFruitJuice

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